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WP6 Testbeds and Services

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WP6 Testbeds and Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP6 Testbeds and Services. GridPP Middleware Workshop 4 th -5 th March 2004 Steve Traylen. Outline. Testbed History Application Testbed Development Testbed WP6 Services E.g., CVS, AutoBuild LCFG Installation of Middleware Support. Early Testbed History.

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wp6 testbeds and services

WP6 Testbedsand Services

GridPP Middleware Workshop4th-5th March 2004

Steve Traylen

  • Testbed History
    • Application Testbed
    • Development Testbed
  • WP6 Services
    • E.g., CVS, AutoBuild
    • LCFG Installation of Middleware
  • Support
early testbed history
Early Testbed History
  • In 2000 it was all based on an RPM distribution of Globus – Testbed 0 (McNab).
  • These were still used through testbed 1.
  • Later LCFG arrived and this allowed a release to be completely specified.
  • Software and configuration could be modified which was critical for an incremental distributed development cycle.
testbed history
Testbed History
  • After release 1.1.4 the release cycle did not change much which is good.
  • The testbed could cope with many, even multiple upgrades within a day. Important for typos.
application testbed
Application Testbed
  • About 22 sites in 8 countries.
  • 6 of these sites are in the UK.
  • Currently South, London and North grid all represented within EDG. (Scot has been.)
  • The UK maintained many core services such as R-GMA registry and RLS servers.
    • In fact EDG in the UK would survive without the rest of Europe.
development testbed
Development Testbed
  • UK has maintained a core site within the development process.
  • Essential as an early learning ground for the new software.
  • A presence within development of EGEE and LCG now continues.
wp6 services
WP6 Services.
  • The UK not directly involved but this is a big influence on middleware development.
  • CVS.
    • A central CVS repository was always very sensible.
  • Bugzilla worked very well.
    • A good way to contact developers and prioritise but not forget requests and bugs.
    • 2800 bugs, 87% resolved.
  • Took longer than ideal to mature.
    • The build queue was missing for ages.
    • Developers learning automake/autoconf took some time.
    • In the end it proved very valuable.
  • At times this created what appeared to be a huge bottle neck – but only because it was the final stage.
  • This technology now continues into LCG/EGEE.
  • Suggestions
    • Try and use community projects that are mature from day one.
lcfg installation of nodes
LCFG Installation of Nodes
  • Auto configuration was essential to developing in a distributed deployment.
    • Avoided some trivial configuration errors.
  • However now it is almost a requirement to use LCFG for any EDG software.
  • Suggestion.
    • Configuration of middleware needs scrutiny earlier. This is the API the sysadmin or configuration system has to work with after all.
  • In the UK the tb-support@jiscmail.ac.uk worked and continues to work well.
    • Used by sysadmins and UK grid users.
  • The UK having people very involved with EDG development was ideal for this.
    • LCFG hides the inner workings of configuration.
  • Better documentation and short cookbooks required for sysadmins and end users to avoid the need for this.
  • The UK was always active with in the application and development testbeds of EDG.
  • This puts many sites in an excellent position to join LCG in coming months.
  • Many UK members were involved with integration process, loose cannons , developers, sysadmins…
  • EDG currently comes as a huge bundle.
    • This is good for fast development but does not match reality of resources.