Drug use in sports timeline
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Drug Use in Sports Timeline. 1935-2013. By Seth Phillips. 1935. German scientist Adolf Butenandt along with other chemists create anabolic steroids to help with low testosterone. 1940-1945. Nazis use anabolic steroids on prisoners and Hitler.

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Drug use in sports timeline

Drug Use in Sports Timeline


By Seth Phillips


  • German scientist Adolf Butenandt along with other chemists create anabolic steroids to help with low testosterone.

1940 1945

  • Nazis use anabolic steroids on prisoners and Hitler.

  • German soldiers use testosterone to promote physical strength and to be more aggressive.

  • Soldiers began using the later known performance-enhancing drug Amphetamines during World War II. They used this drug to overcome fatigue, enlighten their mood and to keep up their endurance.

1950 s

  • Athletes start using the first performance-enhancing drug Amphetamines. The Amphetamines are carried over by returning soldiers and introduced to the Italian and Danish cyclists.


  • Dr. John BosleyZieglar creates Dinabol. Dianbol is the first anabolic steroid that is passed by the FDA for sale in the U.S. Dianabol causes athletes to have strength building performance with little health effects. Dianabol is made for weightlifters based on testosterone used for Russian weightlifters.

Aug 26 th 1960
Aug 26th, 1960

  • Knut Jensen becomes first athlete to die of doping in the Olympics. Knut Jensen was a Danish cyclist who died of an Amphetamine called “Ronicol”.

July 13 th 1967
July 13th, 1967

  • Tommy Simpson becomes the first person to die of doping in the Tour de France. Tommy Simpson was a famous British cyclist who died of the drug Amphetamines.

Feb 1968
Feb 1968

  • First drug test is performed at the Olympic Games.

May 4 th 1968
May 4th, 1968

  • The first horse is disqualified from the Kentucky derby for using a banned substance. The horses name was dreamer and was banned for using the drug phenyibutazone .


  • Steroids are considered a banned substance.

  • The first steroid test was performed at the Montreal Olympics . 11 athletes tested positive for steroids.


Sept 27 1988
Sept 27, 1988

  • Ben Johnson a track athlete is stripped of his gold medal . This was found out after being tested positive for using the drug stanozolo.

Nov 18th 1988
Nov 18th, 1988

President Reagan signs a bill making it that it’s illegal to purchase and sell steroids unless it’s for medical use.

June 7 th 1991
June 7th, 1991

  • Major League Baseball bans steroids.

Dec 15 th 1994
Dec 15th, 1994

  • First British Common Wealth games champion runner , Diane Modahl became the first women to test positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Nov 10 th 1999 oct 1 2000
Nov 10th, 1999- Oct 1, 2000

  • World anti-Doping organization is established and U.S-anti doping organization begins operations.

Nov 7 th 2003
Nov 7th 2003

  • Dwain chambers a British sprinter is banned from the Olympics for life for a positive test of THG.

Jan 19 th 2006
Jan 19th, 2006

  • Bryan Berard a NHL player is the first NHL player to test positive for banned substances.

Sep 24 th 2007
Sep 24th,2007

  • This day was the largest bust for steroids in U.S History. This day resulted in 124 arrests, 56 steroid labs, 11.4 million steroids were seized as well as 6.5 million$.

Jan 17 2013
Jan 17, 2013

  • Lance Armstrong admits to doping and said that it would not be possible to win seven Tour de France’s without doping.

  • Drug use in Sports is still widespread and athletes are still happy on using drugs to enhance performance.

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