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Illustrated by Cleide Nascimento

My Super Duper Christmas. Illustrated by Cleide Nascimento. Suggested Activity 2 : TRUE or FALSE Grammar Focus: SIMPLE PRESENT

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Illustrated by Cleide Nascimento

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  1. My Super Duper Christmas Illustrated by Cleide Nascimento

  2. Suggested Activity 2 : TRUE or FALSE Grammar Focus: SIMPLE PRESENT Show students the slides and read the story with them. After that, show them sentences about Super Duper’s Christmas festivities.Theysay whether the sentence is true or false and correct the false ones.

  3. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.

  4. Every year, I search and sort out the ornaments to decorate the house for this special occasion.

  5. We start decorating the tree on November 30th. Traditionally, the tree is left up until January 6th, which is the day when the three kings found Jesus.   

  6. Exchanging gifts is a solid tradition in Brazil. Even so, lots of people all over the country go to the church to remind themselves of the real meaning of this date.

  7. We usually have a feast that is prepared throughout the day and served at around midnight. Traditionally, we have turkey, "farofa" (toasted manioc flour), rice and potato salad. However, the menu may vary from family to family.

  8. I celebrate Christmas with my parents. We exchange gifts and have a delicious meal. We say a prayer, sing Christmas songs and eat  when the clock strikes midnight. We talk, play games and then we go to bed very late. love Christmas!!!!

  9. Are the sentences true or false?

  10. Super Duper doesn’t decorate the house for Christmas. FALSE

  11. Super Duper decorates the house for Christmas.

  12. He sets up the tree on December 1st. FALSE

  13. He doesn’t set up the tree on December 1st. He sets up the tree on November 30th.

  14. He buys presents for family and friends. TRUE

  15. In Brazil, people cook a special Christmas dinner. TRUE

  16. They have fish for dinner. FALSE

  17. They don’t have fish for dinner.They have turkey.

  18. He celebrates Christmas with his friends. FALSE

  19. He doesn’t celebrate Christmas with his friends. He celebrates with his parents.

  20. They sing Christmas songs and play games, too. TRUE

  21. They have a delicious meal at eleven o’clock. FALSE

  22. They eat when the clock strikes midnight.

  23. They go to bed early. FALSE

  24. They don’t go to bed early. They go to be very late.

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