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Collaboration & Social Networking in the Enterprise PowerPoint Presentation
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Collaboration & Social Networking in the Enterprise

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Collaboration & Social Networking in the Enterprise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSC204. Collaboration & Social Networking in the Enterprise. Jonathan Wynn Manager – Advanced Technology & Collaborative Services Del Monte Foods. Agenda. Introductions Who are we / who am I The Business Challenge Collaboration Strategy Social Networking Strategy

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Presentation Transcript
collaboration social networking in the enterprise


Collaboration & Social Networking in the Enterprise

Jonathan Wynn

Manager – Advanced Technology & Collaborative Services

Del Monte Foods

  • Introductions
    • Who are we / who am I
  • The Business Challenge
  • Collaboration Strategy
  • Social Networking Strategy
  • How SharePoint takes on this approach
  • Del Monte Foods Approach
  • Lessons learned
  • Q&A
who we are
Who We Are?
  • 3,400 products with famous labels such as Star-Kist Tuna, 9Lives, and Kibbles n’ bits
  • 5 billion labels printed per year
  • 9 out of 10 households
  • 3.4 billion US Dollars revenue
  • 3,200 full-time employees
  • Corporate Location
    • Pittsburgh & San Francisco
    • 40 + factories throughout the world
who am i
Who am I?
  • Jonathan Wynn –live in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I work for Del Monte Foods
  • I’m the Manager – Advanced Technology and Collaborative Services
  • Award InfoWorld 100
  • Office 14 Advisory Council
  • Workflow Advisory Council
collaboration social networking
Collaboration & Social Networking
  • Collaboration – structured recursive process where two or more people work together
  • Phenomenon defined by linking people together in some way

Conference Calls

Facebook / MySpace / Linkdin


Video Conference

Chat / IM


Face to face meeting

File Sharing

Video Chat

Common Goals

Discussion Groups

benefits for these technologies
Benefits for these technologies
  • Introduction Enterprise 2.0
    • Evolution are the automation and accelerate the way people work, find information and interact with each other regardless of their location
  • Changing face of the work place. The young work force have certain expectations of the kind of tools that they’re going to see when they join the workforce

Businesses will leverage blogs, wikis, mashups and social networking tools to help make their employees' collaboration efforts more efficient and productive in 2008, according to a Forrester Research report released Jan. 28. – From Eweek…

collaboration and social networking del monte foods
Collaboration and Social Networking Del Monte Foods

Technology Stack

  • SharePoint 2007
  • Office 2007
  • Exchange 2007
  • Exchange UM
  • LCS – soon OCS
  • Enterprise Search
  • K2 Workflow

Success Factors

  • Rapid Growth
  • Familiar user interface
  • Low cost deployment
a unified strategy

Enterprise Content Management

Make it simple to author and managecontent and documents

Knowledge Discovery and Insight

Make the right information

available to more people


Keep co-workers, partners

and customers in sync

SharePoint FrameworkThe core

A Unified Strategy

InformationWorker Solutions

Build client and web-basedapplications with workflow and line-of-business interoperability

PersonalProductivityIncrease employee self-sufficiency andeffectiveness

the value of these technologies at del monte foods
The Value of these technologies at Del Monte Foods
  • As part of the Technology Adoption Program for Office 12 (Office 2007) we spent with Research and Quality Systems
  • Pilot to show the new capabilities: Metadata, Content Type, Workflow, Blogs, Wikis and more
  • Prove the value of the technology by working in collaborative fashion without loosing intellectual capital when someone retires
formula lifecycle management research and quality systems
Formula Lifecycle ManagementResearch and Quality Systems
  • Lost ideas
  • Time to market was much longer
  • Could not stay competitive
  • Poor visibility
  • Lose employee knowledge

Old Solution:

formula lifecycle management research and quality systems14
Formula Lifecycle ManagementResearch and Quality Systems:
  • Marketing gets a brilliant new idea
  • Off to SharePoint we go!



real world example
Real world example:
  • Wiki example
  • Brainstorm sessions between researchers
  • Collaborating on designs
  • Research / Food Scientists working on new formulas from different business units to record knowledge to managers and controllers from the manufacturing plants–
  • History of the thread – roll back!
how collaboration and social networking collide
How Collaboration and Social Networking collide
  • Promote and build communities
  • Sparks of innovation & product development
  • Connecting virtual teams
  • Use of My Sites and community of “experts” and colleagues who are experts
  • Blogs & Wikis
driving adoption
Driving Adoption
  • Integration between HRIS feeds and Active Directory
  • SharePoint My Site integration
  • Data Discovery Explosion – centralized
  • Connecting the dots!
  • Use of Experts –
  • Use of Search to find someone or something related
  • Reduce email
  • Better products to market faster
  • Virtual teams
connecting people in the enterprise
Connecting people in the Enterprise
  • My Sites:

Colleagues Web Part

In Common

Web Part

bringing it all together
Bringing it all together

Search – the necessary tool for the enterprise

Can you find what you’re looking for?

  • Is your company agile?
  • Can find the “expert” who has the data on the next big innovation?
  • Is your Sales force have the right tools to do the job?
    • Integration of Siebel data in a custom dashboard providing essential information and being more productive
    • No training required because all data is now available within SharePoint
  • Using Search to query information from desperate systems, web sites, intranet / Internet site
across repositories people search
Across RepositoriesPeople Search

People from employee directory

DLs and SharePoint groups

Results organized by social distance

finding the experts
Finding the Experts -
  • Connecting Marketing with Scientists who can help flush out questions
  • Extremely Powerful!
user adoption how we do it
User Adoption – How we do it?
  • Pilot with a small group of Research and Quality Systems Content Managers
  • Demonstrate the power of SharePoint’s Collaborative Tool Kit
    • Lunch and learns
    • Demos
    • Live Meetings
    • Evangelizing
  • Reduce E-mail clutter
  • Better security
the 500 lb gorilla managing the information security
The 500 lb Gorilla - Managing the Information Security

Governance, Policies and Procedures in place

Putting Content Mangers in control of the information by using security built into SharePoint

Contributors can post new blogs or edit wiki pages, but a site administrator must authorize these additions and amendments

how we accomplished this
How we accomplished this:

By creating clear guidelines about posting

Partner wiki sites that have cross reference information

Tight integration between Active Directory & SharePoint

what pains did we experience
What pains did we experience?:
  • Getting the corporate stakeholders to agree on the direction and how to educate the IW (information workers)
  • In the past we let the portal get out of control and did not have Governance, Policies or Procedures on how to control the growth of the portal
  • Use the built in policies on archiving and deleting all sites.
  • Make users accountable!
lessons learned

Looking at the entire solution – how far can you take it?

How to take what you’ve built and enlarge to work with all business units?

Stakeholder meetings to ensure we’re on target throughout the entire process.

Form a team that includes a project manager, development lead, business analyst lead and test lead.

Don’t forget about the business to and make sure you’re within scope.

Feedback session with stakeholders.

Lessons Learned:
  • Collaboration and Social Networking are an important part of SharePoint.
  • Benefits to these technologies:
      • Research and Quality Systems – Formula Lifecycle Management
      • Agile / First in market
      • Innovation as at the core
      • Use of Wiki’s as an example
  • My Sites
      • Examples of rich features – connecting the dots
  • Lessons Learned


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