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English Architecture

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English Architecture. Harold Hyte. Timber Frame. 19 th Century and earlier . One or two stories, sometimes with attic. Wooden wall frame with wooden walls and plaster.

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English Architecture

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timber frame
Timber Frame

19th Century and earlier. One or two stories, sometimes with attic. Wooden wall frame with wooden walls and plaster.


Features high contrast between the walls and timber frame. Often features diagonal lines in roof. Has a lot of unity as the entire building has the same outlining timbers. Regular rhythm is seen in the timber frame.

tudor style
Tudor Style

Tudor Period (1485–1603). Commonly 3 stories. Brick and stone construction.

Vertical lines create feeling of strength and power. Vertical symmetry is commonly seen in the buildings. Brick and stone construction gives it a rough texture. Often rhythm is seen in the windows and sections of the building. Unity is felt as all parts of the building fit together with the others and seem to belong.

Victorian architecture is ornate, with 4 or 5 stories. It originated during the Victorian Period. (Late 19th Century). It is constructed out of brick.

It includes heavy repetition throughout the buildings. The design is very vertical and gives a sense of importance and royalty. The buildings have a strong sense of balance as large parts of the building are often present on both sides. Heavy emphasis is often placed on the top of the buildings, like the clock tower.


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A tumber frame english house built in minecraft.