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Room Selection 101

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Room Selection 101

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Room Selection 101

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  1. Room Selection 101 How to Navigate the UHS Room Selection Process

  2. Plan Ahead • Check your email & Housing Portal to confirm room selection appointment date/time • Review theme buildings, floorplans, & preferences • Consult with roommates • Communicate a plan for your appointment time • Appointments will be 24-hours long • Students who miss their appointment will be moved to the waitlist

  3. Room Selection Steps

  4. Initial Selection What You Will See… • You will only see buildings with available rooms • If necessary, you can expand search in next screen

  5. Room List List all available rooms in your selected buildings You can expand your search with the room type & building list to the left (can choose more than one option) Be sure to choose a suite with enough space to accommodate all of your roommates (i.e. If you have four (4) roommates, you need a suite with four (4) available spaces)

  6. Room List (cont’d) “Add to Cart” your room(s) You MUST bring in ALL of your roommates Anyone from your roommate group can assign the group If you need to make a change you can “Remove From Cart”

  7. Assign Beds Assign you and your roommates to their specific rooms (bed) Plan ahead, particularly if someone is in a double

  8. How Long Do I have to Complete the Process? • Students have 10 Minutes to complete the process before rooms are removed from your “Cart” • Your rooms are not secure until you have completed the process… other students may be holding your same spaces

  9. Almost Done… Confirm Assignments

  10. Really Almost Done… Next Steps for Each Roommate: Choose Your Meal Plan • Choose Your Meal Plan • Review Payment Schedule • Optional GradGuard Rental Insurance • Review License Agreement • Submit Contract

  11. What If… • I was placed in the wrong room within my suite? Or want to swap rooms with another assigned resident? • Both students need to submit a “Fall Room Change” request through the Housing Portal • Housing will do its best to accommodate requests but nothing is guaranteed • Students are responsible for coordinating the swaps, UHS will not intervene or communicate on a student’s behalf

  12. What If… (cont’d) • I want to move into another empty room? • Students that would like to move to an EMPTY room in the suites, can use the Room Change tool on the Contract Submitted page • I did not complete my contract or pick my meal plan? • Your space is not secure until you complete your 2019-2020 contract • Students who do not complete the process are at risk of losing their space for someone on the waitlist and UHS will select the student’s meal plan

  13. What If I… • I want a double but only singles are available • Doubles are the most limited spaces in the Suites. To ensure a space at all, we advise you to select from the singles available • Students can remain on a waitlist for a double in the chance that one becomes available • I never selected a room, but my Housing Portal shows that I already have a space? • One of your roommates have pulled you into a space

  14. Appointment What If’s… • I missed my appointment time? • Students who missed their appointment window will be moved to the end of the waitlist • I did not get a space or an appointment time? • Due to limited availability, students unable to select a space will be placed on a waitlist • Students will be contacted as availabilities become available throughout the Spring, Summer, and even into the 2019-2020 academic year

  15. What If… I need to cancel • I decide to live off campus or @ the Village? • Assigned students have the ability to cancel without financial penalty 45 days prior to Fall Move-In (July 8, 2019) • You MUST cancel through the link on your Housing Portal • I found alternative housing and would like to be removed from the waitlist • Students on the waitlist can cancel at any time and receive a full refund