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The Romans

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ANYA. The Romans. Only men could be in the Roman Army. No women. Every Roman soldier was a Roman citizen. He had to be at least 20 years old. Most soldiers in the Roman Empire came from countries outside.

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In August 55 B.C. (55 years before Jesus was born) the Roman general, EmperorJulius Caesar invaded Britain. He took with him two Roman legions.


In 55 B.C. Caesar, with 80 ships and 80.000 men, tried to invade England but he didn't succeed. The next year he came back with 800 and again he didn't succeed to conquer South-England


Julius cacer He was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Senate in 44 BC and the era of the Republic ended.

the romans
The romans

After winning several battles against the Celtic tribes (Britons) in south-east England he to France

julius caesar
Julius Caesar
  • .

The following summer (in 54 B.C.) Caesar came to Britain again landing at Warmer near Deal in Kent.

julius caesar1
Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born on July 13 100 B.C. He was a great soldier and general. He helped to take over new land for the Roman Empire

where the romans ruled
Where the romans ruled
  • The Romans ruled Gaul (Gallia they called it). Today it's France. In 55 B.C. the Roman General Julius Caesar led his army across the sea from Gaul to Britain.
roman army
Roman army

Next year, in 54 B.C. the Romans came back. This time Caesar had 30,000 soldiers. They were surprised to see chariots. The Romans had stopped using chariots in battles.

how were the romans
How were the romans

The Romans lived in Rome, a city in the centre of the country of Italy

roman houses
Roman houses

In the south-east Roman style country homes known as villas were established. In the north and west of Britain, few villas have been found.

at what time did the romans rule
At what time did the Romans rule

the Romans in Britain43 AD to 410 A