the c elts by elena n.
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the c elts by Elena

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the c elts by Elena. R oundhouses.

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the c elts by Elena

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r oundhouses

Celtic tribes lived in scattered villages. They did not live in houses made of concrete, but lived in roundhouses. Round houses , as the name suggests were round. The roofs were thatched and either made of heather or straw. The walls were made of daub ( mud and straw) and wattle (woven wood). There were no windows or chimneys although they had small holes at the top, so it often got very smokey. Often enough animals were kept inside at night, which made it even smellier! Sometimes, to decorate the roundhouses they drew designs on the walls.

  • The Celts got around by horse and type of charriot, to get across the sea they had boats.(but nothing fancy)
who are they
Who are they?
  • The Celts were very intelligent people as they discovered that iron was much stronger than bronze. They introduced the iron age to most of Europe. The Celts originally came from central Europe. They came to Ireland in 600 BC. The warriors always had a type of paint on their bodies which were put on as designs , the swirlier the better. The Celts were such great warriors that they even had a basketball team named after them!
  • Druids were the Celtic priests.
  • Druids collected mistletoe for potions.
  • They made a lot of sacrifices to their Gods , like swords, shields, animals and even humans!
  • Druids wore animal skin robes.
  • It took about 20 years to become a druid.
  • When they made a human sacrifice they threw the body into the bog.
  • Druids had a very strict diet and hardly ate so that they could get ‘visions’.
  • The Celts liked very colourful clothes and patterns. To tint the clothes ,they used berries and plants. Not only did they wear brightly coloured and patterned clothes but they also painted patterns on their bodies. They never had had spotty patterns on their clothes, but had checked and stripes. The Celts normally wore a tunic a belt and trousers, women wore a dress fastened by brooches.