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Procurement Services Fall Forum

Procurement Services Fall Forum. September 2011. Overview of Today’s Topics.  The new UW Contracts database; an interactive search tool that allows you find contracts available to all UW departments

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Procurement Services Fall Forum

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  1. Procurement ServicesFall Forum September 2011

  2. Overview of Today’s Topics •  The new UW Contracts database; an interactive search tool that allows you find contracts available to all UW departments • Procurement Desktop Reports: a web-based reporting tool that draws data nightly from the PAS data warehouse and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet. This suite of reports allows for better tracking of invoice and payment status, budget and PO management, budget reconciliation, procard compliance and more… • A new Supplier Registration portal that will replace the need for the paper Vendor Registration Form • Updates : • tax legislation • UW’s Paper Reduction Project, • an economic look at the Business Diversity Program, • and other projects in the works • Supplier Showcase : CDW-G • New Systems Coming Specifically to UW Bothell

  3. Procurement Services Our New Org Structure

  4. Supplier Registration The online portal was released on July 18th and replaces the PDF registration form. Like the form, only for new suppliers being paid through purchase order number in PAS -Less paper, reduces lost information -Paper form will be removed from the website at a determined time. • See the Supplier Registration online at: • https://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/info-for-suppliers/registration-form

  5. Tools & Templates Coming Soon !! Sole Source Justification Web Forms for: • Goods & Purchased Services • IT Equipment & IT Purchased Services • Personal Services & IT Personal Services Coming Soon !!

  6. Tools & Templates BENEFITS of using the New Sole Source Justification Web Forms Coming Soon !!

  7. You’ve Been Asking And It’s Finally Here!

  8. UW Contracts On the WEB http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/uw-contracts

  9. Easy Search Tool Displays preferred method

  10. Supplier Diversity

  11. Contract Summary Available

  12. Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) • AP reports to view the status and image of your invoices for online PAS Purchase Orders • ProCardreports to view department and cardholder spend data, including high risk transactions • CTA reports to view detailed spend data by category and CTA account   Access the reports and Register for a class at: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/tools-for-reconciling/pdr

  13. Changes to the NonRIP Reports • AP will discontinue mailing copies of invoices to departments on 12/31/11 • PDR reports available to view pending invoices • Can set subscriptions to have reminders emailed to view reports • This does not change our other processes! • Continue to notify rip@uw.edu if an invoice should not be paid • Continue to notify nonrip@uw.edu when a pending NonRIP invoice is approved (or not) for payment • Continue to submit invoices to AP with invoice vouchers to specify approval or special handling

  14. Role of the Business Diversity Program

  15. Economic Benefits

  16. Multiplier Effect • Estimates the ripple effect in the state economy where spending occurs • UW Spending with local suppliers provides these suppliers with addt’l dollars that they re-spend in the local economy  “multiplier effect.” • For every $1 of direct UW spending, $1.275 of indirect spending is generated for the state economy via employment, tax revenue, and business spending MULTIPLIER EFFECT (1.275) Source: The Economic and Societal Impact of the University of Washington

  17. Role of the Business Diversity Program Contact: Chesca Ward, Business Diversity ManagerEmail: uwbdp@uw.edu Phone: 206-543-0847 Website: f2.washington.edu/bdp

  18. Non PO Invoice Payments In January, Procurement Services developed a lean team to streamline Purchases. The team learned that there are times when a PO is created in PAS simply to make a payment to a supplier when a physical PO copy is not required. We set out to provide a flexible, less expensive alternative to meet campus’s payment needs. What resulted is the Non-PO Invoice module in Ariba.

  19. Non PO Invoice Payments What is a Non-PO Invoice? ANSWER: An online tool used to make a payment to a supplier when a PO is not required. Ex: Items purchased under the UW’S Direct Buy limit (currently $3500) when the supplier is not in eProcurement, registrations, memberships, etc.

  20. Non PO Invoice Payments How will this help departments? Cuts down the groups involved in making a payment (less touches to the process) Invoices are retained in the department which reduces the amount “lost” Greater flexibility with budgets, account codes and PCA codes on a line item basis (previously unavailable in PAS) Complete transparency of the invoice process from beginning to end Links between MyFD andinvoices in Ariba

  21. Non PO Invoice Payments When will Non-PO Invoice be available? Soon! The project is projected to go live in November 2011 Beta testing is September 28th from 9 am to noon. Look for upcoming training dates as we get close to project completion!!

  22. Direct Deposits

  23. Procard – What’s ahead? $75 Waiver UW received permission from the State to waive receipt requirements for purchases up to $75.This applies to all transactions: - Travel - Procard - PO’s - Ariba Guidelines and exemptions: Some type of transaction will still require documentation regardless of cost. More details and guidance will come soon ProCard online application • Using Ariba eForm • Astra approval process • Departments can track card applications and approvers online

  24. Federal Legislative Update • 1099 Expanded Reporting– REPEALED • 3% withholding – Delayed to Jan 1st 2013

  25. Stumped by sales tax? • Come to a Tax Training http://f2.washington.edu/fm/tax/training • Check out the taxability grid http://f2.washington.edu/fm/tax/taxability

  26. What object code should I use? • Object codes don’t drive tax, tax law drives tax • Departments decide • Used to help determine where money is being spent within department • Think about using sub-sub object codes for greater detail

  27. Updated Form 1631 • Attempt to simplify process • Use for invited speakers only • Lecturers and other independent contractors use Form 1632

  28. Tax Issues? Contact us @ taxofc@uw.edu -or- Julia Shanahan at jeshana@uw.edu -or- Rachel Pitt at pittr@uw.edu

  29. Paper Reduction Washington State law (HB 2287) requires all state agencies to reduce consumption by 30% and purchase 100% recycled paper for copiers and printers. Paper Conservation committee membership • UWMC & HMC Purchasing • Finance & Facilities (Recycling & Solid Waste, C+C, Strategy Management, ESS) • Bothell and Tacoma • Faculty, Mechanical Engineering • Educational Outreach UW Paper Conservation Programhttp://green.washington.edu/oess/paper-conserve

  30. Paper Reduction UW’s best practices for paper reduction • UWEO, UWIT, School of Forest Resources, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Finance & Facilities Strategy Management What are the resources? • Printopia (Shared Services) • Printer upgrade program through HP PurchaseEdge Program • Green Office Certification • Questions? Email savepaper@uw.edu

  31. Paper Reduction How are we performing? • Check out the UW Sustainability Dashboard: http://green.washington.edu/oess/profile/SustainabilityMetrics

  32. Supplier Presentations South Lake Union & Seattle South Campus UW Bothell UW Tacoma UW Seattle Upper / Central Campus

  33. CDW-G: Contracts • Complete Product Catalogue • Complete access to everything CDW sells • 180,000+ products • More than 1,000 top level manufacturer partnerships • Multi-branded solution offering • Primary Software Provider • Microsoft • Adobe • Endnote • VMware, • Citrix • And many others • Primary Hardware Provider • Partnered with HP to provide the University with desktops, notebooks, workstations, monitors, ect • All contracts were competitively bid and are available on E-pro (via NJPA), no bidding necessary. (Also available WSCA / DIS)

  34. CDW-G: ATS Office • We’re local with an Advanced Technology Services office serving the following areas:

  35. CDW-G: Contact Information (877) 466-0006 (206) 954-8543 (866) 339-7098 JasonAndPaul@cdwg.com Wesmck@cdwg.com JasonAndPaul@cdwg.com

  36. APPENDIX: CDW-G: HP Announcement • HP Overview • Largest PC manufacturer by volume since 2007 • “It is a strong brand, with solid channel partnerships, an efficient supply chain and balanced sales across regions” – Gartner report (ID Number: G00216865 ) • HP – PSG as a stand alone company would be a Fortune 50 company • Road Maps • Desktops, notebooks, thin-clients, and all products remain unchanged. PSG operations, marketing, support operations are unchanged. • WebOS is the only current change in HP - PSG • Warranty Support • Hp is committed to honoring all warrant obligations regardless of the future of PSG. • Partnership commitment • We will ALWAYS provide the highest level of support to our customers. • Your business is important to CDWG, HP and us personally and we will make sure you are kept informed moving forward

  37. APPENDIX: CDW-G: Configuration • 49,000 sq ft configuration center (Two Locations) • Buy and Hold • Customer Specific Skus • Asset Tagging & Online Management • Custom On-site Imaging services • Image maintenance and secure storage • Hardware and Software Configuration • 24 to 48 hour system burn in • Rigorous system testing to eliminate DOA • 3,500 systems configured per day • ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified • Level 1, 24x7 tech support

  38. And now…. Jim Pilon will speak about some new systems coming specifically to UW Bothell

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