cooperation on research infrastructure the nordic swedish perspective n.
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Cooperation on Research Infrastructure – The Nordic/Swedish Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Cooperation on Research Infrastructure – The Nordic/Swedish Perspective

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Cooperation on Research Infrastructure – The Nordic/Swedish Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cooperation on Research Infrastructure – The Nordic/Swedish Perspective. Lars Börjesson. Nordic Research I nfrastructure C o-operation. Some specific examples on nordic cooperations Nordunet – high-speed data network Nordic Datagrid F acility ( Nordugrid 2004) 2006-

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Cooperation on Research Infrastructure – The Nordic/Swedish Perspective

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nordic research i nfrastructure c o operation
Nordic Research InfrastructureCo-operation

Somespecificexamples on nordiccooperations

  • Nordunet – high-speed data network
  • Nordic DatagridFacility (Nordugrid 2004) 2006-
  • Nordic OpticalTelescope ( 1980s)
  • NORDSYNC – Nordic participation in ESRF (Grenoble)
  • EISCAT (FI, NO, SE) 3D upgradeonESFRIroadmap
  • ESS – Scandinavia ESS
  • MAX lVsynchrotron
  • BBMRI Biobanks, Nordic co-operation
  • NordFAIR
  • BUT…… - most RI cooperations are outside the Nordic umbrella
nordic cooperation on ri examples
Nordic Cooperation on RI, examples
  • Open national or regional RI to othercountries
    • manyexamples in various areas, informal
  • Joint Nordic Research Infrastructures
    • Nordic OpticalTelescope, Nordunet, NDGF, MAX IV
  • Joint Nordic participation in international RI
    • ESRF, FAIR, BBMRI (biobanks)
  • Host of international research infrastructures
    • European SpallationSource, EISCAT
nos n and ri
NOS-N and RI

Joint Committee of Nordic Research Councils for Science

Founded – Nordunet A/S, Nordic OpticalTelescope, Nordsync, EISCAT, Nordic data gridfacility, Nordic e-Scienceinitiative, NorduClic, NORDSIMS and havebeendecisive and helpful for Nordita, Mittag-Lefflerinst ESS and MAX IV

  • No money, no decision power - onlycoordination and joint actions !
  • Only action whenthere are matching Nordic interests
  • Largerespect for eachothers science policy and funding systems
  • Trust
  • Bottom-up approach for inititiatives
  • As littlebureaucracy as possible
  • Lean organisations
  • Distributedcharacterwhenpossible
  • Consensus approach for decisions
  • Trust
issues for nordic ri cooperation
Issues for Nordic RI cooperation
  • When to go Nordic ? Addedvalue ?
  • How to start initiatives – bottom-upthrough national research councils
  • How to shareresources and costs ? Nordic key, scientificuse…. Reserchers from othercountries
  • How to organise (foundations, stichtung), companies, hostuniversities, ERIC) ?
  • How to coordinate – NOS - organisations, NORDFORSK
  • How to set priorities ?
paneuropean roadmap 2006 and 2008
Paneuropeanroadmap, 2006 and 2008
  • 44 infrastructure-projekt in all areas
  • Pillars for the development of ERA
  • No EU-financing on investment
  • Strong structuringeffects in memberstates – ownroadmaps
national roadmaps
National priorities of infrastructures

All areas

National and international RI

ESFRI-projects are a strong element

No regional or Nordic roadmap

National roadmaps
conference conclusions
Conference conclusions

Largepotential formore Nordic collaboration on research infrastructures,

  • fieldsof strategicinterest to the Nordic societies
  • fields of particularNordic scientificstrength, such as climate, energy, health, welfare and eScience.

Opportunitiesfor increasedcooperationrelatingto RI:

    • Joinforces in international projects, e.g. in ESFRI projectswhen Nordic interestsmatch.
    • Betteruse of and easier access to existing, small to medium-sized Nordic infrastructures
    • New joint Nordic infrastructures that underpin excellent research, e.g. related to the Nordic top-level research initiative
    • Establish international facilities in the Nordic countries (e.g. ESS, Eiscat_3d, Svalbard, MAX IV, carboncapture research infrastructure).
conference conclusions cont d
Conference conclusions, cont’d


Higher ambitions for Nordic infrastructures – increasedcoordination.

Scientific and economicimpacts of research infrastructures and the technically and politicallycomplexprocessesinvolved, call for a Nordic coordinationstructure:

  • Bottom-upprocesses to ensurescientificinterest are fundamental
  • Bettercoordination at the policy level(ESFRI)
  • Betterunderstanding of differences in national priorities and national decision-makingprocesses and R&D systems. (ESFRI)
  • Acceptance of asymmetry in involvement (variable geometry) (EC, ESFRI)
  • Enhancedfacilitatorrole for NordForsk, includingcoordination, evaluation, fundingetc(ESFRI)

A NoriaNet on research infrastructureaddressessome of theseissues:

  • Evaluation of European infrastructures (cf ESFRI)
  • Wheredopriorities match, e.g biobanks, biodiversity, climate, computing, materials
  • When to go for Nordic coordination ? How? Role for Nordforsk
  • Coordination for new ESFRI or international research infrastructures ? Cooperation and prioritisationneeded for hosting and influence.
  • Nordic Influence on existing international infrastructures ? Priorities ? Evaluation of impact of participation in Internatonal Ris.
  • How to make best use of RI for excellent research ? Nordic cooperation ?
  • - How to work outschemes for reallyexploring the knowledgetriangle ? Largeopportunities for RI.
  • - How to address the Grand challenges ?
  • Nordic roadmap ?