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Citizen Sky and VStar

Citizen Sky and VStar. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/80730537.html. Citizen Sky. AAVSO originated Under IYA, but continuing beyond Focus: current Epsilon Aurigae eclipse “Citizen” = volunteer or amateur Tutorials, forums, teams, workshops http://www.citizensky.org/.

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Citizen Sky and VStar

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  1. Citizen Sky and VStar http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/80730537.html

  2. Citizen Sky • AAVSO originated • Under IYA, but continuing beyond • Focus: current Epsilon Aurigae eclipse • “Citizen” = volunteer or amateur • Tutorials, forums, teams, workshops • http://www.citizensky.org/

  3. Be careful what you wish for…

  4. VStar, Citizen Sky, … • Conversation with Arne Henden (AAVSO Director) at NACAA 2008. • Java replacement for Grant Foster’s DOS program. • Collaboration with AAVSO and Citizen Sky participants since May 2009. • Early demo given in Aug 2009 at first Citizen Sky workshop at Adler Planetarium, Chicago.

  5. Frequent releases since Dec 2009. • AAS poster about VStar Team in Jan 2010. • NACAA 2010 workshop. • 2nd Citizen Sky workshop, San Francisco. • There’s still plenty to do… • See SourceForge Bug & Issue tracker • Want to write code, test, document?

  6. …you just might get it

  7. Citizen Sky Teams • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/southern-gems

  8. Data Analysis

  9. VStar • Intended to be an easy-to-use variable star data visualization and analysis tool. • A SourceForge project licensed under GPL. • Click “Download VStar Now” button on this page: • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development • Need Java 1.6 or higher installed.

  10. Interactions VStar CSV, TSV files AAVSO International Database VSX (Variable Star Index)

  11. U ScorpiiRecurrent Nova in outburstPredicted by Dr Bradley SchaeferRapid magnitude rise and fall Barbara Harris Not U Sco, but another similar system: Artist’s rendition of recurrent nova RS Oph                      Image credit: David Hardy and PPARC Shawn Dvorak https://sites.google.com/site/aavsocvsection/

  12. Vstar Demo • Load U Sco from file • Observation details • Plot/table link • Zoom • Change visible series • Fainter-thans

  13. All U Sco data annotated with outbursts 1999 2010 1979 1987

  14. 2010 U Sco outburst Jan 28 Feb 2 Jan 27

  15. Epsilon Aurigae • Bright (~3rd mag) star in northern constellation Auriga. • Eclipsing binary variable • distance: 625 parsecs • orbital separation: 18 to 20 AU • period: 27.1 years • duration: almost 2 years • Variability first noticed by Johann Fritsch, a German amateur in 1821.

  16. Epsilon Aurigae (circled) from Adelaide, 20 Dec 2009 at 0030

  17. Capella & The Kids

  18. Current Epsilon Aurigae eclipse began in August 2009 Minimum: December 2009 (maybe) Mid-eclipse: August 2010 Minimum light ends: March 2011 Eclipse ends: May 2011 courtesy www.citizensky.org

  19. courtesy www.citizensky.org By Nico Camargo and courtesy www.citizensky.org By Brian Thieme and courtesy www.citizensky.org By Nico Camargo and courtesy www.citizensky.org

  20. CHARA Array Disk Image

  21. VStar Demo • Load Epsilon Aurigae from AID • Filter obscode (BDJB, MRV) • Save, print • Info • Preferences • Colors • New group: alpha Ori, del Cep, lx Cyg, omi Cet, x Cyg • Error bars • Mean series change, anova • Help (anyone?)

  22. W Uma (W UrsaeMajoris)Contact binary star8 hour period! http://www.citizensky.org/forum/w-uma-another-eclipsing-binary-star

  23. VStar Demo • Load UMa from a file. • Phase plot with period 0.33363749 • Replot with period 0.333

  24. VStar Demo • Load X Cyg from file • Period analysis • Phase plot

  25. VStar Demo • Plug-ins: extend VStar’s functionality. • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development/example-vstar-plugins-jar-files-development-doc • Create vstar_plugins dir under: • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\user • *nix: ~/user

  26. VStar Demo • Mira (omi Cet) • Mean bins change • Polynomial model: 7th degree is a good fit

  27. Chi Cygni http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi_Cygni Mira type pulsating variable post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Star (late stage red giant) 5th to 13th magnitude period: ~407 days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhMeumI36BM

  28. Links • http://www.mtwilson.edu/vir/CHARA.php • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development • https://sourceforge.net/projects/vstar/ • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development/vstar-citizen-sky-2-demo-data-files • http://www.citizensky.org/teams/vstar-software-development/example-vstar-plugins-jar-files-development-doc

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