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MAT 142. Orientation. Ms. Knop’s Website. Click on the MAT 142 main button to access the syllabus and pacing calendar Follow the drop-down menu to the Chapter P owerPoints and HW assignments. Course Objectives.

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mat 142

MAT 142


ms knop s website
Ms. Knop’s Website
  • Click on the MAT 142 main button to access the syllabus and pacing calendar
  • Follow the drop-down menu to the Chapter PowerPoints and HW assignments
course objectives
Course Objectives
  • Capacity for informed problem solving and decision-making in college, career, & life
  • Understanding large numbers & estimating
  • Tools to make informed financial decisions
  • Analyze statistics and read graphs
  • Basic ideas of probability and risk
polya s 4 step problem solving
Polya’s 4-Step Problem Solving
  • Understand the Problem
  • Devise a Plan
  • Carry Out the Plan
  • Looking Back
unit 2a the problem solving power of units
Unit 2A The Problem Solving Power of Units
  • Units describe a quantity being measured
  • “Unit analysis” means using the units of a problem to figure out how to solve it. It is a problem solving technique
  • Remember, we cannot add or subtract numbers that have different units
  • However, we can multiply and divide numbers with unlike units
  • You drive 100 miles in 2 hours.
  • The answer is read, “miles per hour”
  • The area of a room is measured by multiplying length times width
  • If a room is 12 ft long and 10 ft wide, the area
  • Answer is read in square feet
identify the units
Identify the units
  • The price you paid for gas, found by dividing total cost in $ by # of gallons
  • The area of a circle, found by using

where radius r is measured in cm.

  • A volume found by multiplying an area in acres by a depth measured in feet
unit conversions
Unit Conversions
  • Recall: we can make equivalent fractions by multiplying by a form of one.
  • The last two examples represent CONVERSION FACTORS because the values of the num. & demon. Are equivalent but the units are different
conversion factors 3 ways
Conversion Factors 3 Ways
  • The following statements are equivalent:

12 inches = 1 foot

conversion examples
Conversion Examples
  • Feet to inches
  • Inches to feet
using a chain of conversions
Using a chain of conversions
  • How many seconds are there in one day?
converting units with exponents
Converting units with exponents
  • We must take special care when converting units raised to powers.
  • Example: convert 1 sq. yard to square feet
  • Since 1 yd = 3 ft, substitute
currency conversion tables
Currency Conversion Tables
  • Given British Pound
  • Dollars per Foreign = 1.414
  • Foreign per Dollar = 0.7072
  • Note per means “per 1 of the unit”
  • 1 Pound = 1.414 Dollars
  • 1 Dollar = 0.7072 Pounds
group tasks
Group Tasks
  • A new sidewalk will be 4 ft wide, 200 ft. long, and filled to a depth of 6 inches with concrete. You need how many cubic yards of concrete?
  • If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted it would release 2.5 million cubic km of water over the Earth’s 340 million km ocean surface. How much would the sea level rise?
  • Compare filling your 6ft x 3ft x 1.25 ft bathtub with water (7.5 gal=1 cu. ft water) vs. taking a shower for 10 min with a showerhead flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute.