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Briefing: Back to Basics – MSA 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Briefing: Back to Basics – MSA 101

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Briefing: Back to Basics – MSA 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Briefing: Back to Basics – MSA 101. Date: 22 March 2010 Time: 0815 – 0950. Objectives. Medical Service Accounts (MSA): Identify the duties and responsibilities of the MSA Officer Identify and explain the Nightly Reports Identify who and what services are billed under MSA

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briefing back to basics msa 101

Briefing:Back to Basics – MSA 101

Date: 22 March 2010

Time:0815 – 0950

  • Medical Service Accounts (MSA):
    • Identify the duties and responsibilities of the MSA Officer
    • Identify and explain the Nightly Reports
    • Identify who and what services are billed under MSA
    • Explain how MSA accounts are created
the msa officer
The MSA Officer
  • Responsibilities
    • Billing and collection of funds for medical services and subsistence from DoD beneficiaries, other authorized treatment in the MTF, and civilian emergencies
    • Coordinating with Patient Administration to ensure all patients are aware of inpatient charges or outpatient visits/services
    • Generating and maintaining a complete and reliable record of financial transactions, including medical rates, collections, accounts receivable, and deposits
the msa officer1
The MSA Officer
  • Responsibilities
    • Committed effort to collect receivables prior to delinquency of account
    • Safeguard funds and controlled forms from loss or theft
    • Obtain and administer a change fund
      • Do not use non-deposited collections or personal money as a change fund
the msa officer2
The MSA Officer
  • Responsibilities
    • Deposit collections as reimbursement to the proper appropriation
    • Prepare and submit financial reports
    • Establish internal controls to ensure security of funds and segregation of duties
nightly reports
Nightly Reports
  • Nightly Reports
    • Daily reports run from Composite Health Care System (CHCS) Menu Path
      • Medical Service Accounts Module (MSA)
      • Nightly Processing Menu (NPM)
      • Print Nightly Reports (PRT)
      • Select Nightly Run Report (s) for Printing
        • Batch DD139s
        • Batch Delinquent Letters
        • Batch Invoice and Receipts
        • Transfer DD 139s
        • Transfer Delinquent Letters
        • Transfer Invoice and Receipts
        • Transfer Summary
who is billed
Who Is Billed?
  • Who is billed
    • Active Duty (AD) Members (Elective Cosmetic Surgery)
    • Retired Members (Elective Cosmetic Surgery)
    • Family Members
      • Non-Prime AD
      • Retirees
    • Inter-Agency Billing (USCG-NOAA-PHS)
    • Other Government Agencies (FBA, FAA, VA)
    • International Military for Education & Training (IMET)
    • Foreign Military & Family Members
    • NATO Military & Family Members
    • DoD Civilians & Contractors (OCONUS)
what services are billed
What Services Are Billed?
  • What services are billed
    • Family Member Hospitalization Charges
    • Copying Charges
    • Cash Sale of Meals
    • Inpatient Medical Care
    • Outpatient Medical Care
    • Ancillary Services (Pharmacy, Radiology & Laboratory)
    • Ambulance Services
    • Elective Cosmetic Surgery
    • Dental Services
how msa accounts are created
How MSA Accounts Are Created
  • Creating an MSA account
    • System-generated accounts
      • Admissions in MTF
        • Charges are generated when coding is completed by PAD in the Encode Grouper which creates DRG for admission. Based on Patient Category (PAT CAT) in CHCS MSA calculates the appropriate charge for the DRG identified
      • Outpatient encounters entered in ADM
        • Charges are generated based on the CPT4, HCPCS, or CPT codes entered into ADM and after they are released by CCE
      • Ancillary services
        • Charges are generated when service is performed and entered into CHCS by the ancillary service
how msa accounts are created1
How MSA Accounts Are Created
  • Manually generated accounts
    • Created in CHCS MSA module by the billing staff using the following menu path:
      • Cashier Function Menu (CFM)
      • Outpatient Accounts Edit (OPE)
      • One Time Charges Post (OTP)
    • Account numbers are automatically assigned by CHCS once the account is created and is handled in the same manner as a system-generated account
  • True or False:
    • Personal money can be used in a pinch to subsidize change fund.
    • The Resource Manager/Comptroller is responsible for generating and maintaining a complete and reliable record of MSA financial transactions.
    • Nightly reports are run weekly.
    • Active Duty Members are billed for elective cosmetic surgery
  • True or False:
    • Family Member hospitalization charges are only billed to TRICARE Prime enrollees
    • DoD civilians are not billed for treatment for non-work-related illnesses or injuries within CONUS
    • The One Time Charges Post (OTP) is used to create a manually generated account in CHCS
    • Safeguarding funds is the responsibility of the MSA Officer and billing staff