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FP7 IDEAS Programme The European Research Council … and its funding schemes. PowerPoint Presentation
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FP7 IDEAS Programme The European Research Council … and its funding schemes.

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FP7 IDEAS Programme The European Research Council … and its funding schemes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FP7 IDEAS Programme The European Research Council … and its funding schemes. Ana Beramendi VETENSKAPSRÅDET. ERC Grant schemes 3R and 2 schemes.

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FP7 IDEAS ProgrammeThe European Research Council… and its funding schemes.

Ana Beramendi


erc grant schemes 3r and 2 schemes
ERC Grant schemes3R and 2 schemes

Aim:Retain – Repatriate – Recruit exceptional researchers in any field of science, engineering and scholarship to pursue pioneering frontier research

Activities: Two complementary funding schemes

  • ERC Starting Grant (StG): attract & retain the next generation of independent research leaders - up to € 2.0 Mio for 5 years
  • ERC Advanced Grant (AdG): attract & reward established independent research leaders - up to € 3.5 Mio for 5 years

Call Budget for Starting Grant 2010:€ 528 Mio

Call Budget for Advanced Grant 2010: € 590 Mio

StG grant

erc grant schemes who can apply general requirements
ERC Grant schemesWho can apply? – General requirements
  • Principal Investigator (PI)
    • Nationality, age or current place of work not relevant - but: working or moving to work in Europe (EU member state, FP7 Associated Country)
  • In conjunction with a Host organisation
    • Legally recognised public or private research organisation
    • To be located in MS or AC
  • Frontier Research Project
    • All fields of science, engineering and scholarship are eligible (investigator-driven, bottom-up)
  • Individual research team
    • PI has freedom to choose National or trans-national character, if scientific added value proven
what is frontier research
What is frontier research?

Research at the frontiers is:

Intrinsically risky

Characterised by an absence of disciplinary boundaries

of ground-breaking nature: addresses important challenges, has ambitious objectives, has novel or unconventional concepts and/or approaches

The ERC wants to avoid outmoded distinctions:

Between “basic” and “applied” research

Between “science” and “technology”

Between “traditional” disciplines

erc grant schemes operational principles
ERC Grant schemesOperational Principles
  • Application in response to calls for proposals
    • Principal Investigators applies in conjunction and on behalf of a research-performing host institution
    • Electronic Proposals Submission System (EPSS)
  • Single submission, staged evaluation procedure
    • to manage a large number of applications
  • Panel-based international peer review process
    • Scientific Council selects panels and peer reviewers
    • Panels assess and select proposals
erc grant schemes all fields budget pre allocation in 3 1 areas
ERC Grant schemesAll fields, budget pre-allocation in 3 + 1 areas
  • ERC covers all fields of science, engineering and scholarship
  • 3 main research domains + interdisciplinary research:
        • Physical Sciences & Engineering – 10 Panels
        • Life Sciences (incl. medical) – 9 Panels
        • Social Sciences &Humanities– 6 Panels
        • Interdisciplinary Research (cross-panel / cross-domain) – Panel Chairs meeting
  • The call budget will be pre-allocated to these areas as follows:
        • 39% - 34% - 14% - 13%
erc p anel structure
ERC Panel structure

Social Sciences and Humanities (SH)

  • SH1 - Individuals, institutions & markets
  • SH2 - Institutions, values, beliefs and behaviour
  • SH3 - Environment & society
  • SH4 - The Human Mind and its complexity
  • SH5 - Cultures & cultural production
  • SH6 - The study of the human past

Physical Sciences & Engineering (PE)

  • PE1 - Mathematical foundations
  • PE2 - Fundamental constituents of matter
  • PE3 - Condensed matter physics
  • PE4 - Physical & Analytical Chemical sciences
  • PE5 - Materials & Synthesis
  • PE6 - Computer science & informatics
  • PE7 - Systems & communication engineering
  • PE8 - Products & process engineering
  • PE9 - Universe sciences
  • PE10 - Earth system science

Life Sciences (LS)

  • LS1 - Molecular & Structural Biology & Biochemistry
  • LS2 - Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
  • LS3 - Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • LS4 - Physiology, Pathophysiology & Endocrinology
  • LS5 - Neurosciences & neural disorders
  • LS6 - Immunity & infection
  • LS7 - Diagnostic tools, therapies & public health
  • LS8 - Evolutionary, population & environmental biology
  • LS9 - Applied life sciences & biotechnology
erc grant schemes evaluation scientific excellence is the sole criterion
ERC Grant SchemesEvaluation: Scientific Excellence is the sole criterion

Evaluation of Excellenceat three levels:

  • Quality of Principal Investigator
  • Quality of Research Project
  • Research Environment

Referees and panels evaluate and score criteria under Heading 1 and Heading 2 numerically which will result in the ranking of the projects:

    • 1-4 per criterion (4:Outstanding, 3: Excellent, 2:Very Good, 1: Non-Competitive)
    • Threshold ≥ 2 per criterion. Note: Proposals passing quality thresholds and which lie above the budgetary cut-off level will be retained.

Criteria under Heading 3 will be considered as "pass/fail" and commented but not scored

erc grant agreement concept
ERC Grant AgreementConcept
  • Agreement between ERC and Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) hosting organisation
    • Rights/obligations on scientific, financial, ethical conduct and monitoring, eligible costs, IPR, modifications, grant portability
  • Supplementary Agreement between PI and its hosting organisation
    • Rights/obligations: administration, project execution, IPR
erc grant the concept of portability
ERC Grant The concept of ‘portability’

“Money follows the researcher”

The Principal Investigator (PI) is entitled to transfer the grant to another institution

normally after a minimum 2 years at the sponsoring institution

Proper justification and ERC approval required

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StG grant

erc starting grant profile of the pi
ERC Starting GrantProfile of the PI
  • Eligibility window: 2-10 years after PhD award - certain types of career breaks are accepted up to a maximum of 4.5 yearsread the Guide for Applicants!
  • Starters : award of PhD from 2 to 6 years prior to call publication
  • Consolidators : award of PhD over 6 and up to 10 years prior to call publication.

Note: In order to assure comparable success rates for the starters and the consolidators the indicative budget of each panel will be divided in proportion to the budgetary demand of the proposals submitted by these two categories

  • Potential for research independence and evidence of maturity
    • at least one important publication without participation of PhD supervisor and significant publications as main author.
    • Monographs, invited presentations in well-established international conferences, granted patents, awards, prizes, etc
erc advanced grant profile of the pi
ERC Advanced GrantProfile of the PI


Anycurrentplaceofwork– but: workingormovingtowork in Europe (EU memberstate, FP7 Associated Country)

Applicants must bescientificallyindependent

Strong leadershipprofile (impact, recognition)

Excellent track record (in recent years, achievements not older than 10 years) readthe Guide for Applicants!

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erc starting grant 2010 reapplication rules
ERC Starting Grant 2010Reapplication rules
  • Major change for StG 2010 applicants (ERC-2010-StG):
  • Every other call, unless proposal was evaluated above the quality treshold at the end of step 1 of the evaluation.
  • Note that for StG 2 (ERC-2009-StG) previous rule of reapplication still applies:
  • no PI can apply to the StG 3 (ERC-2010-StG) unless proposal was evaluated above the quality threshold during the step 2 but not funded due to insufficient budget
erc starting grant proposal content and submission
ERC Starting GrantProposal content and submission

ERC Grant proposal StG 2010

* use templates !

PART A – online forms

A1 Proposal, PI and HI data

A2 Host institution info

A3 Budget

PART B1* – submitted as .pdf

Cover page 1 p.

Section 1The Principal Investigator

Scientific Leadership Potential 2 p.

CV (including “funding ID”) 2 p.

Early achievements track record 2 p.

Extended synopsis 5 p.

  • Annexes*– submitted as .pdf
  • Statement of support by host
  • If applicable: explanatory info and docs on ethical issues
  • Ethical Issues Table

PART B2* – submitted as .pdf

Section 2Scientific proposal 15 p.

Objectives, methodology, resources, ethical issues table

Section 3Research Environment 2 p.

erc grant schemes proposal evaluation

Form A1

Part – B

Part – B

Form A2

Section 1

Section 1

Section 2

Section 2

Form A3

Section 3

Section 3

ERC Grant schemesProposal evaluation


Step 2

Step 1

Part - A

  • Evaluation
  • - Indiv. assessments
  • Interdisciplinary flag
  • Interviews (StG only)
  • - Ranking

+ Annexes


- Indiv. Assessments


- Ranking

Eligibility Check

erc advanced grant 2010 guide for applicants adg 2010
ERC Advanced Grant 2010Guide for Applicants AdG 2010

Structure: separated from the ERC Starting Grants

Adjustments related to the WP 2010 changes

Reference to the new Co-Investigator annex (to be uploaded with personal data of Co-I e.g. Name/Gender/Address/Nationality)

Increased emphasis on various aspects of proposal preparation and submission such as:

ONLY Part B1 (not Part B2) is reviewed in Step 1 of the evaluation

Strongly encourage to use costing table template to facilitate the assessment of resources by the panels

Download submitted EPSS documents to check their completeness and integrity before the deadline


erc advanced grant 2010 epss examples of changes
ERC Advanced Grant 2010EPSS - examples of changes

Additional information/ questions A 1 form:

Yes/No: Permission to use the title and abstract when contacting remote referees

Yes/No: Agreement to devote at least 30% of the working time to the ERC-funded project (50% in Europe)

Contact person for the ERC at the Host Institution to communicate results


erc advanced grant 2010 lessons learnt for adg 2010
ERC Advanced Grant 2010Lessons learnt for AdG 2010

Synopsis of Part B 1 should be carefully written (this is the only proposal information that is accessible and judged at step 1!)

Coherency of budget figures (A3 and Part B2, in case of doubt usually A3 figures serves as a reference)

Individual reviews are done remotely and are not harmonised (PIs sometimes do not seem to be aware of that)

Evalution report Evaluation report consists of panel comments summarising the Panel decision (incl. key strength and weaknesses) and individual comments (Panel Members, remote referees) which may not be necessarily convergent!



Starting Grant 2010

  • Physical Sciences and Engineering 28-10-2009
  • Life Sciences 18-11-2009
  • Social Sciences and Humanities 09-12-2009
  • Advanced Grant 2010
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering 24-02-2010
  • Life Sciences 17-03-2010
  • Social Sciences and Humanities 07-04-2010


  • Specific text of “Call for Proposal”
  • ERC Work Programme
  • ERC Guide for Applicants (!)
  • ERC Grant agreement


  • ERC Guide for Grant Holders
  • ERC Guide for Peer Reviewers
  • ERC Rules on submission, evaluation, selection and award procedures

Read always the last published versions !

available at

applicants services information and helpdesks
Applicants ServicesInformation and helpdesks
  • ERC News Alert
  • ERC National Contact PointsIn Sweden: Ana Beramendi, VR ( and Gunnar Sandberg, Vinnova (
  • ERC helpdesk
  • EPSS helpdesktechnical support on electronic proposal submission



Thank you!




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