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Know About Royalty Interest & Oil and Gas Overrides PowerPoint Presentation
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Know About Royalty Interest & Oil and Gas Overrides

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Know About Royalty Interest & Oil and Gas Overrides - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know About Royalty Interest & Oil and Gas Overrides

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  1. Oil And Gas Postings

  2. Oil and Gas Overrides Royalty interest is that which is provided when one enters into an oil and gas lease. This occurs when the owner of a property has already sold the property but wants to retain the interest. In this case royalty interests are worked out and are sold to raise capital. These oil and gas overrides are added at the time of an intervening assignment preparation. This type of override interest is meant mainly for landsmen, geologists, brokers or any other entities that have reserved interest on their properties.

  3. The Limits of Overrides When you sign a contract for an override it means you are entitled to participate in the fractional and undivided interest obtained from the sale of the oil and gas proceeds. This interest is not calculated on the minerals obtained but on the money got from the sale of these minerals. This interest is payable as long as the lease exists. As soon as the lease expires, the overrides too stop. They cannot continue as perpetuity or royal interests any more.

  4. Dwindling of Royalties Over Time In this case if you have selected a lucrative oil and gas drilling program then you may not fall into this dwindling of royalties trap. Though the mining wells last for decades, there are also times when the overrides and royalties can drop considerably when the demand gets lesser. On an average scale each well could last for a period of 30 to 35 years. Gradually the royalties begin dwindle but the land owner still has the land that can be leased to another prospective drilling company on a new lease.

  5. Writing out a Good Lease In most cases the land owner prepares this lease contract. Hence, the benefit of specifying the exact amount that should be paid to the owner by the contractor lies with the land owner. The owner should use the exact language that protects the right to his livestock, buildings, crops, roads and any other assets during the lease period. Land owners also can specify certain portions that should not be disturbed at the time of drilling thus creating space for his livelihood during the drilling years.

  6. Conclusion In both cases, the leaser and lease should get professional advice on how to prepare and sign and mutual contract where both parties benefit from it. This is mandatory, especially for the land owner whose land is being used for the drilling purpose. If there are any hidden facts at the time of signing the contract, this can cause a lot of damage to either of the parties. Hence, expert advice is mandatory.

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