third year personalisation n.
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Third Year Personalisation PowerPoint Presentation
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Third Year Personalisation

Third Year Personalisation

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Third Year Personalisation

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  1. Third Year Personalisation Preparation for your Interview

  2. My world of • Please sign up to this site tonight as you will need to bring information from it to your interview. You will create your own personal account that will help you while at school and into your adult years. It will help with careers,CVS, interviews, college, university and job hunting. • We will be concentrating on the sections titled - Your Strengths and Careers.

  3. Front page- find and register.

  4. Remember your name and password!

  5. As you can see you now have access to many areas of advice/support/information.

  6. You are now about to personalise your website. Click on the section titled My strengths. You MUST do the 12- 19 version. Doing the quiz will help build up a personal profile of your strengths that will help you select potential career areas and aid subject choice.

  7. Click on start the quiz

  8. Remember to be honest to get more accurate picture!

  9. Would help to click box for school subjects and jobs.

  10. Will give your main strengths.

  11. You know more now about your strengths and how to use them.

  12. Go back to main page and click box titled- choosing your subjects at school.

  13. Now click on- help! What subjects should I choose? Notice on the right you are building up My Toolkit- your personal page.

  14. Think about the points raised about picking subjects then click on CAREERS A-Z

  15. Use this page to look at types of jobs to show skills needed/ salary etc.

  16. Gives skills needed/qualifications/relevant courses and jobs!

  17. Sign up TONIGHT please then do quiz on my strengths and look up Careers section. You will be expected to use this information to fill in Personalisation form that you will bring to your interview..