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Where Innovation Meets Your Needs PowerPoint Presentation
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Where Innovation Meets Your Needs

Where Innovation Meets Your Needs

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Where Innovation Meets Your Needs

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  1. Where Innovation Meets Your Needs Pressure Piping

  2. Mission Statement The management and staff of Alegro Projects & Fabrication are committed to creating trusted and lasting relationships with our customers. Through our beliefs in Honesty, Quality, Integrity and Fairness.

  3. Alegro Projects & fabrication is determined to continue it’s reputation as an industry leader both in piping design and fabrication. We pride ourselves on our open door working policy with our customers and strive to not only complete the projects with efficiency and quality but to grow a relationship with each customer. WHAT CAN OUR PIPING DIVISION DO FOR YOU? • ASME B31.3 Process Piping • Registered Quality Manual exceeding standards • Modern Fabrication equipment and facility • Access to Weld Engineering for all materials and welding process requirements • Innovative Project Design and Procurement to meet owner requirements and specifications

  4. Modular Fabrication • Pipe Modules allow the clients to construct facilities in a shop environment and transport them to remote locations. • Well injection sites can be standardized for operation and maintenance.

  5. Pipeline Metering and Delivery Stations

  6. Rig Piping • Consulting for piping construction and repair on drilling Equipment • Drilling equipment does not fall under the piping code but our clients benefit from our experience to assist them in their design • Piping systems on drilling equipment is subject to high pressures, abrasive fluids and temperature variances which require special design considerations

  7. Modern Fabrication Facility • Power positioner at welding stations greatly improve quality, production and safety • State of the art welding equipment for multiple welding process’s • New Facility provides a clean, safe and positive work environment • Modern and maintained handling equipment

  8. Process Piping • Our qualifications encompass a multitude of applications • Piping systems from 21mm and larger. • Material thickness of 1.5mm to 51mm • Extensive experience in internally coated spools for sour service applications

  9. Thank you for your interest in Alegro Projects & Fabrication piping. We look forward to our future opportunities. 1002- 17th Avenue Nisku, Alberta Canada 780-955-0266 Visit our Website @