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  2. – mission • The first privately owned channel in Poland focused on spirituality, culture and religion • The only channel with this kind of profile, which is a non - confessional station, rather focusing • on educational aspects, promoting religion in everyday life, without necessarily • the specific churches or ceremonies • Advanced, modern technology in compliance with standards set by the ITI Group, • a high level of program quality • Known media personalities directing the channel, with a young creative and dynamic • team of individuals creating the programs Fr Kazimierz Sowa, Director of the station journalist, reporter, winner of the Bishop Jan Chrapek „Ślad” journalism award for creating "a modern medium dedicated to religion, culture and spiritual values"; also nominated to the Dariusz Fikus award in the category "Media Creators". Szymon Hołownia,Pprogramming Ddirector journalist, reporter, winner of the Grand Press awards as well as the "Ślad" award

  3. - reach In Poland is available in both digital platforms and cable networks and now reaches 8,3 million Polish households The range of's programming is accessible to viewers in the USA thanks to the DISH Network, we can now reach 14 million viewers

  4. - profile is a family-oriented channel focused on Polish culture and tradition presented in a modern, attractive form. Get access to the vibrant content with a great deal of footage on Christianity as well as other world religions, enjoy programming variety that ranges from top documentaries to popular talk shows and enter into a live dialogue on current affairs in Poland.

  5. – talk shows God in the Big City Szymon Hołownia looks for people living in the big city, who here, in the place they live and work, ask themselves the question: is God here with me? Between Shops A talk show lead by Szymon Hołownia in Warsaw’s „Zlote Tarasy” shopping mall complex. He looks to see how Poles find the balance between being faithful to the commandmentsand the drive and temptation of a leading a consumption based lifestyle.

  6. - current affairs programs God’s Language Dictionary A series of interviews conducted by priest Kazimierz Sowa with know people from the world of culture, art and media. Without Incents Fr. Kazimierz talks "without incents" with the leaders of the Polish Church

  7. – documentary series and films Documentary series and filmstell the life stories of real people duringimportant moments in the world's history and the most important civilization conflict. Here we present our viewers with the chance to deepen self-reflections from the ethical and moral side of life. classic films Tarkovsky"Andrei Rublev", „Stalker", "Solaris“ ; "Les Chevaux de Feu", "La couleur de la grenade" by Paradjanov and Nattvardsgästerna", "Såsom i en spegel" by Bergman series of documentaries "Piligrimage to the Eternal City", "Prolinani svetu", "Faith Matters", "The Miracle of Holy Places ","Monasteries along the Danube" F”anatics of God”, „Portraits”, „I Remember” .

  8. – guide, culture, culinary programs Family Academy Dominican priest Mirosław Pilśniak talks with married couples about problems, which are present in many families. The Family Academy consults, helps and inspires adding interesting ideas for games with children. Guide to culture presenting a unique glance at art, and in which books, films, theater performances and music are analyzed to find the human condition in a spiritual aspect. Angelic Kitchen Tasty and effective, yet easy to prepare recipes are presented by s.Aniela Garecka. Authentic British dishes which remind us of the way meals used to taste when traditionally cooked by Grandma.

  9. - interactive program Talk Freely In this program viewers via telephone, skype or email have the chance to talk with, among others, s. Małgorzata Chmielewska, Fr. Gużyński, Fr.Jędrzejewski Here you can ask about anything!

  10. – concerts, holly mass Unique concerts where the biggest Polish singers perform Holy Mass  Live broadcasts of Sunday Mass from the most beautiful Polish churches

  11. Thank you For more information please visit our website