Pre-Incubator Program
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Pre-Incubator Program. Program Term: 02/2013 – 1/2014 Contact: Lydia Hance Executive & Artistic Director 214-924-1048 Participant Profile: .

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Pre incubator program

Pre-Incubator Program

Program Term:

02/2013 – 1/2014Contact:

Lydia Hance Executive & Artistic Director

Pre incubator program

Participant Profile:

  • Frame Dance is dedicated to engaging audiences with dance through making innovative and vulnerable works for the screen and live performance.

  • Incorporated in 3/2011; 501c3 in 12/2012

  • 2013 operating budget = $15,000

  • Number of Board Members = 5

  • Main challenges we faced prior to the Program:

    • Small budget

    • Small administrative work force

    • Inactive board of directors

    • No 501c3 status

  • Enters the Pre-Incubator Program on Feb 2013

  • Outcomes summary what difference did the pre incubator program make
    Outcomes SummaryWhat difference did the Pre-Incubator program make?

    • What is different now compared to the beginning of the grant term?

      • Hired a bookkeeper, converted to QuickBooks

      • Increased artist performance fees and number of performances

      • Equipment updated: computer, camera

      • Worked with a Development Consultant and hired two interns

      • Increased programming on blog

      • Exciting new marketing materials

      • Commissioned by three different organizations to create work; self-funded one project.

    Use of funds
    Use of Funds

    $10,000 towards artist fees, new technology equipment, marketing materials and development.

    1Refer to expenses indicated in Section D of Final Report. 2Indicate Program or Admin.

    • What specific differences did these funding investments make to your organization?

    -Paid our artists for spring performance

    -A better camera for our dance films helps us stay relevant and compete in the field, quality improved

    -Our new brochure targets audiences new to dance

    -Our work with the Development Consultant has helped us create a case for support from donors

    Financial trend
    Financial Trend



    Keys to success
    Keys to Success

    • Listened carefully, worked diligently, truly sought growth.

    • Selective with the advice we took.

    • Expanded and defined our programming, included commissions, and outside hires from other arts organizations. (i.e. we self-funded one performance out of four between June and December)

    • Looked critically at our administrative systems as well as our organizational structure and implemented needed procedures

    • Did the work. Did the work. Did the work.

    Insert photo 4

    Lessons learned
    Lessons Learned

    • What were your course corrections?

      • Prioritized the accounting and hired a bookkeeper

      • We moved the artists on the board on to an advisory committee so that our board of directors can start to more accurately reflect the community we wish to serve (in progress), while still involving and seeking advice from respected artists

      • Leverage the knowledge of others. We learned how to use consultants effectively.

    Summary of future plans
    Summary of Future Plans

    • Dinner / Dance 19, new collaboration with Chef and Writer David Leftwich of Sugar and Rice magazine in May 2014

    • Imaginary Spaces, new collaboration with composer Charles Halka in October 2014

    • Premiere of SHAMED, a dance film

    • Future targets include: increasing the number of fundraising events through board involvement; increasing funding through applying to foundations; finding a venue that can be consistent for audiences for one program per year; holding a board retreat led by a development consultant or other board of directors expert


    So small to start off

    Be strategic, courageous

    Thank you HAA