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DHMC Cardiology Update 2004. December 6, 2004. Speech Recognition in Medical Practice. Jon W. Wahrenberger, MD. Medical Documentation. Old Paradigm: hand-written documentation. Jury blames doctor's bad penmanship for patient death Award = $475,000. Medical Documentation.

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Dhmc cardiology update 2004 l.jpg

DHMC Cardiology Update 2004

December 6, 2004

Speech Recognition in Medical Practice

Jon W. Wahrenberger, MD

Medical documentation l.jpg
Medical Documentation

Old Paradigm: hand-written documentation

Jury blames doctor's bad penmanship for patient death

Award = $475,000

Medical documentation3 l.jpg
Medical Documentation

More Contemporary Paradigm: Typewritten Record

Medical documentation4 l.jpg
Medical Documentation

More Contemporary Paradigm: Typewritten Record

Cost of transcription? $30,000 per practitioner?

Medical documentation5 l.jpg
Medical Documentation

Today’s Paradigm

Electronic Medical Record

Questions l.jpg

  • Has the quality of physician typed notes and discharge summaries improved or worsened?

  • Is typing cutting into our time with patients?

  • Are we seeing more repetitive motion injuries?

  • Has physician generation of notes increased or decreased productivity??

Speech recognition technology l.jpg
Speech Recognition Technology

  • Alternative method of keyboard input

    • Text Creation

    • Computer control and navigation

  • Reduction of multiple repetitive tasks into single speech command

  • Net result: simplifies and reduces time when using computer

How does it work l.jpg
How does it work?

  • Statistical technology involving interface of:

    • An acoustic model – the sound related variables of a given pronunciation

    • A lexicon – a group of words and their pronunciations

    • A language model – which specifies the relative likelihood of a sequence of words

Available products l.jpg
Available Products

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

IBM ViaVoice

Microsoft Speech

  • Best Product

  • Windows OS only

  • Windows & Mac Versions

  • Incorporated into Office

  • Poor user interface

System requirements l.jpg
System Requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® III / 500 MHz processor (or equivalent AMD® processor)

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 500 MB free hard disk space

  • Creative® Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound card supporting 16-bit recording or USB Pod

  • High quality microphone

Cost of dragon naturallyspeaking l.jpg
Cost of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

*Includes extensive general and specialty vocabularies

**Not Recommended for Professional Use

Advantages l.jpg

  • Increased productivity

  • Economy: no transcription cost

  • Speed:

    • Good typist averages 50-90 words per min.

    • Speech dictation: 100-180 wpm

  • Reduction in repetitive motion injuries

  • Mobility

Speech recognition caveats l.jpg
Speech Recognition: Caveats

  • It is highly accurate and reliable

  • Dramatically easier than typing

  • Voice recognition software is not for everyone

  • Not as easy as transcription into a telephone or Dictaphone

  • Highly cost effective when compared to transcription (total cost of software and good microphone is less than $1000)

Microphone options l.jpg
Microphone Options

Sennheiser ME 3

Andrea ANC-600

Philips SpeechMike Pro

VXI & Andrea USB Pods

Voice recognition in medical settings l.jpg
Voice Recognition in Medical Settings

47 Emergency Room Charts

Advanced User27 Charts

Basic User20 Charts

Voice Rec Dictation


Telephone Dictation


Voice Rec Dictation


Telephone Dictation


Am J Emerg Med. 2001;19:295-298

Speech recognition vs transcription l.jpg





Speech Recognition Vs. Transcription

Am J Emerg Med. 2001;19:295-298

Speech recognition vs transcription25 l.jpg
Speech Recognition Vs. Transcription



Am J Emerg Med. 2001;19:295-298

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Where Next?