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Nullification Crisis

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Nullification Crisis. State rights Vs Federal authority. First-tariffs of Abominations. Congress placed high tariffs on imports’ Southerners angry over tariffs Called it Tariffs of Abominations MEANS a hateful thing. Nullification Crises.

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nullification crisis

Nullification Crisis

State rights


Federal authority

first tariffs of abominations
First-tariffs of Abominations

Congress placed high tariffs on imports’

Southerners angry over tariffs

Called it

Tariffs of Abominations

MEANS a hateful thing

nullification crises
Nullification Crises

Calhoun did support a strong central government but…..

When Congress passed the tariffs of Abominations he protested it along with other Southerners

Previous tariffs and economic depression had severely damaged South Carolinas economy

In response he drafted South Carolina Exposition and Protest

Wanted to advance states rights which means since the states had formed the National Government states power should be greater than federal power

nullification continued
Nullification continued

He believed that states had the right to nullify or reject any federal law that states thought were unconstitutional

Theory controversial

One person from northern states claimed that the people and not the states made up the union

Conflict deepened

Dispute became known as the nullification crisis

nullification jacksons views
Nullification-Jacksons Views

Jackson disagreed with Calhoun’s reasoning

He feared that nullification would destroy the Union.

haynes webster debate
Haynes – Webster Debate

Many of the earlier supporters of states rights were Jefferson and Madison.

Calhoun’s theory went further

Stated state states could judge whether a law was or was not constitutional

Debated intensely on the floor of the Senate

Haynes (of S. C.)said that states rights were a lawful way to protest against the Federal Gov.

Daniel Webster believed that one nation, not a pact among independent states

He believed that the welfare of the nation should override that of individual states.

how did jackson respond
How did Jackson Respond?

Jackson opposed nullification

Concerned about economic problems in South

Asked Congress to pass another tariff lowering the rate

South Carolina thought this was inadequate

They decided to test the doctrine of states’ rights

south carolina response
South Carolina Response

South Carolina passed the Nullification Act

They declared that they would not pay illegal tariffs.

State threatened to secede (break away) from the union if Federal Gov. interfered.

Jackson Asked Congress to pass the Force Bill giving him power to use military force to enforce the law

So. Carolina accepted new tariff but nullified the Force bill

answer the following on the back of sheet
Answer the following on the back of sheet

1) Do you think that South Carolina had a right to pass a law to nullify a federal Law? Why or Why Not?

2) Do you think Pres. Jackson was right on his response to South Carolina? Why or Why Not?