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Work planning at FAO PowerPoint Presentation
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Work planning at FAO

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Work planning at FAO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Work planning at FAO
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  1. Work planning at FAO Bringing it all together

  2. FAO Commitments to Member States Commitments to Members collectively Strategic Framework MTP/PWB Commitments to Individual Member States 2 years National Priorities 4-5 years CPF

  3. FAO’s Strategic Framework Global Goals Strategic Framework (10 years) Strategic Objectives Medium-Term Plan (4 years) Organizational Results Programme of Work and Budget (2+2 years) CPF outcomes CPF (4 -5 years) Organizational Outputs Work Plans Products/Services

  4. Work Planning

  5. Biennium!!!

  6. Understanding OOs

  7. What is an Organizational Output? Thebiggerpicture The actual deliverables

  8. FAOR India A01P124 - Improved practices for crop production developed Indicator: Number of improved practices in litchi production introduced at project sites Baseline: nil Means of Verification: Survey, FAOR Report Target: 4

  9. FAOR India A01P124 - Improved practices for crop production developed • Greenhouse and protocols on genetic resources, post harvest handling, propagation techniques and production of litchi developed (FAIND – TCP/IND/3202) • Speeches and reading materials delivered to stakeholders (FAIND) • A knowledge sharing platform on crops (FAIND)

  10. Delivery foreseen during the biennium. Valid delivery estimate prepared by BH in consultation with PTF. • Principles Project Integration • Contribute to achievement of Organizational Results – integral part of the results framework • Project can be an OO, product/service or activity, defined by BH in consultation and collaboration with PTF, strategy team and head of office • Tool: FPMIS – enter data, systems will do the rest! • ONE result, unless absolutely necessary!

  11. Project’s Timeline 2 years 2 years 3-month project 3-year project 5-year project

  12. Project’s Scope/Magnitude Global Goals Strategic Objectives Organizational Results Organizational Outputs Project delivery during the biennium Products/Services Activities

  13. RNE C01N201 - Capacity strengthened to develop policies and standards that are coherent with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and its technical guidelines • Coordination of FAO work in the region and sub-regions to support sustainable fisheries and aquaculture (RNE) • Pilot application of the aquaculture CCRF questionnaire including strategic analysis of the sector in Member countries (FIP) •  Capacity developed within cooperative framework in upper Tigris-Euphrates Basin for implementation of Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (SNO) • Approfondissement des connaissances sous-régionales en matière d'intégration des approches de gestion du littoral et des ressources naturelles a la gestion durable des pêches (SNE)

  14. Other examples… B01N202 - Strengthened capacity of public and private sectors for improved animal productivity in the Near East (RNE) 1. Technical manuals and guidelines elaborated in areas of sustainable livestock production and good agricultural practice (RNE) 2. Strengthened capacity of dairy sector and good agricultural practice to reduce GHG emissions (SNG) 3. Support to institutional managerial and technical capacity of the small Ruminant Producers Associations (SNE) 4. Technical assistance to member countries for the elaboration of their CPF (SNE) L03G201 - Design and supervision of effective public and private sector investments in food, sustainable agriculture and rural development (TCI) 1. Design and supervision of effective public and private sector investments in food, sustainable agriculture and rural development in the SNE subregion (SNE) 2. Support to IFI Disaster Resilience and Livelihood Sustainability Investments in Horn of Africa (TCI) 3. Support to CAADP (TCS – GCP/INT/100/ITA)

  15. Strategic Objective A: Sustainable intensification of crop production OR A-03 OR A-01 OR A-02 AGA RNE OO A01G201: Tools and instruments, whichreflectan eco-systemapproach, forsustainablecropproductionintensificationprovidedtocountries. (AGP led) AGP P/S A01G20101: Mainstreaming Save & Grown at national/ regional levels (AGP led) P/S A01G20116: Develop guidelines and tools for sustainable crop production intensification (ESS led, TF)

  16. WorkPlans are a toolfor…

  17. Country Work Planning

  18. Country Work Planning

  19. FAO Lebanon F02N127 – Enhanced water efficiency and productivity including reuse of treated wastewater • Development of Guidelines • Training and capacity building • Awareness campaign

  20. FAO Lebanon A02N119 – Phytosanitary system developed in compliance with the international standards • Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation • Phytosanitary System development strategy • National pest lists for citrus and stonefruits

  21. CWP Formulation - Steps

  22. The CWP Template – Draft!

  23. Group Exercise

  24. Thank you!