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IntelliDrive ℠ Deployment Scenarios Workshop

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IntelliDrive ℠ Deployment Scenarios Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IntelliDrive ℠ Deployment Scenarios Workshop. Dulles, Virginia June 22-23, 2010. Welcome. Introductions. A beginning. AN Ending?. Let’s baseline: Definitions of IntelliDrive. Benefits?. In your opinion, please rank the following potential benefits of IntelliDrive in order of importance:.

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intellidrive deployment scenarios workshop

IntelliDrive℠ Deployment Scenarios Workshop

Dulles, VirginiaJune 22-23, 2010


In your opinion, please rank the following potential benefits of IntelliDrive in order of importance:

Group consensus:

First: Reduce Accidents

Second: Reduce Congestion

# Respondents

Third: Provide Better/More Comprehensive Advisory Services

Fourth: Reduce Environmental Impact


today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

Expected outcomes

Overview of the deployment scenarios

Identification of major issues and parameters for tomorrow

Q&A and instructions for the deep-dives tomorrow.

tomorrow s agenda
Tomorrow’s Agenda

Breakout sessions (aka the deep-dives)

Breakout session reporting

Outcomes, key take-aways, and summary

what are we doing here
What are we doing here?

We’re mid-way through the development of a set of alternatives for deploying IntelliDrive, and need to share what we’ve done to date.

We’re following-on to interviews we conducted last year in an effort to expand the range and nuance of the analysis

We’re seeking additional insight from the communities interested in IntelliDrive deployment.

what are you doing here
What are you doing here?

VII was over ambitious and over spec’d including DSRC I hope to see some practicality but still full government commitment...and private sector opportunities

To determine if there is a workable framework in development by Federal Agencies that is a practical way forward in deploying the technology already being demonstrated by a number of different companies both in-vehicle and fixed installations.

To gauge progress being made by USDOT and its partners on this initiative

To ensure that local agency concerns and the practicality of deployment are dealt with in a responsible manner

I want to see IntelliDrive roll out now and start saving lives, reducing congestion and reducing emissions - in some fashion and on some apps without waiting for perfection in privacy and security

Learn about the deployment scenarios that have been developed from system integrator and technology developer perspective

what are you doing here1
What are you doing here?

You’re interested in what’s going on with IntelliDrive, and may have a strong opinion about how it ought to be deployed.

You’re hoping to contribute to the thinking on deployment alternatives

You’re making an effort to ensure appropriate levels of attention are being paid to the appropriate areas

You’re also here to help

what are we doing together
What are we doing together?

Together, we’re going to explore the results of the work to-date.

Together, we’re going to evaluate, critique, and improve the existing deployment scenarios.

Together, we’re going to broaden perspectives, reveal new possibilities, engage our imagination.

what s the point
What’s the point?

USDOT is exploring V2V, but that can’t be the only option

There are other ways, and they – like the current path – offers benefits as well as detours

We need you to supplement our thinking on alternatives

You can help craft a broader – more useful – perspective on deployment options

a scenario is
A scenario is…

a rich and detailed portrait of a plausible future world, sufficiently vivid that a stakeholder can clearly see and comprehend the problems, challenges, and opportunities that such a world would present.

exploring alternatives and perspectives
Exploring alternatives and perspectives

What’s desired? Why?

What’s appropriate?

What’s possible?

What are the pieces, and how do they fit together?

What are the implications? Short-term? Long-term?

key idea 1
Key idea 1:

Meaningful solutions arise only from a common understanding of the problem.

key idea 2
Key idea 2:

The problem is not technological.

role of the deployment scenarios
Role of the deployment scenarios

There are lots of ways for US DOT to be involved – what makes sense and what is appropriate?

  • Environmental scan – looked at two components:
    • Broad scan indentified global and domestic trends in science and technology, society and culture, economics, environment, and politics and policy
    • Close scan identified specifically IntelliDriveSM-relevant trends
  • Stakeholder interviews
    • Auto OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, state and local agencies, VCs and fund managers, software developers, hardware developers, mobility service providers, academics, legislators, business groups
  • Trend frequency, probability, impact, and implications
  • Key considerations in combining significant elements
    • What has proven able to, or can, work together?
    • What must also be included? Excluded?
    • What are second-order elements and implications for certain combinations?

If money were not an issue, how would you rank the difficulty of solving the following challenges to the successful deployment of IntelliDrive?

Group consensus:

First: Legal Framework (including liability)

Second: Security

Third: Ongoing Roles and Responsibilities

# Respondents

Fourth: Privacy

Fifth: User Adoption

Sixth: Data Standards


what s most important
What’s most important?

If money were not an issue, which of the following would be the most important in ensuring IntelliDrive’s success?

scenario overview
Scenario Overview



V2I + V2V


Full Throttle

Safety Net



Deployment Commitment

Proving Ground

2020 +

  • Inhabit the world articulated and evoked by the scenario
    • What is the world like?
    • What are some assumptions about technology, or policies, or end-users, or transportation more generally?
    • Who are the players? What are their motivations?
    • What has to be true for the deployment to look the way it does?
    • What stands between now and the future suggested by the scenario?
facilitated sessions
Facilitated Sessions

4 scenarios; 4 rooms; 1 scenario per room

Each room will dive deeply into its assigned scenario

At the end of the morning, we’ll come together and present the results of our exploration, and discuss broader implications.

next steps for today
Next steps for today

Pick-up your scenario and supporting material packet

Read all the scenarios this evening, and prepare to discuss tomorrow