The uses of ict in teaching
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The uses of ICT in teaching. April 2011. Secondary Technical School for Transport. has more than thirty years of tradition offers a full secondary professional education with school-leaving exam to primary school leavers education is offered in full-time four-year study courses

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Secondary technical school for transport
Secondary Technical School for Transport

  • has more than thirty years of tradition

  • offers a full secondary professional education with school-leaving exam to primary school leavers

  • education is offered in full-time four-year study courses

  • available in two specialisations

Specialisation 3765 6 technique and operation of transport
specialisation 3765 6, technique and operation of transport

  • students of this course prepare for the performance of technical functions in operation, maintenance and diagnostics of motor vehicles.

  • students can find a job in transport companies, car services and technical control stations or in the area of car selling and insurance, etc.

Specialisation 3760 6 operation and economics of transport
specialisation 3760 6, operation and economics of transport

  • students of this course prepare for the performance of technical-economic functions in the area of road transport and logistics,

  • students can also find a job in transport, forwarding and logistic companies.

General education courses
General-education courses:

  • Slovak language and literature

  • English

  • German

  • Ethics / Religion

  • History

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Informatics

  • Physical education

Specialized subjects
Specialized subjects:

  • Transport geography

  • Technical drawing

  • Basics of technique

  • Practice

  • Introduction to motoring

  • Electrical engineering

  • Machine parts

  • Technical calculations

  • Driving technique

  • Handling of goods

  • Graphic systems

  • Electronics

Specialized subjects1
Specialized subjects:

  • Electrical measurements

  • Road transport

  • Road vehicles

  • Economy

  • Measurement and diagnostics

  • Accounting

  • Operation of road vehicles

  • Waste management

  • Project minimum

  • Language training

Specialized subjects2
Specialized subjects:

  • Administration and correspondence

  • Duty doctrine

  • Forwarding

  • Commodity

  • Transport logistics


  • Students work with MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel as a spreadsheet editor and MS PowerPoint as a presentation program 

  • Students work with vector graphics using Zoner Callisto,

  • Students programmed using Imagine software,

  • Students create an animation inthe program LogoMotion.

Transport geography
Transport geography

  • students seeking information about road traffic, vehicles, technical base (ports,terminals, airports, transport hubs), public transport, timetables,

  • students seeking information about the countries, geographical and economic data, but mostly information about the most important modes of transport -road, rail,water, air, pipeline and urban

Technical drawing
Technical drawing

  • students draw manufacturing components and complete the drawing title block in AutoCADgraphics program (planar view in 2D)

  • students draw simple elementsusing the model (perspective view in called3D)

  • students prescribe the size, tolerance and surface roughness of manufacturing part and develop complete manufacturing drawing

Machine parts
Machine parts

  • Students in a graphics program AUTOCAD create manufacturing drawings of parts of pulleys and gears,

  • Students used the space program ProDesktop to see these parts.

Graphic systems
Graphic systems

  • Students use the program INVENTOR and modeled spatial patterns of components,

  • Students simulate parts of the plate, creating welded assemblies,

  • Students fromthe developed models generate productiondrawings.

Road transport
Road transport

  • students seek transport route using the ROUTE 66

  • seekcurrent information on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Regional Transport Authorities,

  • work with laws and regulations in road transport.

Road vehicles
Road vehicles

  • Students using the internet for:

  • seeking news, pictures, animation andvideos

  • homework assistance

  • Teacher using the interner for:

  • assigning tasks,

  • testing knowledge’s,

  • communication with students

  • Teacher is using the computer and video-projector for examining functions of road vehicle parts and redrawing pictures.

  • Students work with MS Excel(calculation) anf MS PowerPoint(report writing)


  • taught in hourly subsidy 2 lessons per week,

  • 1 lesson training takes place in the classroom, where students learn to work with accounting software POHODA by Stormware company,

  • students on theoretical lesson gain the theoretical knowledge of basic accounting procedures, which are then applied to the use of economic agendas in software POHODA.


  • order to work with accounting software is that the student has acquired skills in accounting the agenda of "accounting", issue cash vouchers in the agenda "Cash on hand" to issue invoices in agenda "Supplier and customer invoices" and with agenda „Internal documents" book the internal operations of the company,

  • students record a contra entry for over two years in a common fictional company named after the class and group, which is administered by the accounting transactions entered by teacher.

Waste management
Waste management

  • Students use the Internet to search for new and current knowledges in the field ofenvironmental education and legislation addressing in the handling of waste,

  • Students present their projects, which are used for testing of multiple choicetests.

A dministration and correspondence
Administration and correspondence

  • in I. grade students use the program ATF (All the fingers) to manage tenfinger method of writing on the computer keyboard

  • in II. grade students are working in a text editor and prepare the official and businessletters (demand, supply, order, claim, invitation, request) in Slovak, English andGerman

Administration and correspondence
Administration and correspondence

  • students should handle Slovak Technical Norms (STN 01 6910),

  • students should apply gained knowledge from other subjects, mainly from slovak language, economy or computer science,

  • in writing out written documents for foreign business partners students should also use knowledge from foreign languages,

  • students should use knowledge and skills from computer science and also they should rationalize work in writing out documents by computers.

I nformation systems in transport
Information systems in transport

  • students evaluate the work of drivers, which is recorded on the driver card or on the tachographdisc using Targa software

  • students work with a program to produce a timetabled public transport routes,

  • students create a database in MS Access,

  • students create 2D and 3D views of components in a graphics program AutodeskInventor.