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Study Island. Welcome to the island!. What is it ?. Video. /. Logging In - HAVS. Go to Username: Your student ID with “@ havs ” right after it (Example: [email protected]) Initial Password: havs

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study island

Study Island

Welcome to the island!


logging in havs
Logging In - HAVS
  • Go to
  • Username: Your student ID with “@havs” right after it
  • (Example: [email protected])
  • Initial Password: havs
  • Once you login, the system will ask you to create your own password. Write it down! 
logging in indy
Logging In - INdy
  • Go to
  • Username: Your student ID with “@haindy” right after it
  • (Example: [email protected])
  • Initial Password: haindy
  • Once you login, the system will ask you to create your own password. Write it down! 
teacher responsibilities
Teacher Responsibilities
  • Subject area teachers will offer you a Monday grade level math and language arts large group session introducing the topic (“pathway”) of the week.
  • At the end of the session, you will be “web-pushed” to Study Island to work on your pathway.
teacher responsibilities1
Teacher Responsibilities
  • Homeroom teachers will then track who has completed the pathway and make sure to invite students to small groups based off of their results for the remainder of the week.
  • Homeroom teachers will hold monthly homeroom meetings, during which we will recognize the students completing the pathways and working hard (star students, most improved, etc.).
  • Teachers will be team-teaching math and language arts small groups, so watch your Class Connects to know which small groups you are invited to.
  • Pathways are the weekly topics you will be working on in Study Island.
  • You will typically do 1-2 pathways (topics) a week in math and language arts
  • Click on “lesson” to do the lesson.
  • Click on the topic to do the questions.
  • Click on the blue ribbon to see your blue ribbons!
  • You will have a Math and a Reading (ELA) assignment folder each month to work on.
  • Each folder has topics that match state standards.
  • You may select the lesson first to learn about the topic before selecting the topic to answer questions.
  • You may stop before you answer a question and it won’t be counted.
  • Each time you go back into a topic, it adds it to your score
  • You will be awarded a blue ribbon when your score for the topic is 70% or higher and you have answered 10 or more total questions. Go on and work on other topics to try to earn as many ribbons or passports as possible.
  • Each month, two new assignment folders will show up. You may always go back but you should work mostly in the one your teacher assigns that month.
  • You may choose PRACTICE or GAME mode after choosing a topic.
  • In the ELA (reading) folder, you may use dictionaries and other resource materials as you answer the questions. In the Math folder, you may use scrap paper and pencil to work out problems.
  • Be sure to visit the LESSON to learn about the topic. Lessons include instructions, animations, instructional videos and examples to help you. You may visit the LESSON as many times as you want.
why we do it
Why we do it…
  • Helps bridge the gap between the curriculum and IN State Standards
  • Individualizes learning by providing more opportunities for students to work in small groups and one-on-one
  • Is skill based instead of content based
  • Has shown proven results in regards to helping students pass ISTEP

Can I work ahead in Study Island?

  • Yes! Feel free to complete Pathway assignments even before the large group Monday sessions are offered.

Are small group Class Connects required?

  • We strongly encourage you to attend small groups because we are directing them to your level of understanding.

Do the pathways match up to my math course?

  • The pathways are designed to match to grade level standards (not K12 courses) to ensure you know your grade level standards and to help prepare you for success on ISTEP!


It’s Island Time!