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Cyanide. John Wooding A.D Schmidt 5 th period . Detection. Iron (II) Sulfate is added to Cyanide and if turns Prussian blue, it is a positive result for Cyanide. Solution of para -benzoquinone reacts with Cyanide to from a cyanophenol . . Cure.

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John Wooding

A.D Schmidt

5th period


Iron (II) Sulfate is added to Cyanide and if turns Prussian blue, it is a positive result for Cyanide.

Solution of para-benzoquinone reacts with Cyanide to from a cyanophenol.


As an antidote, Hydroxycobalaminreacts with Cyanide forming cyanocobalamin, which can be eliminated via the kidneys

lasting effects
Lasting effects

Disrupts electron transport chain, affecting cells depending on aerobic transportation, damaging central nervous system and heart.

Oral ingestion of small quantity may lead rapidly, in a matter of seconds, to death.

history soc impact
History/ Soc. Impact

Historically, cyanides have been manufactured with Andrussow process. Gaseous hydrogen cyanide produced from methane and ammonia in presence of oxygen and platinum catalyst.

Cyanide has been used in Nazi gas chambers, war, suicide, murder, and terrorist attacks.



The Peoples Temple Agricultural project built in Guyana.

The Peoples Temple was based in San Francisco, but left after critical articles were published by major U.S newspapers.

Group led by Reverend Jim Jones.

Former members claimed others were held against their will at the settlement.

Above: Aerial photo of Jonestown

Left: Photo of cottages

jonestown cont
Jonestown cont.

After numerous claims of abuse, Congressman Leo Ryan visits Jonestown, despite numerous warnings.

Jim Jones, becoming extremely paranoid, orders the revolutionary guard to kill Ryan and his convoy

After killing Rep. Ryan, Jones orders members to take cyanide laced Flavor – Aid, killing 900 cult members.

grigori yefimovich rasputin
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin


Rasputin was a spiritual advisor to Tsar and the royal family.

‘Healed’ Tsar’s son Alexei of haemophilia, a life threatening disease, gaining the trust of the Tsar and Tsaress

While Tsar was on battlefront, WWI was occurring, Tsaress handled domestic issues and relied so heavily on Rasputin, he was essentially the de facto leader.

The upper class and royal court of the Tsar resented Rasputin's rise to power.

Rasputin discredited the royal family’s legitimacy by his polarizing actions.

rasputin cont
Rasputin cont.

Because Rasputin presented a threat to the Russian empire, a group of nobles led by Prince Felix Yusupov and Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich tried to assassinate him.

The group led Rasputin down to the cellar and served him red wine laced with heavy amounts of cyanide, enough to kill five men, but to no avail

Yusupov became anxious over the amount of time it might have taken for Rasputin to die and consulted the group and returned shooting him in the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell and the group left the palace.

Yusupov had forgotten his coat and decided to check on the body. Upon examining the body, Rasputin's eyes opened and Rasputin lunged at him and grabbing him, whispered in his ear, “…you bad boy”. The rest of the group returned and shot Rasputin five times in the back with a revolver.


After shooting him five times in the back, Rasputin was still alive and struggling to get up.

The men clubbed Rasputin into submission. They then bound him and wrapped him in a carpet and proceeded to throw him into the icy Neva River.

Rasputin broke free of his bonds and the carpet wrapping him, but drowned to death in the river.

Days later his body was recovered and his arms were found in an upright position, as if trying to claw his way out from beneath the ice.

The autopsy found that the poison alone should have killed him. It is believed that water was found in his lungs supporting the theory that he was alive when thrown into the river

As the body was being burned Rasputin appeared to sit up in the fire. This was due to improper cremation

rasputin cont1
Rasputin cont.

Summary of death:

  • Poisoned (Survived)
  • Shot once in the back (Survived)
  • Shot three more times in the back (Survived)
  • Clubbed (Survived)
  • Bound, wrapped in carpet and thrown into river (Escaped bonds and carpet, but drowned)