cancer survivors and fast food n.
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Cancer Survivors and Fast Food

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Cancer Survivors and Fast Food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cancer Survivors and Fast Food. Name: Eman Ahmad al- G hamdi Third year, section / A. Some Scary Facts:. Medium Wendy’s Frosty has 440 calories and 11 g fat! Taco Bell’s Chicken Burrito 410 calories, 16 g fat all of which are saturated (bad) fat! McDonald Big N’ Tasty

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cancer survivors and fast food

Cancer SurvivorsandFast Food

Name: Eman Ahmad al-Ghamdi

Third year, section / A

some scary facts
Some Scary Facts:

Medium Wendy’s Frosty

has 440 calories and 11 g


Taco Bell’s Chicken Burrito

410 calories, 16 g fat all of

which are saturated (bad)


McDonald Big N’ Tasty

Burger, medium fries and

medium coke has 1200 calories, 54 g of fat and

1280 mg sodium!

recommended cancer survivor diet
Recommended Cancer Survivor Diet:

Cancer survivors should focus their diet

around fruits, vegetables, whole grains

and beans.

  • Focus on being as lean as possible and

avoid energy dense foods.

  • Limit red meats and avoid processed


  • Avoid drinks high in sugar.
  • Limit salt consumption.
fast food
Fast Food:

Fast food is the opposite of what is


  • Most options are extremely calorie dense.
  • Foods are high in fat (saturated and trans)
  • Foods are high in sodium.
  • Pop is the primary beverage option.
fast food1
:Fast Food
  • The portion sizes can be enormous!
  • Red meat is prevalent.
  • Lack of vegetable and fruit options.
then why do people eat it
Then Why Do People Eat It?
  • Cheap
  • Quick and Easy (don’t need to leave car)
  • Tastes Good
  • Provides satiety and comfort
  • It’s everywhere!

It is evident cancer survivors should avoid fast

food, but what about when we have no other


tips for cancer survivors
:Tips for Cancer Survivors
  • Ask for nutrition facts and determine the

healthiest option.

  • Get the red meat alternative- Chicken, Fish.
  • Go for the green leafy salad! Many fast food

chains are now offering a salad on their menu.

(Get fat-free or vinaigrette dressing and use only a minimal amount)

  • Never super size or increase food size.

Stick to: small drinks, small fries, small sandwiches.

  • Leave out the cheese, mayo, ketchup and extra

patty. Instead get extra vegetables.

tips for cancer survivors1
Tips for Cancer Survivors:
  • Leave out the shake and

pop. Go for water or skim


  • Get the whole wheat bun

or wrap.

  • Pick the sub shop and

load up on veggies.

ex: Subway, Blimpy, etc.

  • See if a fruit or vegetable

side is possible.

some better choices
:Some Better Choices

McDonalds: Asian Salad, Newman’s Low-fat Balsamic Vinaigrette, Apple Dippers.

Wendy's: Baked Potato w/ reduced fat sour cream, Side salad, Mandarin oranges.

Subway: 6” Veggie sub, 6” Turkey sub, whole wheat bread, apple slices.

KFC: Corn on the cob w/out butter, Green Beansw/out butter, House side salad.


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