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. . . mitigating maritime security risks worldwide PowerPoint Presentation
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. . . mitigating maritime security risks worldwide

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. . . mitigating maritime security risks worldwide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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. . . mitigating maritime security risks worldwide. The Foundation for Democracy in Africa. Cruise Tourism And Security. Presented by Ronald Thomason July 22-26, 2003 Miami, Florida. The Cruise & Tourism Market. Development Challenges.

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. . . mitigating maritime security risks worldwide

The Foundation for Democracy in Africa

Cruise Tourism



Presented by Ronald Thomason

July 22-26, 2003

Miami, Florida


Development Challenges

Cruise tourism in Africa faces several significant security

challenges that must be met in order to be viable, sustainable, and profitable.

• Ability to provide a secure seaport operating area for vessels;

• Ability to provide secure shore excursion venues for tourists;

• Ability to fund seaport security infrastructure improvements needed to meet IMO mandated requirements.


IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

  • The IMO ISPS Code includes significant security programs for ships, shipping companies (e.g., offices, facilities), and seaports, examples of which include:
    • Shipping companies must have a Company Security Officer
    • (CSO)
    • Seaports & terminal facilities must have a Port Facility Security
    • Officer who has received training in specific aspects of maritime
    • security.
    • Seaports & terminal facilities must have a Port Facility Security
    • Assessment (PVA)
    • Seaports must have Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP)

Systems & Programs

Critical components of seaport security that must be addressed in the port facility security assessments and plans are:

• Physical Security

• Personnel Security

• Information Security


Countdown to ISPS Implementation

The following prioritized approach is recommended in advance

of July 2004:

• Select a Company Security Officer (CSO) for shipping companies, and a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) for seaport and terminal operations;

• Perform Port Facility Security Assessments(PFSA);

• Develop Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP);

• Establish a Security Training Program;

• Obtain Security Equipment

• Begin implementing steps to correct the deficiencies identified in the PFSA

• Submit port and facility security plans to Contracting Government for review and certification.


Performance Objectives

In order to meet the tight timeline for compliance, African ports seeking to become passenger cruise tour destinations will need to achieve the following performance objectives in short order:

• Identify and procure funding for critical security infrastructure improvements

• Draft a plan for the development of an ISPS Code-compliant port facility

• Identify & select qualified vendors for procurement of security systems & materials

• Select, train, and deploy a capable security force;

• Complete installation & integration of security equipment, systems, and programs



SeaSecure recommendations to African governments looking to passenger cruise tourism as an engine of economic growth and development:

• Seek assistance in developing a plan to address the ISPS Code requirements

• Consider a regional, instead of national approach to addressing costly seaport security issues, take advantage of economies of scale

• Work with development banks to obtain funding or loan guarantees based on IMO compliance requirement

• Select a security provider who can provide a wholistic, turn-key solution.


Contact Information

Ron Thomason

SeaSecure LLC

3471 N. Federal Highway

Suite 611

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33306

Tel: 1-954-567-4700

Fax: 1-954-567-2511