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Goal-Setting. By Rajesh Tagore. Imagine people playing a football game without a goal post.? That’s how most peoples live their life !!!. Steps to begin towards writing your dreams & goals.

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    1. Goal-Setting By Rajesh Tagore Imagine people playing a football game without a goal post.? That’s how most peoples live their life !!!

    2. Steps to begin towards writing your dreams & goals. 1. Purchase a 400 pages Beautiful Hard bound Dreams and Goals Register. Ask your trainer for a sample copy 2. Leave the first 20 pages for writing DREAMS • Divide the book into 10 equal sections for writing Dreams and eight kinds of goals • Name the first two sections as My Dreams and my wishes • Write as many dreams as possible without thinking whether they are possible or not. • Write logical as well as illogical goals • Leave it aside for 48 hours after writing about 100 to 500 of your Dreams. After 48 hours read each of your Dream and ask yourself Why to each of the list 8. If you do not get a convincing and strong reason for your Dreams, means you are not sure about it. Forget that Dream. 9. If you get a good reason for your Dream then it is your Goal. 10. Update the Goal to the Goals page to be followed and write the 7 steps. 11. Finally ask yourself is it morally right and challenging to attain the goal. Writing in a beautiful, big, thick and Hard bound register reflects seriousness towards your life

    3. Goals How to set goals and achieve them on schedule There are several steps to set and achieve goals. First of all remember a fundamental : Everything is possible if our mind conceives and believes. Smart formula SMART formula is the first we needs to remember while setting our goals. It stands for SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ATTAINABLE REALISTIC TIMEBOUND Kinds of Goals formula The LTG, MTG, STG and WIGs LTG: Long term goals MTG: Medium term goals STG: Short term goals MIGs: Most Important Goals Goals set direction for life

    4. How to write your Goals Never write like this I want to be a big man I want to be a successful man I want to have a good Car I want to have a Big home I want to help people I want to become a rich man I want to have lots of money I want to be number one I want to become a good husband/wife/ son/ father I want to become very popular etc. because these statements are not Specific and therefore do not fall into SMART principles. One of my first goal was to buy a car before 23rd Dec 2000. I achieved it. I bought a 30th hand Premier Padmini (Fiat) Car 18 year old. I never wanted that car. But I never specifically mentioned which car I wanted. That’s when I understood what specific actually means - Rajesh Tagore When the goals are not specific their definitions can alter to suit your convenience

    5. Write Goals like this • My goal is to do 5 Million business by March 2011 • My goal is to have 20 policies of 1 crore or more by Dec 2010 • My goal is to own Hyundai i20 car by March 2011 • My goal is to add one new client every day for the until the year 2020 • My goal is to have 300 new clients every year • My goal is to do 1 crores Conventional premium every year for 20 years • My goal is world tour with family in Apri-may 2014 • My goal is to attend MDRT convention every year for 40 years • My Goal is to achieve COT by the year 2013 • My Goal is to achieve TOT every year until year 2030 • The second formula for setting goals is a seven step formula. Following these seven steps shall ensure that you can achieve the goal on schedule. Career Goal should not be an event. It should be a continuous process. Otherwise achieving that goal can be the end of your career

    6. 8 kinds of Goals Physical goals Personal goals Professional goals Financial goals Educational goals Social goals Spiritual goals Attitudinal goals Setting 8 kinds of goals help you achieve the ultimate balance for your life

    7. Why should we have 8 kinds of goals Imagine a person goes to a gym and does only right hand exercise of lifting dumbles 2000 times each day for 6 months. What would happen to his body after 6 months? Right hand would look like Arnold’s arm but what about the remaining part of the body? It would look like the body of a polio patient. isn’t it? Simmilarly goal setting should reflect to all parts of life. We should grow in all areas of life with specific goals and action plan towards every aspect as mentioned in 8 kinds in this literature. 5star hotels have a culture of giving tea and sugar seperately. That’s because most people who can afford to go to such hotels can not afford to have tea with sugar. Because their health does not permit. Whats the point of having money without health or fame without family happiness. Whats the point of professional success if you don’t have social recognition and inner spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. When you set all 8 kinds of goals you grow simultaneously in all directions of life. Thus attain complete balance in life Growing in one directions becomes meaningless. Unfortunately people are too busy to understand it

    8. Physical Goals While setting physical goals think of yourself during your 60th year and 80th year and 100th year. What kind of health you must possess in order to live healthily and happily that long. Your physical exercise, weekly exercise Look at your diet, think in terms of where all can you improve. Your dental health, check and protect your teeth Your skin condition how strong is it Your ability to run. A healthy man should be in a position to run 5 km within 35 minutes Your tummy and appearance, your weight? Should you do something to increase it or reduce it? How frequently you fall ill? How many times have you visited a doctor? What health habits have you developed? Consider all the above and decide your goals Then write them is 7 steps Mention if you want to give up smoking, drinking Left : My photographs while running maratbhon and Right :my figure after daily run Your body is a temple Worship it,

    9. Personal Goals-including Family Goals, Personal goals consist of personal possetional Goals and family goals and private goals Possetional Goals: Like Which Car by when, What kind of Home, Holidays, second home, property, estate, Gold Jewellery, diamonds, anything for yourself or your children or spouse that you want to own/buy Family Goals: Goals for spending time with family, including parents, children, spouse, brothers & sisters. You should also mention the rules of family like not beating children, going for a private outing, cultivating Values, Reading habits, TV watching, Internet rules, playing with children, Story telling to children, etc. Private Goals: set Goals for some time private time for yourself. Be alone, in an unknown place, anylize your life in a desert, or in front an ocean or deep jungles for 4 to 8 days every year. Relation building is more important than building wealth

    10. Professional Goalsincluding Career Goals This is easy to write You want to achieve MDRT, COT, TOT continuously next 20 years, 30 years, decide long term and write down You can also mention about your No. of clients goal No, of visits in a year for the next 10-20 years No. of new clients goal No. of policies, amount of premium, amount of commission Set Goals about your office, staff, computers software Set your goals in terms of new clientile Set goals in terms of minimum premium due Set your growth path professionally Decide what you want to accomplish after 20 – 30 years professionally Your expansion plans Your service standards Career building is a process and not an Event

    11. Financial Goals How much money you want to make How much money you want to Save How much money you want to invest - Where Your insurance personal planning Your retirement plan. Your estate planning Tax planning Children welfare Readyness for any eventuality Medical Planning Your credit card Your financial IQ Your spending habits Your wealth education implementation Your portfolio Investment interests Your asset allocation This planning is very essential and also plan for an coach as this is your field in all sence and people look for you It does not matter how much money you make What matters is, How much money you invest

    12. Educational Goals How do you look at Education. Do you want to read for atleast an hour everyday No. of books to be read No. of cassettes/CDs to be heard or viewed New subjects of interest Learn, Jogging, Swimming, Driving, Cooking, Dancing New skills of your interest- Computers, internet, Typing, Software skills, maths, Public Speaking, writing Practicing Yoga, Karate,Classical Dance, Music like Guitar, Tabla, flutre, How about professional Sales Educaion Learn, Selling skills, Closing skills, Follow-up skills, Key Account Managemen skillst, HNI Selling skills, Telephone Skills, Human Relation skills, Objection Handling skills, Competition handling skills, Goal writing skills, communication skills How about management skills, Parenting skills, Love making skills, Human management skills, Change implementation skills, execution skills? What we can learn in life is endless. Set your goals in this direction Education has got to be continuous and never ending daily affair

    13. Social Goals Social goals can also be known as contribution goals How would you repay back to the society Construct a temple, Hospital, school, Hall, garden, old age home, child care centre Help the world become greener by planting trees, jungles Protect wild animals, lakes, ponds, soil, Indian culture, Read newspaper every-day for the blind Create awareness about the need of retirement fund, Dig wells or birewells for villagers or poor Donate money, cloths, books, blood, organs, Start a readers club, salesmen club, Education centre Social goals are the biggest confidence builders when performed without any selfish motives

    14. Spiritual Goals Understanding spiritual connection Practicing meditation every day Living in peace, prayer and harmony Living with honesty and integrity Never bending under pressure Never bribing anybody or never accepting bribes Accept people as they are Overcome demands and expectation from people by building self control Understand the rules of the nature and live by it. Get connected with nature with own spirit We are not human beings We actually are spiritual being

    15. Attitudinal Goals The world is changing faster than our imagination Changing yourself according to the need of the hour Adapting to the environment Learning new rules of life everyday and live without complaining Understanding and Making your own rules and phylosophy Come out of our life paradigms and living with harmony Normalising new, accomdating young and restless Upgrading and updating to the challenges of the day mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, Protecting yourself frome getting out dated and irrelevant is attitudinal Goals Change is not enough We need to transform

    16. Give Score to your present self between 1-10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Physical Personal Professional Financial Educational Social Spiritual Attitudinal Proper analysis of where you are at present gives the opportunity to decide where exactly you want to go in all aspects of life


    18. My Goals The following is my physical goal as written in my Goal Book. This is just a guideline for the clarity for you to follow. You shall have to write all your Goals in the same way. As written in the year 2000 MY PHYSICAL GOALS Basic brief: I am in my 30th year now. I want to remain very strong physically. My chest 36, waist 32, Height 5.10 cms Posture always straight, Short hairand clean shaven Every morning 5 kms of jogging Skipping 500 times Dandis- 50 times. 30+20 or 35+15 either way Push ups 50 times Pull ups 10 times Meditation sudarshan kriya 30 minutes everyday I would never like to get tired physically during the next 50 years. Drink 5 liters of water everyday Dieting one dinner per week. Clean shave everyday Haircut/setting once every month Writing goals brings in a lot of clarity and commitment to your personality

    19. My physical exercises Always neatly dressed & presentable with ironed clothes & polished shoes, only full sleeve formal shirts, Never wear Jeans,goddy T- shirts or half sleeves Never allow tummy to appear to others. • I should always look 10 to 25 years younger than I am. Chantinana (my uncle ) is one family member I like in terms of physical fitness. He has maintained his physical appearance for 50 years by playing football • Even though I am not directly associated to any sport I will be participating in all kinds of athletic competitions. I dream to participate in 5000 meters race, 10K race, marathon race and win all over. • Someday I will run a marathon within 2 hours as the world record is 2 hours 7 minutes. (Now 2hours 04 minutes by Paul Thergat of Kenya) • I live 100 years without any disease. I would never get BP,diabatis, heart attack, cancer, HIV, cholestrol, paralysis or any other disease. I would never indulge myself into smoking, drinking, over-eating, chewing tobacco. I would not become angry Writing the details of goals means you are not bluffing with yourself

    20. 7 Steps to write goals • Write them in a Goal Book • Put a deadline (Time) • Write down the obstacles • Write down the Plan Of Action (Daily) • People, Groups & Organizations • What’s in it for me. • Knowledge, Skills & Attitude. Definiteness of achieving your goals depend on assertively writing these steps

    21. STEP 1: WRITE THE GOAL I am getting up before 5 am every morning. Doing the exercises and sudarshan kriya. I am running for 7 kms every morning. I am completing my run in less than half an hour. Then immediately without taking rest I am doing 1000 skipping and continuously I am doing 10 times pull ups non stop Then I am doing 20 sets of surya namaskar yogasan. I am stretching enough for 20 minutes to ensure that muscles are balanced I am practicing aum meditation in full length every Morning including positive visualization of achievement of my goals People who set goals achieve far more in a shorter time period than people without

    22. STEP 2: Put a time line • Everyday for life We over-estimate what we can accomplish in one year, but we under estimate what we can accomplish in five years- Peter Drucker

    23. STEP 3: WRITE THE obstacles, difficulties, problems and issues I might feel lazy every morning. Out of sheer determination I might get up and do everything for one day or a week or a month. But there are going to be breaks. Like Some days I might feel too tired Sometimes the sleep could be insufficient Sometimes alarm clock may not ring Sometimes it could be raining Sometimes it could be too cold Sometimes it could be too hot Sometimes I might have gone to bed very late Sometimes I could be out of station Sometimes I might be on a train or a plane Sometimes I might just feel like giving up Sometimes I might suffer from fever Sometimes I might have injuries on legs Sometimes I might not have proper shoe or proper dress Sometimes I might be de-motivated Thinking about all possible obstacles and writing them in advance offers you the real chance to achieve almost impossible goals

    24. STEP 4: STRATEGY and DAILY ACTION PLAN • I will not take it as a difficulty or hurdle or pain. Its a challenge for a lifetime. More important is the continuity of the challenge. Its not the alarm clock that rings or wakes me up. Its the opportunity clock. This is the first test for me each morning. If I keep winning the first examination every morning, I will keep winning all the tests everyday. • Weather it rains or it is too cold or hot I will run and do exercise every morning. I will begin my day with a winning note every morning. I will set standards and benchmarks for generation to come. • If I come across unavoidable situations like travelling in a train, car or plane I will do the best possible things like skipping. • Even if I have minor injuries like cuts or fever or less sleep or physical difficulties I will not compromise in this morning routine and hobby. • Just as the milkman comes to supply milk everyday weather it rains or cold or hot • Just as the newspaperman delivers every morning weather it rains or cold or hot • Just like the train and the buses ply under any circumstances • I will also get up before 5 am and do the routine as if it is my job and I am paid for it. • I will do it whether I am in Bombay or Delhi or Chennai or London or Rayagada or anywhere in the world I will just do it. Writing the daily action plan is your commitment to your goals

    25. STEP 5: People, groups and associations • I associate myself to a group of football players, cricketers, athletes or swimmers so that the continuity happens without suffering. People who run karate classes, yoga classes and people who run gyms are the people I am getting associated to as they are professionals in sports. • In the days to come I am associating with the biggest sports personalities of the country like Ramakant Achrekar, Sachin Tendulkar, P T Usha, Milka Singh, Leander Peas, Mahesh Bhupati, Bhaichang Bhutia, Ashwini Nachappa, Karnan Maheshwari, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Viswanathan Anand etc. I am also associating to CCI, FFI, Cricket club, Football Federation, Olympic association etc. • I am joining a sports association to start with and also be associated to Suresh Kalmadi. • I am buying cassettes, cds and books on the international champions, their performances, records and keeping on updating myself on a continuous and never ending basis to motivate myself. • I am working towards creating Olympic medal winning factory and culture in india by 2028 Associating with the right people keeps you motivates to accomplish your goals on a continuous basis

    26. STEP 6: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude In order to improve my knowledge about my physical goals and physical future I am joining one sports academy or coaching session every year. I am seeing at least one film on sports and attitudes every year. I am watching the Asian games, National Sports and Olympics. I am having the posters of the best sports personalities of the country displayed at my residence. Buying sports books and cassettes on these topics is my regular habit. I am also attending workshops and seminars on doing exercises in order to apply the learning's practically on myself. As far your knowledge goes, every today has got to be yesterday plus

    27. STEP 7: What's in it for me?The ultimate benefit I am living healthy, young and physically strong life throughout my training career and helping myself set the highest standards of excellence in order to be the best. This is a reflection of your ultimate accomplishment of achievement of your goal

    28. Most Important Goals • Use the right vocabulary and language while writing your Goals. Right language activates the sub-conscious mind to understand the essence of your goal and work towards achieving it. • Therefore decide your Most important goals in life • Write each goals in present continuous tense • For example: instead of writing • I will buy a Mercedes Benz car by Nov 2013. • Write like this • I am buying a Mercedes Benz car by Nov 2013 • Make a list of your 20 most important goals in this language in a piece of paper and fold them and keep them in your pocket. Read them 5 times everyday. Ideally reading these goals should take more a minute or less. You will always be focused towards Goals and therefore achieve. • For understanding exactly how to write your Goals and the right vocabulary download the my current life goals from www.rajeshtagore.com // about Rajesh Tagore Rajesh Tagore 1702-B, Kia park, Vira Desai Road, Andheri west Mumbai 400058 rajeshtagore@rajeshtagore.com rajeshtagore@gmail.com www.rajeshtagore.com 09820157787, 09322511226