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“Off-Line” Purchases

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“Off-Line” Purchases. Renee’ W. Mosher Logistics Management Specialist. Purpose.

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off line purchases

“Off-Line” Purchases

Renee’ W. Mosher

Logistics Management Specialist


To provide the Supply Process Review Committee a brief an steps the Army has taken to address problems associated with “off-line” purchases (i.e., MILSTRIP-type requisitions processed outside the Standard Army Retail Supply System).

  • AAA identified $1.2 billion in off-line purchases through DLA and GSA from 1 Jan 04 – 30 Jan 05
  • The problem:
      • Of the $1.2 billion: $812.7 million were disbursements without prior obligations
      • Funds control and materiel managers typically did not become aware of these off-line requisitions until after activities placed the order, sources of supply filled orders, or financial systems received bills.
    • IPT formed to identify and resolve problems
      • Lead: Army G-4
      • Team: AMC, CASCOM, DLA, GSA, DAASC,

IPT Results

initial analysis
Initial Analysis
  • No Interfaces were built between the off-line ordering systems and the Standard Army Supply Systems.
  • However, if SARSS receives status it builds dues-in and will send record to finance.
    • SARSS did not receive status due to program flaws in off-line systems.
    • SARSS errors a transactions to the Manager Review File (MRF) if a catalog record is not loaded on SARSS catalog.
  • Prime Vendor and part numbers need more work.
off line purchase applications
Off-line Purchase Applications
  • DLA applications/processes:
    • DOD EMALL - electronic commerce program
    • VCC - Virtual Call-in Centers at various DLA locations
  • Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) applications/processes:
    • WEBREQ – web-based application
    • DAMES – PC based application
    • DIELOG – email based application
  • GSA applications/processes:
    • Advantage – on-line purchasing system
    • Global – internet based site for federal buyers
    • Call-in Centers – order placed via call-ins

Offline orders can also be placed directly with Prime Vendors

common problems
Common Problems
  • 8 Different Entry Points Identified
  • No certification or approval of authorized users
  • No Dollar Cap
  • Renewal of each DOD EMALL Accounts
  • Allows all priority groups to pass
da g 4 asa fm c message published fixes most common problems
DA G-4/ASA FM&C Message PublishedFixes Most Common Problems
  • Reduce the number of entry points for MILSTRIP transactions (processes).
  • Require first 05 in chain of command and certification funds officer to establish/renew DOD EMALL and GSA accounts.
  • Set a dollar limit by item and by transaction for DOD EMALL purchases.
  • Restrict use of DOD EMALL to Issue Priority Group (IPG) 1 transactions only.
  • Route all Army off-line non-credit card transactions thru DOD EMALL (except for maps and Prime Vendor).
  • Require renewal of DOD EMALL and GSA accounts on a semi-annual basis.
system changes
System Changes


  • Limit an individual item at $5000.00 per item and extended (per document number) value of $25,000.00
  • Hard code media status code to “F”. Require supplement address field be populated, preferred method download the AJU DODAAF Table and fill in the DODAAC of the RIC support
  • For registration, require signature by first 05 in chain of command and funds certification officer
  • Message notifying customers accounts will expire in 30 days, must re-register with new requirements
  • Limit orders to IPG 1 only
  • Part Numbered items purchased by GPC only
system changes1
System Changes

GSA (Advantage and Global)

  • Block all MILSTRIP purchases for Army. Limit all purchases to Government Purchase Card (GPC).
  • For registration, require signature by first 05 in chain of command and funds certification officer.
  • Message notifying customers accounts will expire in 30 days, must re-register with new requirements.
  • Hard code media status code to “F”. Require supplement address field be populated, preferred method download the AJU DODAAF Table and fill in the DODAAC of the RIC support.


  • Reject Army requisitions from WebReq, DAMES, and DIELOG. Assign a reject code stating “Not authorized to requisition using this application.  Please order through SARSS or DOD EMALL.
  • Allow Map orders to process.
  • Allow contractor DODAAC to pass.
  • Stop suppressing the AE status and send to Army.
daasc system changes near term changes in support of dod emall
DAASC System Changes(Near Term changes in support of DOD EMALL)

Until funding approval has been received for DOD EMALL, DAASC has implemented the following programming changes:

31 Jan 06:

  • Implement work around to generate supply status transaction to the Army Supply System if Supplemental Address = SP5200 or Blank.

20 Mar 06:

  • Edit/Modify requisitions input via DOD EMALL that will change the media status code to “F” under the following conditions:
  • If the requisition is IPG 1.
  • Supplemental address is valid.
  • If requisition is not IPG 1 will be rejected with reject reason code “NOT IPG 1 IAW Army Policy.
  • If requisition is IPG 1, but supp address is blank or invalid, transaction will be rejected with new reject reason code “VALID SUPP ADDR REQUIRED IAW ARMY POLICY.”
daasc system changes
DAASC System Changes
  • 11 Apr 06 DAASC implemented the following changes:
    • Reject Army requisitions through WebReq, DAMES, DIELOG except for maps and contractor DODAAC.
    • Army G-4 received one request from the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command to exempt five DODAACS for 180 days from the Kwajalein Atoll. Will follow-up in June with the Space and Missile Command.
    • Granted extension for Army Sensitive Support Division for one DODAAC to support their operation.
longer term actions
Longer Term Actions
  • Link DOD EMALL to “Funds Control” module to provide upfront

funds check

      • If funds are not available, cancel and send back to DOD EMALL
      • If status not in Army Supply System, an image will be sent by the funds control module
  • Fix DOD EMALL supplementary address logic so it no longer

defaults to SP5200 if field is blank

      • Make supplemental address a required field before passing the requisition
      • Populate the field with the DODAAC from the AJU DODAAF table
  • Fix media status assignment logic in GSA to no longer default to

“0”, (defined as no status to requisitioner or supplementary address)

      • GSA has completed the change to hard code hard code the media status to “F”. DOD EMALL requires funding.
      • Requires the supplement address field to be the supporting SSA
part numbers
Part Numbers

Issue: The Army Standard Retail Supply System (SARSS) will only accept standard DOD CAGE code part number format from external sources. IAW with DOD 4000.25-1-M and AR 725-50.

  • All items purchased must have NSN or valid standard part number, which consist of a CAGE Code and Part Number.
  • For the Army Supply System to accept part numbered items, the Part Number must be loaded in Army Master Data File (AMDF) portion of FEDLOG and on SARSS catalog.
      • Majority of off-line part numbers not loaded on FEDLOG.
      • The majority of off-line transactions are either non-standard part numbered lines and Long Part Numbers (CAGE and PN greater that 15 characters).
      • GSA and Prime Vendor has built a unique part number assignment process for contract requirements.
  • Army G-4 IPT is working five options to address the part number issue with off-line systems.
prime vendor off line transactions
Prime Vendor(Off-Line Transactions)
  • No status thru DAAS to SARSS today; bill is first transaction Army sees.
  • Starting in March, DAAS will route purchase order confirmation file (850/855) to BSM in EDI format.
      • SARSS legacy systems cannot read transactions in EDI format.
      • Working to see if DAASC or BSM can re-format record in MILSTRIP format.
  • Non-Standard Part Number/Long Part Number not recognized by current Army systems.
  • Customers were allowed to order using Government Purchase Card (GPC), MILSTRIP, or MIPR: policy set restrictions.