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INTERNET. II. Internet2.

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  • Internet2 was organized in October 1996, one defining mission was to provide scalable, sustainable, high-performance networking in support of the research universities of the United States. The resulting infrastructure, comprised of campus, regional, and national components, is succeeding and yet must evolve over time.


  • Abilene Network, 32 Avenue of the Americas


  • NYSERNet Network Overview

Abilene network
Abilene Network

  • The Abilene Network, also a project of Internet2, is a connector to MAN LAN through a 10GE LAN PHY link from its core router located elsewhere at 32 Avenue of the Americas. MAN LAN is the preferred means for peer networks to connect to Abilene in New York City and for direct peering between international & US R&E networks without Abilene COU restrictions.


As you can see Abilene utilization Nation wide is low.

Meaning it’s data potential is higher than the regular Internet.

It has higher bandwith so more computers can run more multimedia


32 avenue of the americas new york
32 Avenue of the Americas, New York

  • Riser re-designed the building’s rooftop and wireless equipment space to support satellite communications, wireless carriers, and other carrier antennas. Many carriers will require satellite services for international gateways and transatlantic transmissions. Other carriers will use rooftop antennas to establish “hub” sites that connect their antennas at surrounding buildings with their switching facilities and network at 32 Sixth Avenue.

Man lan experimental switch
MAN LAN Experimental Switch

MAN LAN also contains and experimenatal componet.

A Cisco 15454 Layer 1 switch is located in the MAN LAN rack and provides experimental layer 1 switching capabilites.

The current connectors to the Layer 1 switch include:


Abilene OC-192


SURFnet OC-192

Oc 192

OC= Opitical Carrier- A fiber-optic digital transmission hierarchy used for SONET. OC rates range from OC-1, which is the equivalent of 28 DS-1 channels (51.84 Mbps) to OC-192, which is the equivalent of 5,376 DS-1 channels (9.953 Gbps). OC rates are the optical equivalent of STS rates

192=10 Gigabit/sec bandwidth

Man lan

  • The exchange point, called the Manhattan Landing (MAN LAN), is a layer-2, Ethernet frame-based exchange point. It is currently based on a Cisco 6513 switch and provides both 1-and 10-gigabit Ethernet connections. It is located in the collocation space operated by the New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet) as part of their project to provide their members dark fiber throughout the island of Manhattan. Indiana University’s Global NOC currently operates MAN LAN.

Nysernet network overview
NYSERNet Network Overview

  •   New York State's high-performance statewide academic and research network, the NYSERNet Network, went online in April 1999. The network began as a project of NYSERNet's member institutions. Its purpose is to advance research and educational collaboration in ways that the current Internet cannot.NYSERNet enables research and education by supporting new tools for collaboration.

    The network:

  • Links researchers in New York to peers worldwide

  • Supports advanced research applications

  • Encourages protocol development.

The end

Gigabit s mbps

  • Gb - 1,024 megabits or 1 billion information bits.

  • Mbps- short for Megabits per second (a million bits per second). A unit of how much digital information is transferred over time.