Deutsch in der oberstufe
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Deutsch in der Oberstufe. Oberstufenwahlabend.

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Deutsch in der oberstufe

Deutsch in derOberstufe


Deutsch in der oberstufe

  • "There is a tendency to think, 'Well everybody else speaks English', but big companies in this country value a MFL qualification very highly, for two reasons. Firstly, it helps to make better contact with their customers and, secondly, it demonstrates you have a practical resilience in these types of skills and an academic ability and perseverance."

  • The key thing is for young people to understand the advantages that speaking another language can bring.

  • "There is an increasing message from the business world that it wants to employ people with languages. UK children are losing out in the global job market," he said.

  • "We hear from lawyers, bankers and accountants who are recruiting that if two people are both qualified for the same job, they will take the person who can speak another language. So the more the message gets out there, the better. No one would walk around without having IT skills, and languages are the new IT.“

  • 4th October 2013

Deutsch in der oberstufe

Effizienz English', but istfürunskeinModewortsondern das ErgebnisunsererArbeit.

Deutsch in der oberstufe

s English', but

Deutsch in der oberstufe

s English', but

More Reasons to visit Germany…

SchwarzwälderKirschtorteWiener Schnitzel

Thüringer BratwurstLeberwurstCurrywurst


Typische w rter in der oberstufe

Typische English', but Wörter in der Oberstufe


Themen English', but

Im unterricht

Im English', but Unterricht


As and a2 german
AS and A2 GERMAN English', but

In both AS and A2 courses, students are tested in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The difference from GCSE is that all skills have to be demonstrated in real-life situations, e.g. responding to a radio show, reading a newspaper article, writing a film review, debating current affairs, discussing poetry, etc.

As level topics
AS level topics English', but

  • Media

    • TV

    • Advertising

    • Communication

  • Popular Culture

    • Cinema

    • Music

    • Fashion

  • Lifestyle

    • Healthy living

    • Sport & fitness

    • Holidays and leisure

  • Family and Relationships

    • Relationships

    • Differences between genders and generations

    • Marriage

A2 level topics
A2 level topics English', but

  • Environment

    • New types of energy

    • Pollution

    • Green lifestyles

  • The multicultural society

    • Racism and other discrimination

    • Emigration and integration

    • Developed vs developing world

  • Contemporary social issues

    • Wealth / poverty

    • Juvenile delinquency

    • Scientific progress and ethical questions (eg GM products, animal testing)

      And two cultural topics:

  • the work of an author or a poet from a TL country – Friedrich Dürrenmatt

  • A period in German history – Berlin 1945-1990

A level exam mechanics
A level exam mechanics English', but


  • Unit 1: Reading, Listening, Writing(2 hours; 70% AS marks)

  • Unit 2: Speaking(35 minutes; 30 % AS marks)


  • Unit 3: Reading, Listening, Writing(2 ½ hours; 35% A level marks)

  • Unit 4: Speaking(35 minutes; 15% A level marks)

Deutsch in der oberstufe

Teaching English', but Tools

Cinema and theatre outings
Cinema and Theatre Outings English', but

The Goethe Institute, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Curzon Soho, the BFI and the Duke of York in Brighton often have German film screenings.

We also visit London theatres, including the Almeida, the Donmar Warehouse and the Bridewell and National Theatres.

The trips
The English', but Trips

There is a biennial German Sixth Form trip to Dresden, Weimar and Berlin. Its aim is to experience Germany and its infinite cultural potential in a more leisurely atmosphere. It involves a tour of the former Stasi prison in Berlin, a visit to the European City of Culture in Weimar and a day’s hiking in the SächsischeSchweiz.

Summer grants
Summer Grants English', but

We encourage you to improve their language in their own time, e.g. in the summer holidays as well.

We can help you to find the right place in Germany to do so, and support your expenses with travel grants.

We encourage Fifth Formers to already plan for the coming summer holidays!

Reasons to choose german i
Reasons to choose German I English', but

  • 60% of polled companies said they would choose someone with German literacy over an otherwise equally qualified candidate.

  • Germany is the economic powerhouse in the EU.

  • Studying German might give an advantage when it comes to university applications or later job applications. For example, many people choose Physics or Law with the third year abroad in Germany or Switzerland.

Reasons to choose german ii
Reasons to choose German II English', but

  • It is great learning something just for the sake of it. Not because we need it. Not because we might be able to increase our chances to become rich. But just because we like it.

  • Learning a modern language is hard. But it provides a great opportunity to explore one’s limits as well as one’s potential.

Leavers destinations
Leavers’ Destinations English', but

Many students of German A level go on to study German at Oxford or Cambridge.

On the other hand, studying German provides the great opportunity to study at one of Germany’s great universities (many of them for free!).