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Sydney Commercial Pest Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Sydney Commercial Pest Control

Sydney Commercial Pest Control

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Sydney Commercial Pest Control

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  1. Sydney Office Pest Control From full office blocks in the CBD to  industrial units on the outskirts of Sydney. Weekends and evenings are available so treatments can be carried out with minimal impact to your business and staff. All Sydney CBD Areas covered. So if you require a treatment or you just need a second quote to see if you current pest control costs are reasonable then please give us a call for an obligation free quote.       

  2. Sydney Pest Services •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee •  ​Emergency Call Outs Available •  Evening & Weekend Treatments •  Competitive Pricing •  ​Guaranteed Pest Elimination •  Quick Response Times •  $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance •  Safe and Odour Free Products •  General Pest and Termite Inspections •  Full OHS & Treatment Reporting

  3. Office areas such as kitchens, kitchenettes, toilets and washrooms, drinks stations, vending machines, staff rooms and canteens areas are all susceptible to German cockroach infestation. German cockroach egg cases are introduced into the office environment by accident on bags and packaging. Rats primarily find food and shelter in the same places humans do and therefore interact with humans in various ways. More often than not, rats are found in Sydney's industrial and commercial areas but are also found in large numbers in some residential suburbs, especially those with numerous parks, creeks and railway lines.

  4. Biting insects can be a major distraction in the work place. They can be introduced accidentally to the office environment on clothes and delivered goods or they can be found in areas that contain stagnant water from heaters, fridges, coolers and air conditioning units as well as in and around potted plants and shrubbery. Control may be achieved using non chemical methods such as identification and removal of breeding points and harbourages or through physical methods such as fly screens on windows. The Indian Meal Moth larvae can infest a wide range of dry foodstuffs of vegetable origin, such as cereal, bread, pasta, rice, couscous, flour, spices or dried fruits and nuts. The food they infest will often seem to be webbed together. After larvae or moths have been found, it is important to dispose of all food sources that are not in very tightly sealed containers. The moths are able to get into surprisingly tight spots, including sealed bags by chewing through them. They can be notoriously difficult to eradicate.

  5. Our field technicians are experienced, fully licensed and insured and our office staff are well equipped to answer any of your Pest Control questions. • When you choose Civic Pest Management you can be confident that we will treat your business as if it were our own. Our staff will ensure that you are fully educated regarding our procedures and aware of any precautions you should take in relation to treatments. • We offer a full range of pest control services, including general pest control, termite control and inspections,  rodent and bird control, spider control and our portfolio of clients includes offices, industrial sites, real estate agents, holiday resorts, CBD office buildings, medical centres and food facilities. • Our goal is to obtain maximum results using a minimal amount of pesticides. Each pest problem is unique, and by keeping up with the latest technology, practices, and products, we handle each situation with quality service and care. • We service all Sydney and Blue Mountains Suburbs.

  6. For more information visit us at