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Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM) PowerPoint Presentation
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Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM)

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Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM). Summer Youth Employment Program Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties. 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Highlights:. Youth Development, Inc. (YDI) was selected as the SYEP Youth Services Program Provider.

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Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM)

Summer Youth Employment Program

Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties

2009 summer youth employment program syep highlights
2009 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Highlights:
  • Youth Development, Inc. (YDI) was selected as the SYEP Youth Services Program Provider.
  • Over 800 hundred youth recruited!
  • 513 youth put to work, with a goal of 450!
  • 247 worksites recruited for summer program!
  • The majority of Central Area youth placed participated in one or more of our incentives.
recruiting worksites to match participant needs and goals
Recruiting Worksites to Match Participant Needs and Goals

The selection of worksites recruitment is based on the following:

  • LWIB targeted and priority industries
  • Local labor market research indicating demand occupations
  • Requested worksite, identified career goals and participant skills and needs.

Recruitment was accomplished through radio, TV and newspaper advertisements, emails, newsletters, word of mouth and by job development


Worksite Recruitment Continued:

  • YDI takes an extra step in recruitment of worksites to ensure the match between participant and worksite is positive for all parties.
  • If after intake, staff cannot find a suitable match for the participant on the current worksite database, information is relayed to Job Developers who then seek to recruit a worksite designed to the participants needs, goals and abilities.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your participant is comfortable with their placement! This ensures retention and success!


Initial Meeting Between Worksite and Staff

Not every employer that respond to our recruitment is selected as a worksite. The first formal meeting with a worksite involves the following:

  • Explanation of program elements, mission and goals;
  • Explanation of responsibilities of the supervisor and worksite;
  • Acquire information relating to job duties and work schedules;
  • Acquire information related to training opportunities for participants;
  • Acquire information related to education, skills & abilities required of participants;
  • Ensuring adequate supervision and safety of the participant (s);
  • Determination of referral/placement procedures; and
  • Discuss opportunities for permanent placement
worksite placement
Worksite Placement

Participants are placed at a worksite according to the following:

  • Past experiences– prior work experience is a big factor in determining a good placement. Were they successful? If not why?
  • Skills and Abilities– Learning and developmental capabilities contribute to a successful worksite. Do they need a slow paced work environment? Are they outgoing?
  • Career Goals– Placing a participant into a work experience environment that either contributes to their current or future educational and career goals is extremely important.
  • Transportation and/or Location– Ensuring that a participant can make it to work contributed greatly to our successes. Placing a participant close to work or school proved to be an important factor.

The Worksite Orientation

The worksite orientation is conducted by staff with each participant and their supervisor on the first day of work to discuss and review the following areas:

  • Worksite Agreement; this includes the responsibilities of the participant, supervisor and staff related to the program;
  • Child Labor Laws, if applicable;
  • Job Duties of the participant;
  • Work hours for the participant;
  • Business etiquette, including proper work attire and procedures for calling in sick, etc.;
  • Overall employer and supervisor expectations; and
  • Participant needs, goals and training expectations.

As a result, the worksite packet is tailored to the participant and worksite, and everyone from staff to the participant to the supervisor are all on the same page

workforce connection of central new mexico
Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico

Jerilynn Sans– Youth Program Planner, Mid-Region Council of Governments

ph: 505-724-3636 email:

Concha Cordova– Associate Director, Youth Development Inc.

ph: 505-352-3466 email: