molecule transport l.
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Molecule Transport

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Molecule Transport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Molecule Transport
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  1. Molecule Transport REVIEW JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  2. Passive Transport ActiveTransport Iso, hypo, or hyper-tonic Transport Real Life Lab 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. Passive Transport100 Name one of the kinds of passive transport you learned about. A: What is Diffusion or Facilitated Diffusion (osmosis, carrier proteins, or Ion Channels) ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  4. Passive Transport200 True or FalsePassive transport does NOT REQUIRE any energy. A: What is TRUE ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  5. Passive Transport 300 TRUE OR FALSEIn passive transport, molecules always move from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration. A: What is FALSE? They move from higher to lower S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  6. Passive Transport400 Diffusion continues until the concentration of molecules is equal throughout the space. This is called ____________________. A: What is equilibrium? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  7. Passive Transport 500 Name a molecule that moves by a kind of passive transport across membranes in cells and tell which kind of transport it uses. A: What isdiffusion - oxygen & CO2Osmosis (facilitated diff. w/ aquaporins) - waterfacilitated diffusion w/ carriers - glucosefacilitated diffusion w/ion channels- Ca++, Cl-, Na+, K+? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  8. Active Transport 100 Name one of the kinds of Active transport you learned about. A: What is Endocytosis, Exocytosis, Na+-K+ pump, proton pump? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  9. Active Transport200 The type of endocytosis in which large molecules or whole cells are taken into a cell is called _____________________. A: What is Phagocytosis ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  10. Active Transport300 In endocytosis and exocytosis, substances are carried in small membrane bound sacs called ______________ A: What are Vesicles? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  11. Active Transport 400 Molecule that provides the energy for the Na+-K+ pump to work. A: What is ATP ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  12. Active Transport 500 Pinocytosis is a kind of ___________ Exocytosis Endocytosis A: What is Endocytosis ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  13. Iso, Hypo, or Hyper-tonic100 This is an example of a(n) ______________ solution. A: What is HYPERTONIC ?Concentration outside is greater than inside cell S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  14. Iso, Hypo, or Hyper-tonic200 If placed in a ___________ solution, water will enter an animal cell and it will get larger. A: What is Hypotonic ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  15. Iso, Hypo, or Hyper-tonic300 If placed in a hypertonic solution plant cells will lose water and pull away from their cell wall. This is called ____________________. A: What is Plasmolysis? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  16. Iso, Hypo, or Hyper-tonic400 What do you think will happen to this animal cell? A: What is water will enter & it will get bigger? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  17. Iso, Hypo, or Hyper-tonic500 The pressure exerted by water moving during osmosis is called _____________ pressure. A: What is OSMOTIC? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  18. Transport100 Facilitated diffusion is a kind of ____________ transport. Active Passive A: What is Passive? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  19. Transport200 This cell will ___________ in size increase decrease A: What is decrease ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  20. Transport300 This kind of transport where substances are taken into the cell by vesicles is called _______ A: What is endocytosis? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  21. Transport400 An example of a molecule that uses this kind of transport is _______________ A: What is glucose ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  22. Transport500 Golgi bodies pinch off membrane bound sacs called vesicles when they transport the molecules they package out of cells. This type of transport is called ______________. A: What is a exocytosis? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  23. Real Life Lab100 You are shopping in the grocery store and see their veggies have wilted from loss of water. This is an example ofcytolysis plasmolysis diffusion endocytosis A: What is plasmolysis? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  24. Real Life Lab 200 In lab you placed your egg in sugar water. The sugar water was a ____________ solution A: What is hypertonic? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  25. Real Life Lab 300 In the semi-permeable membrane lab, the inside of your membrane bag turned black because _________ entered the bag and reacted with the starch inside. A: What is iodine? iodine + starch produces a blue-black color change S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  26. Real Life Lab 400 Name one of the molecules that was able to pass through the semi-permeable membrane in your lab experiment. A: What is glucose, water, or iodine? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  27. Real Life Lab500 The starch was unable to cross through the membrane in your lab experiment because _______________. A: What is It was too large to fit through? S2C06 Jeopardy Review