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Connect Tech Inc . Introduction 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Connect Tech Inc . Introduction 2009

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Connect Tech Inc . Introduction 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connect Tech Inc . Introduction 2009
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  1. Connect Tech Inc.Introduction 2009 Michele KaszaVP SalesOctober 30, 2009

  2. Connect Tech Introduction Hardware design since 1985 Located in Guelph Ontario, an hour West of Toronto 22 employees with over 40% technical staff including hardware, software and support staff

  3. Connect Tech Introduction Manufacturing is done off site; internal functions consist of kitting, inspection, test, quality, some prototypes, packaging and shipping Product is built in Canada using contract manufacturers in the Toronto area Larger CM’s allow scalability; very little change to CTI manufacturing when processing large contracts

  4. Connect Tech Introduction ISO 9001:2000 and will be audited for the ISO:9001 2008 standard next Spring Most CTI products are covered under Lifetime Warranty Free technical support

  5. Connect Tech Introduction CTI product groups: Xilinx based products Multi-port serial products Adapters and engineering tools PC/104 peripherals

  6. Xilinx Based Solutions Commercially validated hardware allows FPGA code to be tested immediately, allowing for rapid prototyping Unlike a typical development board like the Xilinx ML507, our FreeForm modules comes in a package that can go from development to field deployment; not limited to the developers desktop

  7. FreeForm/104 Features • Xilinx Spartan-3E • On-board flash memory • 96 digital I/O, 8255 compatible • 6 counter/timers, 8254 compatible • 48 Opto-22 compatible digital I/O with 8254 timer/counters

  8. FreeForm/PCI-104 LX30T, LX50T, FX30T Peripheral Features: 2 x 10/100 Ethernet jacks 2 x high speed RS-485 serial ports 8MB Flash for embedded code storage 128MB DDR2 memory 64 single ended GPIO or 32 LVDS pairs Generic Rocket I/O interface, 4 channels JTAG programming chain (FPGA & Flash)

  9. FreeForm/PCI-104 Customer Design Support Two design approaches: Standard VHDL based reference designs Embedded processing reference designs Reference designs available for download once hardware is purchased

  10. Connect Tech Multi-port Serial Providing 2 to 16 serial ports on a variety of bus architectures: PCI, PCI Express, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express, ISA, cPCI and Ethernet-to-serial

  11. PCI Products BlueStorm/LP and BlueStorm/SP • Supports 3.3V or 5V Universal PCI • Standard height and low profile options providing 2, 4 and 8 serial ports, and supporting RS-232/422/485 serial communications • Optional optical isolation • Various cabling options

  12. PCI Express Products BlueStorm/Express • x1 lane PCI Express • Standard height and low profile options providing 2, 4, 8 and 16 serial ports, RS-232/422/485 • Optional optical isolation • Various cabling options

  13. Ethernet-to-Serial Blue Heat/Net • 2, 4, 8 and 16 port options, RS-232/422/485 • 10/100 Base-T • Linux based core, free SDK • Optional Industrial protocols, Modbus, DNP3, BACnet • Synchronous models

  14. Synchronous Products ComSync/104, ComSync/PCI-104, Blue Heat/Net Sync • ComSync/PCI-104, 2 channel multi-protocol • Blue Heat/Net Sync, 4 channel multi- protocol • Uses Zilog Z16C32 IUSC • DMA support • NRZI support

  15. Connect Tech PC/104 Products FPGA Solutions Multi-port Serial Adapters Adapters CAN Controllers Solid State Drives Wireless Radio Modems

  16. PC/104 Products What is PC/104? 3.6” 3.8”

  17. PC/104 Products PC/104 is a stackable architecture

  18. Connect Tech PC/104 Products We support all PC/104 specifications including: PC/104 (ISA) PCI/104 and/or PC/104-Plus (PCI) PCIe/104 and/or PCI/104-Express (PCIe) All specifications are maintained by the PC/104 Embedded Consortium and available for free download at

  19. Adapter Boards • PCI/104-Express to PCI Express • PCI Express to PCI/104-Express adapter • PCI to PC/104-Plus adapter • ISA to PC/104 adapter • PC/104-Plus to Mini PCI adapter • PCI to cPCI adapter • PCI-104 to PMC adapter • PCI Express Burn-In Rack • PCI and PCIe Dump Switch

  20. Adapter Boards • PCI Express to PCI/104-Express

  21. Adapter Example

  22. Adapter Boards • PC/104-Plus to MiniPCI

  23. CAN Controllers CANpro/104 and CANpro/104-Plus • Two channel CAN controller • Uses industry standard SJA 1000 CAN controllers • 500V optical and power isolation protects each CAN channel from host • 16MHz CAN clock • Slew rate limiting

  24. Solid State Drives FlashDrive/104 • 4, 8, 16 and 32GB hard drives • PC/104 or PC/104-Plus form factor • Industrial temperature ranges • Industry Standard IDE and ATA connectors • Ideal for shock, vibe and temperature sensitive applications

  25. Wireless Radio Modems Xtreme/104 Radio Modem • 900 MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS • License-free operation • Data speeds up to 230.4 Kbps • Operating range up to 20 miles

  26. Applications Application examples: US Postal Systems Sorting Equipment Bio Chemical Detection Systems Autonomous Vehicles Simulation Systems Land Oil Rigs 7/Eleven, C-Serve stores Gaming

  27. Applications A large range of COTS products are available, however custom and reconfigurable products are also part of our product mix Custom products range from minor modifications of existing products to complete design from the ground up

  28. Next Steps Introduce FreeForm products to every Xilinx client that you have today Identify clients that have like applications as discussed; they will have a need for CTI products The best chance for success with CTI products is at the design stage working with the developer – the people that your staff are working with everyday

  29. Connect Tech Competitors PCI and PCI Express Quatech, Perle Systems, Moxa, Axxon PC/104 SeaLevel, Diamond Systems, Moxa, Aaeon, Digital LogicFPGAJacyl, Nallatech, National Instruments CAN Kvaser, Softing, Diamond Systems, IXXAT Ethernet Digi, Moxa, SeaLevel, Comtrol Adapters Douglas Electronics, Digital Logic, National Instruments

  30. Connect Tech Contacts Michele Kasza – VP Sales 519-836-1291 x229 800-426-8979 Technical Support Sales