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  1. P IS FOR PACKERS By: Nicole Brunette and Janelle Forrest

  2. B IS FOR BELLIN RUN • Bellin Run is in Wisconsin and is a really BIG run . • It is a benefit for Bellin Health Care in WI. • The Bellin Run is very good for your health. • More than 500 people join the Bellin Run each year.

  3. A IS FOR AMERICA • Wisconsin is in the U.S.A. • Most Americans live in Wisconsin. • In Wisconsin Schools we talk about the American Flag. • Wisconsin is in North America.

  4. C IS FOR CHEESE Kerry Henning continues his family tradition of making the wonderful cheese. Wisconsin makes the most cheese in the U.S. 2.5 billion pounds of cheese are made a year. Colby and Brick cheese were the first made in Wisconsin.

  5. D IS FOR DAIRY • The main Wisconsin dairy’s are milk, ice cream, and CHEESE . Wisconsin makes 1.8 million pounds of milk each month. It takes 6 pounds of whole milk and 1 pound of cream to make a gallon of ice cream. Wisconsin makes more than 600 different kinds of cheese.

  6. E IS FOR EAGLE • The Eagle is found 40 degrees north latitude across the entire continent . The Eagle has a very strong beak. His beak, legs, and eyes are yellow. The Eagle was once on the endangered list. But not anymore!

  7. F IS FOR FRENCH COLONIZATION • The French Colonization of Americans started in the 16th century and went on many years after that. The French came to Wisconsin while explorers were on a route trying to find the Pacific Ocean and wealth when they came across Wisconsin. The French settled in

  8. G IS FOR GALENA • Galena is the most important material, it’s in the lead! It’s in square crystals and is dark gray. Another name for it is Red Granite, it became the state rock! It was selected and is now our awesome state rock!

  9. H IS FOR HONEY • Honey is manufactured in one of the worlds most largest factories! Honey had over 4,000 colonies of bees producing honey mainly in the south-west, and south central in Wisconsin. The lighter honey got promoted best for table consumption. Wisconsin ranks 14th out of the nation.

  10. I IS FOR ICE SKATING • Milwaukee is a nice place to take your family for fun ice skating. About 400,000 people go to the PETTIS NATIONAL ICE CENTER to train and skate. Olympic ice skating champions train there. America is not just the dairy land, but is also the ice skating land.

  11. J IS FOR JUMP ROPE • Bloomers jump ropers boom began in the 1960’s. Paul Morning holds the record now of 72 jumps in 10 seconds. WOW that’s a lot! The Bloomer is on 17th street and a lot of people like to train there.The Bloomer contest gets bigger and better EVERY year.

  12. K IS FOR KLEENEX TISSUE • Did you know that Kleenex Tissue is a name brand? Yes Kleenex Tissue is a company. Kleenex Tissue is the number one company in the WORLD. The main tissue factory is in Kimberly, Wisconsin.

  13. L IS FOR LAMBEAU FIELD • Lambeau field is very famous in Wisconsin. People come from all over the STATE just to see the Packers play at Lambeau Field. At Lambeau Field you get to go on all kinds of tours and you also get souvenirs. Souvenirs like football jerseys and pictures of the famous (but now retired) BRETT FAVRE.

  14. M IS FOR MADISON • Madison is Wisconsin’s capital. It is the county seat of Dane County. The 2006 population estimate makes Madison the second largest city in Wisconsin. It is the 82nd largest city in the United States.

  15. N IS FOR NICOLET • Jean Nicolet was the first French Eourapian to discover Lake Michigan. Which is of course now the State of Wisconsin. Nicolet first traveled to New France when he was 20 years old. He lived with an Indian tribe on an island called Allumette island on the Ottawa River.

  16. O IS FOR ON WISCONSIN • The tune was written in 1908 by William t. Purdy. William wrote the song for a new fighting song at the university of Minnasota. The lyrics were rewritten for the state song in 1913 by Charles D. Rosa and J. S. Hubbard. This song explains a lot about Wisconsin.

  17. P IS FOR PACKERS • People in Newton WI. Are passionate about 2 things. They developed a cheese factory makes cheese spread in green and gold. It is something different and fun for the cheese and sports crowd.

  18. Q IS FOR QUARRY • A quarry is a hole that people dig and find stones these stones are use for building and construction. Quarrying was not really popular way back in the 1850s. Not much was done by any sizable quarrying operations until the 1850s. Quarry of stone had become a popular industry by the 1870s and 1880s.

  19. R IS FOR RED RASPBERRY • In Wisconsin Dells they grow two different kinds of raspberry. The ones that start growing July 1st and are great for picking for the rest of mouth. There are also ones that give little berries in July and give the largest ones in August. The lager ones go right though October until there is a hard frost.

  20. S IS FOR SUGAR MAPLE • The Sugar Maple tree was assigned the state tree in 1949. Sugar Maple is also called rock Maple or hard Maple. It is one of the biggest trees in the woods. It is also very, very inportant.

  21. T IS FOR THIRTIETH • Wisconsin is the thirtieth state. Wisconsin became the thirtieth state on May 29th, 1848. We used to have a lot of land in Wisconsin. But in order to become a state we had to give up a lot of that land.

  22. U IS FOR UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN Following a job of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin. That is what Patrick V. Ferral is doing! He has been named vice president in the University. He has also been named Lehigh University.

  23. V IS FOR VITAMINS • Researchers in Madison, Wisconsin discovered something! They discovered that vitamin A was not the only health carrier. But retinal-binding protein (RBP) is also healthy. Isn’t that amazing!?!

  24. W IS FOR WOOD VIOLET • Kids were the people to pick the Wood Violet for our state flower. The Wood Violets grow in wet wood lend or meadow areas and on the roads . The flower grows in March and June. The Wood Violet is not only in our state but it is also in Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

  25. X IS FOR X- ITING • Wisconsin is very x-iting because there is a lot of history. If you go on a trip in Wisconsin you get to learn about the Pestigo Fire or other things like that. There are a lot of other things to learn about Wisconsin. There are so many other things to see that I can’t even name them all!

  26. Y IS FOR YUMMY CRANBERRIES • The tangy and tart Cranberries that are very healthy are tied to WI. Here in WI we produce more cranberries then any other state. Half of the cranberries in the world are from WI. The WI cranberries industry has a strong inpact on the states econemy.

  27. Z IS FOR ZOO • Wisconsin’s Milwaukee zoo is considered one of the finest zoo’s in the country. It has 200 wood acres. It represents 300 species of animals.