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By Xiruo Yang. CSR/Sustainability pre-course assignments. Assignment 1. the symbol is designed by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy. I think it expresses what I understand about CSR .

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By xiruo yang

By Xiruo Yang


pre-course assignments

Assignment 1
Assignment 1

  • the symbol is designed by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.

  • I think it expresses what I understand about CSR.

  • First, the whole figure is a dragonfly which is a beneficial insect just like CSR which is also benefit for the society.

  • Second, the head of the insect is a red heart which means the sense of CSR is the key point.

  • Third , the brown body of the insect stands for efforts needed to be done.

Assignment 2
Assignment 2


  • Warning of climate change ---by Al. Gore.

  • This Film Clip tells about environmental crisis people faced at present and some solutions suggested by scientists. The film is so vivid that I was deeply shocked by its photographs and dates. It appeals humanbeings should pay attention to environment problems in the view of sustainability.

Sustainability hero prof qu geping
Sustainability Hero---Prof. Qu Geping

Assignment 3

  • Prof. Qu Geping

  • Who is he?

    • the first Administrator of China National Environmental Protection Agency.

    • the former Director of Natural Resources Conservation Committee of the National People's Congress.

  • His honors

    • awarded by UN the Environment Prize for his contribution and leadership for China's environmental protection at the UN Conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. in 1992 and so on.

Prof. Qu Geping

His contribution
His contribution

Assignment 3

  • Making researches

    • Put forward original environmental protection theory proceeded from China's actual conditions.

    • Research on rules and mechanism of interaction between population and environment.

  • Practice

    • Founded China environmental protection foundation(CEPF), cooperated with companies and helped them establish their own CSR by donation.

    • Making knowledge of environmental protection among masses.

    • Dedicated in forming China’s environmental protection system both in theory and in practice.

His influences
His influences

Assignment 3

  • He is known as the father of China’s environmental protection.

  • He won a lot of the first in the field of environment protection

    • the first Chinese who hold a post of chief representative in UNEP.

    • the first director of the nation’s Environmental Protection Agency.

  • He hopes that there can form a rule to protect the nature and

Ngo china environmental protection foundation cepf
NGO---- China environmental protection foundation(CEPF)

Assignment 4


  • Founded by Prof. Qu ,who donated the award of US$ 100,000 and proposed to establish CEPF.

    About CEPF

  • CEPF is the first non profit organization dedicated to environmental protection in China, and an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC.

Things cefp is doing
Things CEFP is doing

Assignment 4

  • raising funds through different means and channels to commend organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection.

  • promoting technical exchange and cooperation with other countries in the field of the environmental protection and ecosystem conservation in China.

  • Sponsoring various kinds of activities and projects.

  • Not only doing in practices but also making theory research.

Highlights of cepf
Highlights of CEPF:

Various methods to publicize environmental protection:

  • Award category:

    • China’s environmental awards and etc.

  • Green movements

  • small loans for college students

    Cooperate with companies and international organizations

  • establish a relationship of mutual support and cooperation with kinds of companies in China, such as Bao steel, Schneider Electric.

    work together for the protection of the environment with plenty of international organizations.

    widest influence

  • Widest positive impact from the country’s environmental regulations to company’s CSR establishment to all aspects of people’s daily life.

Some membership companies listed as follow

Green movement example automatic sorting reclaimer
Green movement example— automatic sorting reclaimer

  • automatic sorting reclaimer is used to reclaim abandoned plastic bottles, cans, paper packing.

  • You can get some reward for the behalf of given your bottles in your hand.

  • CEPF will develop a lot of projects something like this one every year.

G3 1 reporting framework
G3.1 reporting framework

What is G3.1 doing?

  • They feature Performance Indicators and Management Disclosures that enable organizations to be transparent about their performance in key sustainability areas.


Cover sector specific issues

the cornerstone of GRI's Reporting Framework

Assignment 5

G3 1 guidelines
G3.1 Guidelines

  • Part 1 – Reporting Principles and Guidance Principles to define report content: materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, and completeness.

    • Principles to define report quality: balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, and clarity.

    • Guidance on how to set the report boundary.

  • Part 2 – Standard Disclosures

    • Strategy and Profile

    • Management Approach

    • Performance Indicators

  • Expanded Guidance in G3.1:

    • Local Community

    • Human Rights

    • Gender 

Assignment 5

Functions of g3 1 reporting framework
Functions of G3.1reporting framework

  • Setting down a series of principles and indicators

  • estimating and disclosure a company’s performances balancing its profit rates and environmental protection and social responsibility.

  • Revelation whether the organizations which use G3.1 keep their social responsibility promise and making the comparison between organizations possible.

Assignment 5

Strengths of g3 1 reporting framework
Strengths of G3.1 reporting framework

  • From aspects of company

    • Set down a standard ways to disclose companies performance.

    • With its wider range of principles and the plurality of indicators from different fields, it can give a more comprehensive and accurate estimate of a company.

  • Form aspects of the society

    • Provide a transparent stage from which customers can deeply know what the company’s contribution to the society, and how to response to the company’s performance.

Assignment 5