Southern illinois garden of the gods coi briefing 2008 2012 strategic roadmap
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Southern Illinois: Garden of the Gods COI Briefing: 2008-2012 Strategic Roadmap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Southern Illinois: Garden of the Gods COI Briefing: 2008-2012 Strategic Roadmap. February 19-20, 2008. ViTAL Economy Alliance Frank Knott , Project Lead ; Stan Halle , Senior Editor ; Jim Haguewood, Rob Beynon, & Neil Gamroth , Principal Economic Researchers

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Presentation Transcript
Southern illinois garden of the gods coi briefing 2008 2012 strategic roadmap

Southern Illinois: Garden of the GodsCOI Briefing:2008-2012 Strategic Roadmap

February 19-20, 2008

ViTAL Economy Alliance

Frank Knott, ProjectLead; Stan Halle, Senior Editor;

JimHaguewood, Rob Beynon, & Neil Gamroth, Principal Economic Researchers

[email protected];

Connect si living the credo of measurable outcomes

18 Months of Accomplishments:

Aggregating demand with <>; many towns and local areas getting 1st time broadband coverage — after years of being told “it can’t be done”

$24 million+ in private sector network provider investments to expand broadband access into SI communities — resulted in a 41% increase in household coverage of broadband across SI

Attraction of a new out-of-state network provider to SI, which became aware of the work of Connect SI and saw an opportunity to connect the most rural of rural America — towns in at least 2 or 3 COI's are already installed and running

Connect SI awareness building connectivity’s role has caused most newly-connected communities accessing broadband at an initial rate of 40%-60% — double prior take-rates

Utilizing 1st community-based Economic Scenario Model and GIS mapping to create a competitive advantage in company recruitment

Chosen by DCEO as one of two state teams at the Dec ‘07 DOL Driving Transformation conference in Chicago — high visibility

Awarded Governor's Sub-Cabinet Grant: Healthy SI — planning $200k, web-based collaborative tools, Energy Symposiums (3rd this week), first on-line Nursing program

Connect SI: Living the Credo ofMeasurable Outcomes

Is SI worth fighting for?

Connect si living the credo of measurable outcomes1

18 Months of Accomplishments, cont’d:

Applied for DOL Community Based Job Training Grant to address the nursing shortage across SI — five community colleges collaborated (SICCM)

Generated high level of interest with NIU to connect medical facilities in SI — potentially part of a $21M FCC program

Awarded $250k Regional Innovation Grant from DOL — funding Employer Retention Survey, purchase of GIS mapping software, and startup of a Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics industry cluster (linked to Cairo Intermodal study)

Chosen as one of two Illinois WIRED proposals to DOL — due to strong collaborative effort

Completed RFQ for Route 13 medical offices

Received $20k AT&T Foundationgrant

Connect SI: Living the Credo ofMeasurable Outcomes

Is SI worth fighting for?

Phase 1: five Milestones, lots of planning in all six COIs is now complete

Phase 2: starts with our strategy and moves into implementation

We are at a crossroads — when all those seeds of ideas begin to germinate and grow

Big Win: We now have a viable long-term strategy to transform our economy!

Today s briefing

How We Got Here — 18 Months of Hard Work (all 6 COIs)

Goals, Assets, Trends, Opportunities

SI’s Big Dilemma: Climate of Limited Opportunity

Where We Must Go


Transform SI Mindset and Behavior

Transform the SI Enabling Environment

Transform SI Economic Performance

Transform SI Leadership & Governance Frameworks

What’s It Worth

SI’s Potential: Climate of Unlimited Opportunity

Transforming SI: ROI

CSI: Vision of the Future

Today’s Briefing

Is SI worth fighting for?

Coi perspective southern five

S5 COI 2012 Goals

$90.3 M in New Wages

784 New Jobs @$43,500

4,863 Existing Jobs

Raised by $5,000/Year

522 jobs at New Average Wage $36,517

Increase Youth Retention:

6.9% to 7.2% (15-19yrs)

18.7% to 21.5% (20-34yrs)

Reduce Poverty

From 14.5% to 12.5%

COI Perspective: Southern Five

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Challenges:

  • Lack of skilled workforce for current and future jobs

  • Lack of cooperation, collaboration, and regionalism

  • Does the region have the assets to grow and retain tech based jobs?

  • No sense of urgency

  • K-12 performance

  • Opportunities:

  • Geography, logistics and transportation

  • Community College System and SIU

  • Local healthcare availability

  • Tourism, bed & breakfast, Shawnee National Forest, historical assets, wineries

  • Agribusiness opportunities (e.g., ethanol)

  • Sense of Urgency

  • Changing our mindset — how we view poverty!

  • Stop the bleeding — put a triage process in place for the economy, now!

  • How will your children grow up and where will they go?

See: RA Chapter 6

Coi perspective southeastern


2007-2012 Goals

2,158 New Jobs @$43,500

4,380 Existing Jobs

Raised by $5,000/Year

1,438 jobs at the

new average wage $40,276

34% Private Payer Healthcare %

$500M EAV Tax Base

Broadband Penetration Rate – 50%

$44,420,000 Tourism Expenditures

$180,000 Regional Room Tax Revenues

COI Perspective:Southeastern

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Challenges:

  • Get local gov’t officials involved

  • Reverse population decline

  • Increase tax revenue base

  • Increase average wage

  • Change age demographic

  • Increase incentives for broadband penetration in the rural areas

  • Low awareness of ICT benefits

  • Create a more diversified economy

  • Overcome apathetic attitudes

  • Limited affordable housing

  • Opportunities:

  • Get county boards & city councils engaged

  • Show local stakeholders that they have a “VOICE”!

  • Further enhance working relationships with other communities

  • Become a positive place to live, work and play

  • Promote area as an affordable place to live

  • Challenge negative thinking

  • Promote and develop self-reliance in our community

  • Foster entrepreneurship

  • Sense of Urgency

  • We MUST stop the decline, we are asleep at the wheel.

  • Shock Value: “If you are going to be poor, this is the place to be!”

  • What is our legacy going to be for our children? There is declining infrastructure, tax base declining, demographics getting worse

  • WHAT CAN BE? We need to paint a compelling picture of the future

See: RA Chapter 6

Coi perspective greater wabash


2007-2012 Goals

1,381 New Jobs @$43,500

5,280 Existing Jobs

Raised by $5,000/Year

920 jobs at the

new average wage $36,517

$36,406 Per Capital Income

COI Perspective: Greater Wabash

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Challenges:

  • Spirit of poverty!

  • Youth brain drain

  • Need to change our attitude

  • No collaboration between risk takers

  • Lack of discussion due to territorial battles

  • Lack of appreciation of business by public officials

  • Opportunities:

  • Take control of our own destiny

  • Tap our youth — get them engaged in this process

  • Publicize our great assets — what makes us unique

  • Tie colleges to skill needs; educate our parents!

  • Leverage our renewable resources in this area; not just raw exports — invest in non-renewable as well

  • Fill key gaps (e.g., need Pediatrics, Obstetrics); lots of ripple effects

  • Sense of Urgency

  • Population decline — educate them but they leave

  • More jobs outside of the area

  • Lost appreciation of the area

  • Rekindling the romance for the area:

    • The Beauty of the place that we live

    • Our quality of life

    • The positive attitude of the area

  • “Live, Work, Play and Stay in Southern Illinois” — and create excellence generation to generation

  • Prosper in spite of Springfield!

  • Stop the population drain — what we can do now!

See: RA Chapter 6

Coi perspective greater egypt


2007-2012 Goals

10,468 New Jobs @$43,500

26,937 Existing Jobs

Raised by $5,000/Year

6,979 jobs at the

new average wage $40,765

Educational Degree Attainment

High School 85.3%

Bachelor 25.2%

17.1% Youth Retention (20-29 age group)

12% Poverty Rate

COI Perspective:Greater Egypt

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Challenges:

  • Culture of poverty

  • Increase average wage

  • Reverse population decline

  • Youth brain drain

  • 2000 recent dislocated workers

  • Lack of quality and commitment of leadership

  • Weak region wide communication

  • Limited access to public and private capital

  • Opportunities:

  • Highly educated population

  • Technology transfer from educational facilities

  • Quality of place

  • Energy sector: coal, alternative fuels, etc.

  • Value-added agriculture

  • Foreign student population

  • Workforce Development

    • Man-Tra-Con

    • SIU & Community Colleges

    • State and Federal programs

  • Sense of Urgency

  • We have got to break the cycle of hopelessness!

  • Don’t tell me what we can’t do – tell me what WE CAN do!

See: RA Chapter 6

Coi perspective network providers

2012 Goals:

25-to-85%Broadband Coverage

12-to-54% Penetration

Network Provider COIhas set an ambitious goal to increase the SI penetration rate to world class levels!


% Penetration of Population




COI Perspective:Network Providers

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • COI Results (2006-2007):

  • Created a demand driven customer aggregation model generating thousands of open-access sales leads (

  • Over 35+ small towns have received broadband

  • Over $24M+ in new private sector broadband infrastructure

  • Reached 16% Penetration and 41% Broadband Coverage after only 18 months (starting point was 12% and 25% respectively)

Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Broadband Statistics Dec 2005 (Survey of 14 Countries);Pew Internet and American Life Project — Rural Broadband Internet Use Feb 2006

  • COI Observations:

  • Competitors have become collaborators

  • Through collaboration, Connect SI has identified even more resources and possibilities to improve broadband penetration

  • Resources are greater than originally perceived

  • Connect SI is the focal point:

    • Sharing maps and resources

    • Common goals

See: RA Chapter 6

Coi perspective healthcare

COI Perspective:Healthcare

Is SI worth fighting for?

COI Vision:

Supporting the collaboration and interconnection among healthcare providers and patients to improve:

  • Healthcare access

  • Health outcomes

  • Provider profitability

  • The qualified healthcare workforce in Southern Illinois

Impact of CSI Goals on Healthcare

1. Economic growth will improve payer mix

Desired SI

Future State 2012

2. New health jobs will promote economic growth

  • COI Results:

  • Two state healthcare pilot projects initiated and managed locally

  • Collaborate nursing workforce solutions underway

  • Prescription Drug Monitoring System

Potential Impact of New Healthcare Positions by 2012:

See: RA Chapter 6

Connecting si s assets and trends to 2012 goals

Global & Nat’l Trends

  • Global growth presents SI with opportunity to accelerate its economic growth from 1.34% to 3.85% per year

  • KBE activity now accounts for 50% plus of GDP growth, 3x’s growth in occupations and pays double the average wage of other jobs

  • By 2010, the U.S. will have a 10M worker shortfall requiring strong workforce development resources

  • 3 of 4 factors required to support KBE activity in rural America are SI strengths

  • 58% of all U.S. and global tourists want authentic active, historic and cultural experiences (50-80 million)

  • Logistics is a $900 billion U.S. industry in a global $3.43 trillion market growing at 10-15% per year

  • 74% global increase in coal consumption, 138% in coal-to-liquid and 66% in bio-fuels by 2030

27,298 New

Hi-Wage Jobs


Existing Jobs


$642 Million

New KBE Activity

1,600+ Firms

>$2 Billion

New Annual


4,500+ Families

with Healthcare


Lift 10,000

Citizens Out

Of Poverty

$200 Million




Connecting SI’s Assets and Trends to 2012 Goals

Is SI worth fighting for?

CSI 2012 M/S1 Goals*

Regional Assets

  • Heartland of America location, equidistant to 2/3 of U.S. markets, central to economic expansion of the Americas

  • SIU - a major R&D university with 60+ years history serving students from over 100 world cultures supports global KBE growth

  • Robust education and training resources position SI for global workforce training opportunity

  • Mild climate, unique natural environment, active lifestyle assets, arts and culture amenities, attractive quality of life characteristics are important factors for KBE, tourism and senior living growth

  • Inter-modal logistics, transportation and distribution resources have a strong foundation in SI

  • SI has plentiful legacy and alternative-energy assets. SI is a coal leader and is strong in 2 of 4 areas of projected alternative energy growth by 2030



Note: Regional Assets (Chap 2); Trends (Chap 1); * Milestone #1 Connect SI Goals were announced to the Public 26 Feb 2007

Potential si jobs by sector 1 of 2
Potential SI Jobsby Sector (1 of 2)

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Global growth opens up opportunities to expand SI economy beyond its traditional growth rate

  • 10 million U.S. worker shortage is an opportunity for SI workforce development resources

  • Growth in services exports enable SI to move away from uncompetitive legacy economic activities





New Jobs

  • ICT investments contribute 33% to U.S. productivity growth…this validates importance of NPCOI

  • SI’s 64% increase in broadband access can better leverage six-fold increase in e-commerce activity

  • 4 of 5** factors in rural KBE growth are SI strengths — need to be leveraged for SI economic growth

  • Livable community assets present in SI are an attraction asset for KBE, Senior Living and Tourism

  • Alternative energy, global warming and “greening” of society is creating innovation opportunities



New Jobs

  • **Five Factors are:

  • High Quality Workforce

  • College or Universities

  • Local Amenities

  • Transportation Infrastructure

  • Size

See: RA Chapter 1

Potential si jobs by sector 2 of 2

Senior Living


New Jobs

Energy & Mining


New Jobs



New Jobs



New Jobs

Potential SI Jobs by Sector (2 of 2)

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • 77 million retiring baby boomers present an affluent senior living growth opportunity for SI

  • SI energy assets and knowledge are in the sweet spot of energy priorities for growth

  • Preferred tourism growth sectors indicate SI is positioned for accelerated tourism growth

  • Significant transportation labor shortages are moving transportation and distribution centers from the coast to the center of North America. SI location and logistics assets position it for growth

Climate of Economic Opportunity = an additional 10,210 new jobs

NEW GRAND TOTAL = 50,789 Jobs (vs. 27,298 Jobs Feb ‘07)

See: RA Chapter 1

Si s big dilemma climate of limited opportunity


Resources &

Innate Talents

Issues Weighing

Down SI

SI’s Big Dilemma:Climate of Limited Opportunity

Is SI worth Fighting for?

  • Limiting mindset: willingness to accept mediocrity and lack of a sense of excellence

  • Insufficient climate of collaboration and trust, making change very difficult

  • Continued belief that “the cavalry is coming” despite proof to the contrary

  • Losing the best and brightest — youth brain drain

  • Lack of participation in the global economy

  • Continued focus on traditional economic sectors in decline rather than rising economic sectors

  • Climate of economic (and community) despair

  • Public policy reinforces & funds old economy strategies, and inhibits new ones

Resulted in only 1.35% AAGR for last 25 Years

  • Fragmented and poorly leveraged

  • Primary focus on local opportunities

  • Insufficient # of visionary leaders

  • Too many boundaries

Keeps SI From Realizing

Its true Potential!

Guiding principles govern si behaviors and address the big dilemma
Guiding Principles Govern SI Behaviorsand Address the Big Dilemma

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Transform SI behavior and mindset into to a belief that:

    • SI economic opportunity is unlimited versus limited

    • SI embraces change rather than fears change

    • SI does not wait for the cavalry to come

    • SI is taking control of its own destiny

  • The only thing holding SI back is its ability to dare to believe that SI’s future can be brighter than its recent past — this requires:

    • Bold long-term leadership and vision driven by a sense of urgency

    • Call to action that continually mobilizes thousands to take control of SI’s destiny

    • Belief that SI and its citizens are worth the risk of striving for a better future

    • Throwing off the shackles of limited expectations & dependence on others

    • Commitment to shared investment based on shared reward

    • SI thinks regionally by connecting & collaborating to create critical mass

    • Consistent focus and commitment to a long term strategy of transformation

Leadership the key to success
Leadership: the Key to Success

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • PEOPLE are the most important Connect SI asset who volunteer and commit their time, talent and treasure to achieve SI goals

    • Selection: Choice of leaders should be based upon active participation in achieving the CSI Strategy — LAC, COI, cluster & action team leadership should include a mix of styles, connections and influence (see RA Chp. slides 29-30)

    • Training: Volunteers should be rewarded with yearly education and self-improvement programs — provides ROI for participation; enhances leadership effectiveness; and improves strategic outcomes

    • Support: Leadership is a volunteer effort that requires staff support to achieve desired results — CSI staff needs to proactively engage leaders and fill initiative gaps as identified

    • Motivation: Volunteer leaders’ efforts are fueled by recognition of their impact and accomplishments — CSI must regularly highlight leadership and community progress toward goals and celebrate short-term wins

    • Focus:CSI staff assist leaders in consistently reinforcing strategic direction, current status, and immediate tasks at hand — maintaining focus yields better results

CSI Leaders, volunteers & staff must function as true catalysts

— stimulating the transformation of SI’s economy —

Vision goals strategies intro
Vision/Goals/Strategies: Intro

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • The following Vision, Goals, Strategies (and Actions) are a direct result of goals established through strategic discussions in all six COIs

    • The Readiness Assessment informs Connect SI goals so that strategies and action plans are both targeted, measurable, and achievable

    • The core message is the transformation of SI

  • These have been structured to:

    • Address the “SI Big Dilemma”

    • Focus the energies of Connect SI toward making its future Vision a reality

    • Provide a specific sequence — an optimized critical-path to success

    • Make sure Goal #1 is well underway, before implementing Goals #2-4,

    • Get to the action level (4 per strategy) in bite-size pieces

  • Key next steps for the LAC:

    • Review, prioritize and approve Goals/Strategies/Actions for implementation — must include how these will be led and managed

    • It is the leadership’s role to communicate the Vision throughout SI, recruit & resource the action teams, and provide each team with clear direction

The SI Vision, Goals, Strategies & Actions belong to Connect SI — these are your keys to your future —

Si vision 2012
SI Vision 2012

Is SI worth fighting for?

Southern Illinois will:

  • Be the fastest growing economic region in Illinois

  • Be the regional gateway:

    • From America’s Heartland to the global economy

    • From the global economy to America’s Heartland

  • Be named a national and regional model for collaborative, regional rural economic transformation

  • Achieve a positive balance between livability & sustainable growth

  • What follows are four Goals to achieve this Vision and transform SI

    • Each Goal has four Strategies (16 total)

    • Each Strategy has four Actions (64 total)

Si s transformation four measurable goals
SI’s Transformation:Four Measurable Goals

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • GOAL #1: Transform SI Mindset and Behavior – Increase CSI champions and collaborative funding by 300% and build a climate of unlimited economic opportunity through creation of 1,600 KBE firms by 2012

  • GOAL #2: Transform SI Economic Performance – Increase SI GRP by $3.5 billion/year, its average annual growth rate from 1.34% to 3.85%, and its state and local tax revenues by $200M+ per year by 2012

  • GOAL #3: Transform the SI Enabling Environment – Create a collaborative regional culture of livable communities with planning and zoning standards; with global best practice broadband penetration; and reduce SI’s #1 ranking in 15 of 18 Illinois Poverty Summit indicators by 50% by 2012 (RA Chp. 1.05)

  • GOAL #4: Transform SI Leadership and Governance Frameworks – Realize “Crossing the Boundaries” vision of Connect SI by expanding the base of collaborative leaders by 500 persons and implementing regional collaborative governance frameworks to successfully fund, resource and manage a dynamic SI economy; accomplished by 2012

1 transform si mindset and behavior
#1:TransformSI Mindset and Behavior

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • GOAL #1: Transform SI Mindset and Behavior – Increase CSI champions and collaborative funding by 300% and build a climate of unlimited economic opportunity by creating 1,600 KBE firms by 2012

    • STRATEGY 1A – Develop and implement a regionally-led collaborative funding strategy raising $1.8M+ per year through 2012 and achieve a 4:1 external leverage of regional investment by 2012 (RA Chp. 7.03, slides 28, 29)

    • STRATEGY 1B – Implement a community engagement strategy that mobilizes 3,000+ Connect SI community champions to support the CSI strategy

    • STRATEGY 1C – Launch a regional branding and communications strategy that embeds awareness and support of Connect SI across 20% of SI population by 12/31/2009 and 50% by end of 2010

    • STRATEGY 1D – Shift the focus of SI Community and Economic Development (CED) from declining legacy industries to high growth Knowledge-Based-Enterprise (KBE) innovation sectors by creating 16,000 KBE jobs by 2012, supported by implementation of an Integrated Finance Framework

2 transform si economic performance
#2:TransformSI Economic Performance

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • GOAL #2: Transform SI Economic Performance – Increase SI GRP by $3.5 billion/year, its average annual growth rate from 1.34% to 3.85%, and its state and local tax revenues by $200M+ per year by 2012

    • STRATEGY 2A – Create 16,379 new jobs at $43,500 by 2012, and an additional 10,919 new jobs from $36,517-$40,785 per year by 2012 — healthcare benefits are to be included with all new jobs

    • STRATEGY 2B – Improve 41,461 workers incomes by $5,000/year by 2012

    • STRATEGY 2C – Develop and implement an investment attraction strategy to increase SI global export value by $1Billion/year by 2012 (RA Chp. 5.01, 5.05)

    • STRATEGY 2D – Shift the ratio of private sector vs. public sector income in SI from 46:54 to U.S. ratio of 65:35 by 2012 to increase SI climate of risk taking and diversify income sources of SI economy (RA Chp. 7)

3 transform si enabling environment
#3:TransformSI Enabling Environment

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • GOAL #3: Transform SI Enabling Environment – Create a collaborative regional culture of livable communities with planning and zoning standards; with global best practice broadband penetration; and reduce SI’s #1 ranking in 15 of 18 Illinois Poverty Summit indicators by 50%, by 2012 (RA Chp 1.05)

    • STRATEGY 3A – Define SI Livable Community Standards by end of 2009 that leverages the planning and design resources of SIU, UI and Urban Land Institute (RA Chp. 3.04)

    • STRATEGY 3B – Improve regional health outcomes by reducing cardiovascular disease mortality from 215 to 166 per 100,000 by 2012, a 23% reduction (RA Chp. 6.06)

    • STRATEGY 3C – Achieve a 54% global best practice broadband penetration rate in SI by 2012 and increase Network Providers revenues $45M/year by responding to industry cluster and regional COI connectivity requirements

    • STRATEGY 3D – Develop a collaborative education and training strategy across SI that achieves a 32% Associate Degree and 85% High School Diploma or higher to meet 2012 workforce requirements (RA Chp. 5.02)

4 transform si leadership and governance frameworks
#4:Transform SI Leadership and Governance Frameworks

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • GOAL #4: Transform SI Leadership and Governance Frameworks – Realize “Crossing Boundaries” vision of Connect SI by expanding the base of collaborative leaders by 500 persons and implementing regional collaborative governance frameworks to successfully fund, resource and manage a dynamic SI economy; accomplished by 2012

    • STRATEGY 4A – Create a “Crossing Boundaries Institute” focused on training and developing collaborative leaders to manage/drive a 21st century regional SI economy — exhibits 3C behaviors: Collaboration, Connectivity and Changed Spending

    • STRATEGY 4B – Establish a regional CED planning, strategy and data service for local communities as well as a benchmarking portal to measure SI progress in achieving Connect SI goals and improving SI innovation economy readiness relative to global best practice

    • STRATEGY 4C – Support, maintain and resource four regional COI’s, Healthcare COI, Network Provider COI, 12 industry cluster teams, and action plan implementation teams (RA Chapter 7.04 slides 27, 32)

    • STRATEGY 4D – Mobilize, connect and align non-profit community development and social service groups to create a collaborative approach to achieve the 2012 Connect SI CED growth goals

Si s potential climate of unlimited opportunity

Issues Weighing

Down SI


Resources &



SI’s Potential:Climate of Unlimited Opportunity

Is SI worth fighting for?

Results in over 3.85% or better AAGR for NEXT 25 Years

  • Less willingness to accept mediocrity

  • Improving climate of collaboration and trust making change less difficult

  • Losing fewer of the best and brightest

  • Less focus on traditional economic sectors in decline

  • Less of a climate of economic despair

  • Public policy/funding priorities shifting

  • Linked across the region & highly leveraged

  • Active visionary leaders

  • Collaboration abounds

  • Boundaries are being crossed

  • New behaviors

  • Global focus

Growth & prosperity realized!

Phase 1 phase 2 goals

Phase II Structure and Strategy


Connect SI Leadership Board




27,298 New

Hi-Wage Jobs






Healthcare COI


Existing Jobs







Greater Egypt


Network Provider


Southern Five


Greater Wabash




$642 Million

New KBE Activity

1,600+ Firms



>$2 Billion

New Annual




+4500 Families

with Healthcare





Analysis and



Lift 10,000

Citizens Out

Of Poverty



$200 Million










Phase 1 => Phase 2 => Goals

Is SI worth Fighting for?

2012 Goals

Phase 1


GIS Asset Maps

Broadband Strategy



Regional Economic


Healthcare Strategy

Regional Economic



Measurable Goals

Implementation &

Funding Plan

COI Transition to Phase II

Industry Clusters: See RA Chapter 7 Slide 27

Phase 2 industry cluster focus to achieve si goals
Phase 2 Industry Cluster Focus to Achieve SI Goals

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Tourism

  • Bio-Agriculture

  • Knowledge Based Enterprises (KBE)

    • Healthcare Technology Products & Services

    • Advanced Manufacturing

    • Recreational, Marine, Hunting, Technology Products & Services

    • Visual Creative & Performing Arts and Services

    • International Incubation and Innovation

    • Green Technologies

    • Homeland Security Response and Services

    • Life Sciences, Plant and Animal

  • Global Workforce Opportunities

  • Energy

  • Mining Technology

  • Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing

  • Senior Living

  • Education & Training (also supports all the other clusters)

All new jobs created by

Industry Clusters will be targeted to include private payer health benefits for workers and families

Taking control of si s destiny aggregate results








AAGR 1977-2001



Southern Illinois


Taking Control of SI’s Destiny: AggregateResults

Is SI worth fighting for?

“Stay the Course” vs.

“Change the Course”



GDP Average Annual Growth Rate %







AAGR Connect SI Goals 2008 - 2012

Milestone #1 Goals Increase GRP by $2.9B (2012); $162M in additional State & Local tax revenue

Milestone #5 Targets Increase GRP by $5.2B (2012); $292M in additional State & Local tax revenue

Source: “State of Working Illinois”, by Northern Illinois University (Nov 2005); “21st Century Workforce” (May 2004); IMF; VE research

Measurable indicators of progress towards 2012 csi goals

Healthcare Economics are Transformed!

SI is a Global Broadband Leader

  • Insured population +10%

  • Medicaid -26%

  • Medicare +18%

  • Uninsured -32%


% Penetration of Population




SI Becomes

an Innovation Economy

It’s Time to Go Global!










Measurable Indicators of ProgressTowards 2012 CSI Goals

Is SI worth fighting for?

Transforming southern illinois roi
Transforming Southern Illinois: ROI

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Achieving 50% or 100% of Connect SI 2012 economic growth goals provides substantial ROI on a five year $9M investment in Connect SI

Annual SI Return on Investment – 2012 and beyond

What ROI is enough to gain your commitment of time, treasure

and talent to transform the SI economy now?

Csi participants vision of si s future
CSI Participants: Vision of SI’s Future

Is SI worth fighting for?




  • Construction is going on

  • Downtowns look nice

  • Sense of pride in our properties; less trash, more flowers

  • More ideal retail available

  • Broadband is everywhere

  • Natural beauty, farmlands are preserved

  • New housing

  • Maintain our historical buildings; respect our heritage

  • Good mix of industry and business

  • Healthcare is widely available

  • Smart use of the brownfields

  • Positive perception of the area

  • Pride in the community

  • New people feel welcome, open door feeling

  • We are a “20 county” region

  • SI is a world recognized regional brand

  • Value education and a sense of community

  • High school students feel good about staying in the region

  • A new cultural atmosphere

  • More young people bring a vibrancy to the region

  • Strong small town environment

  • More educational opportunities

  • People are doing business outside of the area; world markets

  • Intentionally acting in a collaborative manner

  • Street talk has changed to newest activities and additions to the community

  • Business able to compete in the global economy

  • People are proud of their community

  • “Walk the Talk”

  • Comfort with risk and entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Middle-aged and older folks are not afraid of IT

Source: Milestone Visioning Exercise from GW, GE and S5

2012 what si success looks like
2012: What SI Success Looks Like

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • Southern Illinois is the global location where inter-generation active lifestyle families, visitors & KBE workers choose to live work and play — growth abounds

  • SI’s historic liability of remoteness and lack of access becomes an asset; instead of forgotten by Chicago, Springfield and Washington, SI is a land and lifestyle treasured, respected, sought after and envied — there is only one SI in the World

  • SI communities see themselves in a new light; they are respectful of their place; they see themselves as gateways to a land that is "The Garden of The Gods"

  • Tourism venues, town centers,rural lands, business locations and neighborhoods all demonstrate by their look and feel that SI is a very special place to be preserved and enhanced for all time

  • SI is a place of welcome for people of all cultures whether visiting or living here; in the land of "The Garden of the Gods” all are welcome and of value

  • It is a place many want to be, but only the fortunate choose to take advantage of this unique opportunity; SI becomes a place that is worth a premium, rather than one that feels it must offer a discount to be desired

Source: ViTAL Economy Alliance

The call to action
The Call to Action

Is SI worth fighting for?

  • These Goals/Strategies/Actions are ambitious but are, in fact, achievable:

    • Unless you strive for stretch goals — you will never get to “adequate”

  • The key questions each of you must answer:

    • Is SI worth fighting for? If not now, when?

    • Are you willing to take control of your destiny?

“Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”

—FDR 1933 Speech to turnaround the Country’s pessimistic outlook —

A return to love by marianne williamson
“A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson

Is SI worth fighting for?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God

Your playing small does not serve the world

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people

won't feel insecure around you

We are all meant to shine, as children do

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us

It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously

give other people permission to do the same

As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

The future ofSouthern Illinois is in your hands!