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Whitli Welshhon

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Claude Monet. Studied phisics at Arkansas state university * Lives in Joplin ,Missouri * Married * Born on august 6 th 2002. Whitli welshhon : My favorite color is aqua and turqouse. Path to Fame.

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whitli welshhon
Claude Monet

Studied phisics at Arkansas state university * Lives in Joplin ,Missouri * Married * Born on august 6th 2002


My favorite color is aqua and turqouse

Path to Fame

I went to vest day care until the age of 6 and then went to eastmorland until 4th grade and then went to jefferson for 5th grade and am going to north middle school in the 2014-2015 school year.

Whitliwelshhon: my favorite planet is venus because it was named after the goddess of love and beauty

Whitli Welshhon


My favorite color is blue too.




My favorite color is pink and blue.


Elijah kelly:

Loved working with you! How’s that new technique we developed working out?

Madisyn crandall

claude monet
Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Studied Art at Le Harve Secondary School of the arts * Lives in Giverny, France * Married * Born on November 14, 1840

Basic Info

About whitli

I was born on august 6th 2002 and my address now is 110 McCOY. I was born to trishaann peel and

Stephen roywelshhon.



Elijah kelly



“No bees no honey, no work no money.” - unknown

Claude Monet


Favorite things

color: turquose

friends: madisyn, moniqua, danielle, brooke, tiffany, asyleen, elijah lily, kaila, elissa, grace, tobi and

emory and brett.

hair and eye color: brown

skin: a tan peach

group: awesome, freckles, happy, big booty judy, grace, a a ron, mini freckles and brett.

Danielle watkins

Brett doud

my paintings by claude monet albums updated 1 day ago
Claude Monet

Brooke studebaker and tiffany b.

Monet painted more than thirty different canvases of Rouen Cathedral, each at a different time of day. It captured his impression of the way the light changed the scene. It was one of his most extensive undertakings (Johnson 4).

Monet is credited with starting the Impressionist movement. In fact, the style was named after this painting, which is titled Sunrise: Impression. Critics meant the term “Impressionism” as a negative, but Monet took it as a compliment (Dudar7).

My Paintings

By Claude Monet (Albums) * Updated 1 day ago

Monet continued to paint even when he was almost blind. His water-lilies painting took him 15 years to complete. Monet even had a special studio built to house the work because the canvases were so big (Marcus 92).

Monet’s View of Vétheuil is an example of his unique use of color; unlike some of his contemporaries, he choose to use bright, shocking colors, that weren’t toned down with a somber golden wash used by other artists (Dudar 5.)