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Towards competence-related interoperability

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Towards competence-related interoperability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TEN Competence Workshop Manchester, 2007-01-11 Simon Grant Independent Consultant JISC CETIS Portfolio SIG Joint Coordinator. Towards competence-related interoperability. Assumptions. Interoperability of competence and related definitions would be useful

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Presentation Transcript
TEN Competence Workshop

Manchester, 2007-01-11

Simon Grant

Independent Consultant

JISC CETIS Portfolio SIG Joint Coordinator

Towards competence-related interoperability
  • Interoperability of competence and related definitions would be useful
  • There is no good solution at present
    • Few definitions are even available at URIs
    • Related only internally
  • No time to justify those points in detail
  • My TEN Competence Sofia paper is also relevant
interoperability logical options
Interoperability logical options
  • Do nothing and let chaos grow
  • Central registries for competence definitions
    • I have previously suggested this kind of approach
    • I no longer think it is practically plausible
    • Many people seem to agree
  • Distributed, interconnected system
    • FOAF and XFN give a general idea
    • Don't forget about XCRI :-)
substance to interconnection
Substance to interconnection
  • Equivalence between definitions
  • Non-equivalence
  • Satisfaction
    • “that one there at least covers this one here”
  • Contribution
    • “that one is part of or helps towards this one”
    • maybe “this one aims to help towards that one”
  • Are references local, remote or both?
side comment about levels
Side comment about levels
  • An issue which needs to be resolved
  • Levels should be specific to a competence
    • Not generic or part of a framework
      • in general there are no universal levels
  • Having levels in a framework invites problems
    • people's competence is mixed in any level system
    • people argue about level definitions and allocations
  • see also my TEN Competence Sofia paper
distributed interoperability
Distributed interoperability
  • Each local site has:
    • Competence defs based on RCD / HR-XML / ... &
      • either additional details (how to integrate with specs?)
      • or just add a single link to ontology / relationships file
    • Possible ontology / relationships file or service
      • RDF/OWL or XTM or either
      • need to agree which of the relationships to have
      • relationships can be to local or remote definitions
  • Desire to remain binding-neutral
  • Details to be worked out through projects
tools and services e g
Tools and services: e.g.
  • Competence equivalence manager
    • could notify of any equivalences added to definitions you have noted as equivalent to yours
      • useful to maintain quality and reputation
      • prompts non-equivalence declarations as needed
    • could draw graph of equivalent competences
  • Competence definition search and browse
    • could use a bit like a thesaurus
    • could also use KM tools
possible integration mashup
Possible integration /mashup
  • With XCRI-like services:
    • find courses through which I gain this competence
    • what courses can I take with these competences?
  • With employment / recruitment: similarly
  • Combined: what courses for what jobs etc.
  • There's nothing in principle preventing these at present: the point is that without interoperability, lists are very short and practically useless
thanks and references
Thanks and References
  • Thanks for your interest!
  • Both of these references represent a position where I imagined central registries to be possible. But apart from that, they give a lot of useful detail about other aspects of the issues.
  • Grant, S. (2006) Frameworks of competence: common or specific? Proceedings of International Workshop in Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development, TENCompetence Conference. September 12th, Sofia, Bulgaria: TENCompetence. Retrieved November 2006, from
  • Grant, S. (2005). SPWS: Introducing the Skills Meta-Framework. SPWS project deliverable. is as delivered; is a maintained version.
  • For contact details see my home page through Google