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AC servicing equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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AC servicing equipment

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AC servicing equipment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AC servicing equipment. Filling Station - Refmatic. This unit recovers, recycles and recharges R134a in one hook-up. Stockage of the refrigerant in 10Kg. or 24Kg. tank and display of recovered quantity. Evacuation of air and moisture from AC system before the recharge.

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filling station refmatic
Filling Station - Refmatic
  • This unit recovers, recycles and recharges R134a in one hook-up.
  • Stockage of the refrigerant in 10Kg. or 24Kg. tank and display of recovered quantity. Evacuation of air and moisture from AC system before the recharge.
  • Refrigerant recharge managed in automatic mode.
  • The above functions are managed by keypad and checked by electronic balance.
  • Available models:
  • AT41502 - Refmatic Plus - Semiautomatic
  • AT41500 - Refmatic Top - Automatic
  • AT41501 - Refmatic standard
refmatic top at41500 full automatic
Refmatic Top AT41500 full automatic
  • Peculiarity
  • three programs:
    • Manual – Automatic – ID
    • Automatic oil discharge
  • Automatic oil refill
  • HP or LP flow entry gas selection.
  • Integrated printer.
  • 26 Liters tank.
  • 142L / min vacuum pump.
fill station r134a mini


Fill Station R134a mini

Technical specification:

Evacuation of air and moisture from A/C system before charging.

Charging of A/C system with recovered or virgin refrigerant using graduated cylinder tank (2.2 Kg).

All functions are copletely manual.

leak detector uv lamp


Leak detector UV lamp
  • Indispensable tool to search for leaks in AC systems.
  • Technical data:
  • High power
  • Preheating not needed.
  • Power supply: 12V ( battery).
  • Cable length : 4,6 m.
  • Lamp life : 3000 hours
  • Dimensions : Æ 63 X 150 mm.
  • Weight : 430 g.
uv lamp with rechargeble battery and battery charger


UV lamp with rechargeble battery and battery charger

Due to its caracteristics, this lamp, is helpful when we need to search for leaks without the impediment of the connection cable.

The kit includes a powerful battery and a battery charger.

kit for introduction of leak detectors in ac systems


Kit for introduction of leak detectors in AC systems

The kit has universal fittings and can be used on any type of R134a charger.

There is a calibrated container, which allows the introduction of exactly the right amount of liquid detector into the AC system and avoids the creation of air bubbles, which can damage the system’s efficiency.

The kit can also be used with single dose additive capsules for R134a through a 1/2“ ACME connector.



Tracing dye for R134a and R12

This detector can be used in AC systems that use PAG and Ester lubrificants.

We reccomend to use this detector with the relevant kit AT41353.

12 single dose capsules package.

manual injection system for dyes

Manual injection system for dyes


This product injects a single dye dose into the AC system; the injection pressure is 11 bar (150 psi).

It prevents air from entering AC system by means of a built-in feature. Very easy to operate.

electronic leak detector


Electronic leak detector

This refrigerant leak detector is sensitive to all CFCs (R12, R11), HFCs (R134a, R400a, R507) and HCFCs (R22, R123). An audible and visible variable pitch signal pinpoints the exact source of the leak.


Sensitivity to CFC, HCFC, HFC (3 levelsi): 3 grams for year

Contamination adjustment: automatic

Weight with batteries: 500 grams

Temperature range in working conditions: –27 °C up to 50 °C

Certification CE

crimping device



Crimping Device

This system is especially suited for crimping steel fittings, but also those in alumininum, applicable on all rubber and/or nylon-rubber hoses in standard size:

5/16”, 13/32”, 1/2” e 5/8”.

This simple hydraulic pump makes it cconvenient to performe manual crimping pratically anywhere, without depending on any pneumatic or electrical power source.

È consigliabile l’azionamento mediante chiave a cricchetto.

manual power



Manual Power

This simple hydraulic pump makes it cconvenient to performe manual crimping pratically anywhere, without depending on any pneumatic or electrical power source.

Safety features per EC regulations.

May also be applied to other crimping devices on the market.

hydraulic adapter



Hydraulic Adapter
  • This accessory makes it possible to use the crimping device AT41397 with this power units:
  • AT41374
  • AT41376
  • AT41377
pneumatic hidraulic power


Pneumatic - Hidraulic Power
  • This unit is pneumatically powered (compressed air) by means of a built-in foot control.
  • Technical specifications:
  • Compressed air mains working
  • pressure : from 5 to 8 bar
  • Working pressure : 700 bar
  • Weight : 10 kg
  • Dimensions : 300 x 150 x 270 mm
equipement to repair pre formed metal pipes for a c systems



Equipement to repair Pre-formed metal pipes for A/C systems

Allows users to repair any pre-formed metal pipes provided on A/C system in just a few minutes, by applyng a “Lokring” coupling, without the need to replace the entire pipe or use a welder, with dangerous flames and fume emissions.

The “Lokring” coupling ensures a perfect seal on the reparied pipe.

The equipement also makes it possible to build pipes of any shape and length, using sections of straight piping with a wide range of available culplings (straight, 90°,T,etc.).

temperature detectors


Temperature Detectors
  • Reliable and accurate instrument for showing interior and exterior vehicle temperatures.
  • Usefull for A/C unit performance test
  • LCD display in °C and °F.
  • Technical data:
  • Temperature range: -20 to +120 °C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,3 °C
  • Working conditions: 0 to +50 °C
thermometer hygrometer

Thermometer – Hygrometer


This instrument is particularly suited for measuring temperature and humidity inside vehicles.

LCD display in °C and °F.

Technical data:

Temperature range: 0 °C to 50 °C

Battery life: 4400 hours (approx)

pag oil for ac compressors
PAG oil for AC compressors

AT41245 ISO 46 LOW Viscosity 236 cc package

AT41238 ISO 100 MEDIUM Viscosity 236 cc package

AT41244 ISO 150 HIGH Viscosity 236 ccpackage

original o ring replacement


Original O-ring replacement

O-ring protection

Prevents distortion and nipping during insertion.

Guarantees longer life to O-rings and washers.

Compatible with R12 and R134a.


Oil quantity to fill in A/C system after a replacement of a damaged component.

NB: In case of replacement of a damaged component

Consider + 30 gr. Oil for evaporator

Consider + 30 gr. Oil for condenser

Consider +15 gr. Oil for receiver drier

NB: Use only specific oil depending on refrigerant type

ac flushing kit


AC flushing kit

This kit consists of a 400 cc sturdy alloy bottle (with valve), hose, pistol, clamp and a container for flushing liquid recovery. It can be used with any suitable cleansing fluid (R141b,etc.) though we recommend AT41425. The flushing liquid is pressurised in the alloy bottle (4 – 8 bar) using compressed air or nitrogen through the inlet valve.

ac flushing kit1


AC flushing kit

This environmentally friendly solvent is non toxic and contains no polluting substances such as surface-active agents, ether glycol or halogen hydrocarbons.It does not destroy or deform elastomer (rubber) and/or synthetic materials.

The solvent drying time is compatible with the normal servicing requirements for AC systems and has a rapid evaporation time.

It is compatible with all refrigerants


Supplied in a 5 litre container.

thread restored



Thread Restored

Replacing a part with a ruined thread

(which may cause leaks) can be quite

troublesome and take a lot of time.

That is why we have created this kit

containing every type of threader (male

and female) used in Diavia A/C systems

to restore ruined threads and avoid the

need to replace the part.

alternative vacuum hack saw


Alternative vacuum hack-saw

An extremely versatile tool for making quickly and effortlessly precise, safe cuts in metal and plastic sheets.

It is particulary useful for all the cuts to be made when installing air conditioners units, car radio equipment, etc .

hose cutter


Hose Cutter

Tool for making clean, precision cuts on refrigerant boses

antibacterial treatment

Antibacterial treatment

Two antibacterial treatment have been chosen for treating the bacteria that form in the air ducting, heat exchangers and evaporating system and emit unpleasant moudly odours. The treatments meets very restrictive toxicological and working condition requirements.

Supplied in cartons of 12 units.

AT41428 ACAT 30 – STRONG antibacterial treatment

AT41434ACAT 40 – STANDARD antibacterial treatment

valve core removers
Valve core removers

For service valve maintenance and replacement.

AT41298 – for standard valves.

AT41521 – for Ford / Renault valves

special valve core removers

Special valve core removers

This tools (PURGE-MATE system) allow the replacement of defective valve core, without discharging AC system (valve blocked closed).

AT41539 Service HP valve core

AT41540Service LP valve core