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Selaginella deoderleinii as anti cancer

Selaginella deoderleinii as anti cancer. Created By : ANIK SETYANI (G84120002 ). Selaginella deoderleinii. Definition. Bioactive compuond. Anti cancer.

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Selaginella deoderleinii as anti cancer

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  1. Selaginelladeoderleinii as anti cancer CreatedBy : ANIK SETYANI (G84120002)

  2. Selaginelladeoderleinii Definition Bioactivecompuond Anti cancer

  3. Selaginellais a potent medicinal-stuff, which contains diverse of natural products such as alkaloid, phenolic (flavonoid), and terpenoid. Continuue

  4. Selaginellais traditionally treated to cure severaldisease depending on species, such as cancer or tumor(uterus, nasopharyngeal, lung, etc), wound, afterchildbirth,menstrualdisorder, femalereproductiondisease, expulsionof the placenta, tonic (for after childbirth, increase bodyendurance, anti ageing, etc).ETC KLICK IN HERE

  5. Selaginelladeoderleinii Divisi : PteridophytaKelas : LycopodiinaeBangsa : SelaginellalesSuku : SelaginellaceaeMarga : SelaginellaJenis : SelaginelladeoderleiniiHieron Manfaat : menghilangkan panas dan lembab, melancarkan aliran darah, antitoksik, antineoplasma, penghenti pendarahan (hemostatis) dan menghilangkan bengkak, mengatasi batuk, infeksi saluran nafas, radang paru, hepatitis, diare, keputihan, tulang patah, pendarahan dan kanker.

  6. SELAGINELLA DEODERLEINII S. doederleiniiis usually treated as anti cancer, but also acts as antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Water extract of S. doederleiniihas antimutagenic against both picrolonic acid- and benzo[α]pyrene-induced mutation to cancer cell Ethanolicextract of S. doederleinii that is amentoflavone and heveaflavone has cytotoxic activity against cancer cell of murineL 929. Extract of S. doederleiniialso has cytotoxic againstthe three human cancer cell lines, HCT, NCI-H358, and K562 (Lee et al. 2008)

  7. Bioactivecompound S. doederleiniicontains: amentoflavone, 2',8''-biapigenin, delicaflavone, ginkgetin, heveaflavone, hinokiflavone, isocryptomerin, kayaflavone, ochnaflavone, podocarpusflavon, A, robustaflavone, sumaflavone, andtaiwaniaflavone.

  8. Selaginelladeoderleinii amentoflavone heveaflavone Anti cancer

  9. amentoflavone Amentoflavone, the most commonbiflavonoidof Selaginella, has various biological andpharmacological effects, including antioxidant, anti cancer, anti-inflammatoryantimicrobial, antivirus. such as influenza (A, B), hepatitis (B), humanimmunodeficiencyvirus (HIV-1), herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2), herpes zoster (VZV), measles ,respiratory syncytialVirus, anti-urcerogenic, Anxiolytic, analgesic andanti-angiogenesis agent.

  10. heveaflavone Heveaflavonehas cytotoxicactivityagainst cancer cell of murine L 929 (Lin etal1994)

  11. REFERENCES Setyawan a d. 2011. Natural productsfromGenusSelaginella(Selaginellaceae). Jurnal nusantara bioscience. 3 (1) : 44-58.

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