bodily kinesthetic intelligence n.
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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. Hanna Park Inae Lee 7D Fun Game. Poetry Game. -This is a class game -It can’t go out of topic -Doesn’t have to rhyme One person starts off by making up the first line of a poem (just by imagination)

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bodily kinesthetic intelligence

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Hanna Park

Inae Lee


Fun Game

poetry game
Poetry Game

-This is a class game

-It can’t go out of topic

-Doesn’t have to rhyme

  • One person starts off by making up the first line of a poem (just by imagination)
  • The next person continues the first line of the poem however they like
  • The third person continues what the other person thought up of
  • This goes on until someone decides to conclude and end the poem
logical mathematical intelligence

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Hanna Park

Inae Lee



  • Meter is a pattern of accented/long and unaccented/short syllables in lines of a set length
  • If there was a set length of 10 syllables then:

First Syllable: Unstressed

Second Syllable: Stressed

Third Syllable: Unstressed

Fourth Syllable: Stressed

……and so on until the line reaches the tenth syllable


This is an example from Shakespeare:


-Unstressed Syllable: Black

-Stressed Syllable: Red


Foot: Each pair of unstressed/stressed syllables that makes up a unit (Line=Five feet in total)

Iamb: Foot containing an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable

Meter of The line in iambic= iambic pentameter

-The word pentameter comes from the prefix ‘pent’ which means five

stress patterns
Stress patterns

-Some feet in verse/poetry has different stress patterns

Ex1) Foot that consists of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed one

Ex2) Foot that consists of a stressed one followed by a unstressed one

the five types of feet
The Five Types of Feet

Iamb (Iambic) is unstressed + stressed with two syllables

Trochee (Trochaic) is stressed + unstressed with two syllables

Spondee (Spondaic) is stressed + stressed with two syllables

Anapest (Anapestic) is unstressed + unstressed + stressed with three syllables

Dactyl (Dactylic) is stressed + unstressed + unstressed with three syllables

 Length of lines and meter can also vary

types of meter line length
Types of meter & line length
  • Monometer = One Foot
  • Dimeter = Two Feet
  • Trimeter = Three Feet
  • Tetrameter = Four Feet
  • Pentameter = Five Feet
  • Hexameter = Six Feet
  • Heptameter = Seven Feet
  • Octameter = Eight Feet
  • Meter is determined by the type of foot and the number of feet in a line
  • Line with three iambic feet= iambic trimeter
  • Line with six dactylic feet= dactylic hexameter

Example from William Blake’s Poem:

“TygerTyger burning bright

In the forests of the night”

Catalexis: The absense of stressed/unstressed syllables