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Briefing for Teachers

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Briefing for Teachers. Global Warming. In the event of an alarm sounding…. What you need to know first…. Electricity. Heat. Electromagnetic waves. Atoms. This Talk…. The problem of scale The numbers are overwhelming The big question What determines the surface temperature of the Earth?

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briefing for teachers

Briefing for Teachers

Global Warming

what you need to know first
What you need to know first…



Electromagnetic waves


this talk
This Talk…
  • The problem of scale
    • The numbers are overwhelming
  • The big question
    • What determines the surface temperature of the Earth?
  • The carbon cycle
    • It’s a natural process: What’s the problem?
  • Should we be concerned?
    • Three main reasons
  • What’s going to happen next?
    • Good Question
what are your concerns
What are your concerns?

Please write down one question or comment

Then get some tea,

and come back for a discussion

this talk1
This talk
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general links
General Links
  • Excellent guide from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology(Superb guide (pdf format) going one step beyond the generalities 5.6 Mb 78 pages in lovely colour!)
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(UN Body whose pronouncements on this subject are deemed authoritative)
  • East Anglia University(Climate Change Unit from where you can download actual data and plot your own graphs!)
climate models
Climate Models
  • EdGCM(Educational Global Circulation Model: Written by NASA scientists and pretty impressive. Runs on Mac or PCs)
  • Climate Prediction (Lots of information plus the chance to run a climate model on your PC as a screensaver)
  • The Hadley Centre (Met Office Centre for Climate Modelling: World leader in its field)
  • BBC News Story (Story about a new climate model)
ice and glaciers
Ice and Glaciers
  • World Glacier Monitoring Service(Lots of very technical data about glaciers)
  • The US National Snow and Ice Data Center (Lots of data about the extent of sea ice and other arctic conditions)
  • BBC News Story (Recent story about the loss of Arctic ice)
  • Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (With measurements of the Greenland Ice Sheet thickness)
  • Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (Study relating to stability of the North Atalatic Drift (aka Gulf Stream))
background 1
Background (1)
  • Wikipedia(Wikipedia is an on-line collective encyclopedia: results are usually interesting, but treat data with caution because entries are not refereed: search on global warming)
  • Planetary data(Data about the planets)
  • NASA's Earth Observatory(Look and learn: Visually stunning and well documented site)
  • ESA's Earth Observatory(ESA can do whatever NASA can)
  • BBC community action(Get involved)
  • Lots of good background(The BBC's Climate change pages)
  • Informative ‘Green’ site(A 'green' site)
background 2
Background (2)
  • Worldwatch site(A site with a worldwide ecological remit)
  • Japanese Summer Clothing Iniative (The kind of small thing which makes a difference if we all do it)
  • Lots of information (A slightly eclectic collection of basic data about a number of issues)
  • George Monbiot and David Bellamy Dialogue(Search for 'Bellamy' whenyou reach the sit: a curious exchange!)
  • Interesting article about surface temperature measurement (The 'Greening Earth Society' takes an interesting perspective on this debate which is distinctly American)
  • CO2 Science(Problem? What Problem?)
  • BBC News Story (About the important role of water vapour (humidity) in climate)