sewa prakar part five raju raithatha 15th may 2011 n.
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Sewa Prakar Part Five Raju Raithatha 15th May 2011

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Sewa Prakar Part Five Raju Raithatha 15th May 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sewa Prakar Part Five Raju Raithatha 15th May 2011. Previous Talks. Historical background on religion, The spirituality of Krishna, Vaishnava beliefs We listed various text and Puranas for Krishna philosophy Path of Grace . Essential requirements for sewa – Prem (Love),

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previous talks
Previous Talks
  • Historical background on religion,
  • The spirituality of Krishna,
  • Vaishnava beliefs
  • We listed various text and Puranas for Krishna philosophy
  • Path of Grace
Essential requirements for sewa –
  • Prem (Love),
  • Bhavna (Faith)
  • Daily commitment or addiction to perform sewa
  • Etiquette of Sewa,
  • Who can do Sewa?
  • Your Bhavna during Sewa,
  • Practicality of Sewa,
  • Aparas, Dress Code and where to do Sewa
Mangala Sewa
  • Shinghar Sewa
gwal sewa
Gwal Sewa
  • In Vaishnavs residence there is no Gwal sewa performed
  • Gopijan Vallabh Bhog is done only in Neekunj Mandhir and Nandaraiji residence
leela bhavna
Leela Bhavna
  • Shri Hariraiji has written a wonderful explanation regarding Raj Bhog Bhavna
  • Shri Thakorji in Vraj understands all the Vraj Bhakto and their needs. At this time Thakorji completes all the Manoraths which the Vraj Bhakto’s has wished for and at this time Thakorji accepts what ever is offered to him
nandabawa s rajbhog
Nandabawa’s Rajbhog
  • Thakorji who is accompanied by Krishan-Baldev goes to Nandarai’s residence for Rajbhog.
  • Shri Rohiniji and Yasodaji prepare and offer the Rajbhog
vaanma forest rajbhog
Vaanma (Forest) Rajbhog
  • Thakorji after doing all the Shinghar goes to the forest with all the other Gopas and Sakha’s (cowherds) for grazing
  • Yasodaji will prepare and send variety of lunch items with the Kumarikas to Thakorji and all the Sakha’s
  • Banks of Shree Yamunaji
  • Shyam Ghat
  • Kumud Vaanma
shree swaminiji nikung rajbhog
Shree Swaminiji Nikung Rajbhog
  • Shree Swaminiji will invite him in her Nikung Mandhir to have Rajbhog.
  • Shree Swaminiji will appear in Gulab (Rose) Swaroop at this time
  • Vraj Bhakto’s will get Yugal Swaroop Darshan
raj bhog pranalika
Raj Bhog Pranalika
  • Reeti Thakorji will in the Neenj Mandhir sit on the Seehashan and in front of the Seehashan a table is placed where all the Raj Bhog items are offered
  • Vipreeti – Thakorji will go to the Bhog Mandhir and have his Raj Bhog.
The place where you are going to perform Raj Bhog sewa , take some water and first clean the area and dry the area.
  • Place a Mattress (Gaadi) on that area.
  • Place Jarigi on both sides.
  • Place Thakorji on the Gaadi.
  • In front, place a silver plate.
  • On the plate, place all the Shakadi items and all the other Samagri items around the plate.
  • Make sure all the Samagri is displayed beautifully.
Do Hath Kasha- clean your hands
  • Take Tulsi leaf in your hand and recite the Bramhsaband three times.
  • Do Charanpus
  • Then place the Tulsi leaf in front of Thakorji’s Charnarvind (Feet).
  • Then take some water from a small container and sprinkle it on the Samagri.
  • Recite the Panchasak Mantra
  • Then place Tulsi leaves on all the Samagri.
  • Place some perfume nearby.
  • Ring the Bell x 3
Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusainji, Shri Gurudevji, Chorasi- Basobawan (84-252) Vaishnava Kanithi Aap Sav Vraj Bhakto Sahit krupa Kari Raj Bhog Aarogajo.
Do Dandwat to Thakorji and then take a rest for a short time.
  • If you are not offering Shakadi Bhog then offer Misri, Milk items etc. which ever you have in your Bhavna.
  • Raj Bhog time is 48 minutes.
  • During this time you can clean all the utensils which were used in the Sewa and also clean the kitchen.
  • Do preparation for the Neenj Mandhir- clean the Mandhir and the Seehashan
  • If you have time left, then do Sarvottam Stotra Solak.
  • When Darshan time is due, take some water in a Loti (container) clap three times and enter the Mandhir.
  • Clean Thakorji’s face with the water and dry.
  • Offer Mukhawas – two Bedi
Keep the water on one side and clean your hands.
  • Take both the Jarigi, pour the water in a different container, clean the Jarigi and refill.
  • You should have Mala made from flowers.
  • Place Thakorji in the Neenj Mandhir on the Seehashan and offer the Phool Mala.
  • Place both the Jarigi on either side, offer Bedi and place some toys on the steps for Thakorji.
  • Place Flute next to Thakorji
Use the Darpan (mirror)do Dandwat and then wash your hands again.
  • Remove the Mala and flute and place on the side
  • Recite Krishna Shraya
  • Place a cloth from the Seehashan to Shayan =Pandha cloth
  • Place Jarigi next to the Shayan, with Milk item in Banta and one Banta with Bedi. Let Thakorji sleep on the Shayan
  • Remove the cloth- Panda and do Dandwat.
  • This completes the Rag Bhog Sewa.
raj bhog bhav bhavna
Raj Bhog Bhav Bhavna
  • Reeti Bhavna Thakorji sits on the Seehashan and eats the Raj Bhog, Vraj Bhakto arrive at this place and gets Darshan from Thakorji.
  • Vipreeti – Shari Thakorji goes to the Mandhir for Raj Bhog, Bhog Mandhir is Bhakto’s Neekunj and Thakorji becomes equal to the Bhakto’s and understands their feeling and emotions.
Tulsi Bhavna- Reciting Bramhsaband Mantra and placing Tulsiji near Thakorji Charnarvind, Thakorji accepts our offering to him; this reminds us of our commitment to offer every thing to Thakorji.
  • Charanpus Bhavna- Thakorji Charanvind represents Bhakti Swaroop, when we do Charanpus to Thakorji our heart is invoked with Bhakti and every day our Bhakti will improve. When we then place our hand on our eyes, forehead, neck and heart, it is at this time Thakorji offers his Charnarvind which enhances our feeling as a Das to him and improves our thoughts in donation sewa.
Samagri Tulsi Bhavna- Thakorji best loved item is Tulsi, placing Tulsi leaf on Samagri will wash away all the bad thoughts and deeds of the Samagri and this will acceptable to Thakorji. Tulsi also represents Swaminiji’s internal pleasant aroma which Thakorji loves.
  • Raj Bhog Bhavna- Thakorji accepts Raj Bhog from Shree Yasodaji, Swaminiji, and All Vraj Bhakto and Vaishnavs.
Steps next to Seehashan Bhavna- There are three steps to be placed in front of the Seehashan. First step = chandrikawaliji, second step Kumarikas and step nearest to the Seehashan represents Shree Yamunaji, The cushions on the each of the steps represent Satvik, Rajas and Tamas feelings of the Bhaktos . The toys placed next to the cushions represent Shree Swaminiji’s Bhav.
  • Phool Mala Bhavna- After Raj Bhog Thakorji goes to the Neekunj Mandhir of Shree Swaminiji and the flowers represent the Vraj Bhaktos, who request Thakorji to accept the Bhog in the Neekunj Mandhir and then they will come and see him in the Nikung Mandhir.
Panda Cloth Bhavna- The cloth placed from Seehashan to Shayan represents Thakorji returning home for rest and at this time Shree Swaminiji places her Sari on his path.
  • Placing Padlock on the doors of Mandhir. The padlock is placed on the doors after Raj Bhog, Shree Swaminiji loves the padlock and represents her sweetness, she locks Thakorji so that she only is the only one to access to him
  • Beda and Bedi Bhavna- Bedi is accepted by both Thakorji and Swaminiji and is offered by Lilavati who gets the Darshan, Beda is offered by Gopas and Sakha’s to Thakorji, in the Mandhir, Vaishnavs can have the Beda after the offering but not Bedi, however at Vaishnavs house only Bedi is offered and accepted by us.
  • Gopijan Bhavna- After the Raj Bhog is complete take all the Samagri, Shakadi Bhog etc and offer it you all the Vaishnavs then offer it to all the family member this will complete all your Manoraths.
After high noon wait three hours.
  • Get ready as you did for the Mangala Darshan
  • Freshen up or have a bath, wear clean Aparas clothes, take Charanpus, do Tilak and wash your hands.
  • Go to the Mandhir do Dandwat and then wash your hands again.
  • Then get all the Samagri ready for Uthapan.
  • Use the items available according to the season for the Samagri.
After the afternoon rest Thakorji goes to the base of Giriraj Mountain where he meets Beledioo and Phulindi (local) animals.
  • These animals have the Krupa from Shree Giriraj to become Bhaktos of Thakorji.
  • These animals bring all the items (fruits and flowers) from the forest, which are seasonal.
  • Thakorji will accept this Samagri and completes their Manoraths. Then Thakorji with the Sakha’s get ready to go back to Gokul.
uthapan sewa bhavna
Uthapan Sewa Bhavna
  • Prepare the Samagri according to the season and the availability of the items
Before entering the Mandhir clap three times.
  • Request Thakorji to wake up.
  • Wait about five minutes before opening the doors of the Mandhir.
  • Enter the room and do Dandwat.
  • Clean Thakorji’s Mukarvind with wet cloth, dry and then remove the Jarigi.
  • Also remove all the Samagri, Bantaji Bedi, Beda and other Jarigi and place them in a separate plate. Also remove the three steps. Wash all the plates containers etc. and refill the Jarigi.
  • Place Thakorji on the Seehashan .
  • Place the Jarigi next to the Seehashan.
  • Take a short rest, Offer Uthapan Bhog to Thakorji do Dandwat and leave the room.
uthapan bhav bhavna
Uthapan Bhav Bhavna
  • Bhog offering at the Seehashan – Thakorji wakes up in the Forest and goes to the Base of the Giriraj. And sits on the Shila which represents the Seehashan. It is with this Bhavna we request Thakorji to sit on the Seehashan.
  • Uthapan Bhav Bhavna Thakorji after resting in the afternoon goes to the base of Giriraj and accepts the Bhog from the Phulindi etc. and understands their Bhakti and Bhavna. It is with this feeling we do Uthapan Darshan.
  • The time for Uthapan is 24 minutes.
After the Uthapan Darshan Thakorji requests the Sakha’s that it is time for us to return home as the sun is setting, gather all the cows. At this time Thakorji plays his flute and returns home.
  • At the time Shree Yasodaji is waiting at the entrance of Nandarai’s house for Thakorji.
  • She will do the Aarti to Thakorji when he arrives and offers Sandhya Bhog to Thakorji. This Bhog and Aarti are not done at Vaishnavs house as it is only the privilege for Shree Yasodaji. This is the time when Thakorji returns from the Vaan to Yasodaji and in our residence Thakorji has always resided in our Nikung Mandhir.
shayan darshan
Shayan Darshan
  • Time for Shayan Bhog.
  • This is the time to change the clothes and Shinghar for Thakorji before Shayan Bhog.
  • Remove all the Shinghar from the head, neck etc.
  • For Shayan Bhog you can use the following items- Kanal Phool, Tilak, nakewashar, Chibuk, kanthashdi, poochi and nipur. Use perfume made from rose flower.
shayan darshan bhavna
Shayan Darshan Bhavna
  • Yasodaji request Thakorji and Baldev to do Guw Pooja and then asked them to change their clothes, urging them that Shayan Bhog is ready. Both the brothers are very lazy at this time and are very tried from a long day. Yasodaji will convince them to change and asks them how they spend their day. After feeding them Yasodaji will convince them to drink some milk as well.
  • Shree Thakorji will first come to Yasodaji, will do Guw Pooja, eat the Shayan Bhog and then go to Shree Swaminiji’s Neekunj Mandhir. Thakorji with Swaminiji will have Shayan Bhog. After this Lalitaji will bring some milk in a gold glass, she wants Swaminiji to drink this first, so she offers the glass to Thakorji, knowingly that he will make sure Swaminiji drinks the milk first. Thakorji understands her thoughts and takes the glass and offers the milk to Swaminiji.
sewa pranalika
Sewa Pranalika
  • Take some water in your hands and clean the area where you are going to place the Bhog and then dry the area.
  • Clean the mattress that you are going to use then clean your hands again. Refill Jarigi. (Only one).
  • Place Thakorji on the Mattress.
  • Get the Samagri ready for the Shayan Bhog, you can make fresh Shakadi Bhog or you can use some of the unused items from Shakadi Bhog which you made at Raj Bhog or offer un-shakadi Bhog.
  • Time for the Bhog is 24 minutes. Offer the Bhog, do Dandwat and request Thakorji to accept the Bhog. Take a short rest and leave the room.
  • Go to the Shayan Mandhir, clean the bed mattress, bed sheets and pillows etc. and place them back on the bed.
Put some perfume on the mattress.
  • When the 24 minutes are complete, take with you a glass of milk for Thakorji
  • Clap three times and go to the place where you offered the Bhog,
  • Offer the glass of milk to Thakorji, remove the Jarigi, leave the room, empty the Jarigi in Prasad container and refill the Jarigi, place it next to the Shayan.
  • Bhog and place in clean plate.
  • Clean Thakorji’s face with some water and offer Mukhawas.
Then place Thakorji on the Shayan, you can do Bhavna for Shayan Aarti. Do Dandwat and cover Thakorji with a blanket or light covering- according to the weather. Also put some perfume on the Blanket.
  • For Shree Balkrishnalalji you can leave a cap and keep the hand with Makhund on the top.
  • For Chitraji remove the heavy clothes and then put very light clothes for the night.
  • Next to Sayan place Jarigi on both sides, in one Banta place milk items and in the other Banta put Bedi for Thakorji. Also place a Malaji next to Thakorji.
  • Do Dandwat, leave the room and close the door.
minimum sewa
Minimum Sewa
  • Shree Mahaprabhuji has wished that we should perform our sewa to Thakorji with great devotion, faith and love.
  • When we have taken Bramhsaband we are committing ourselves for doing sewa for Thakorji.
  • We have 24 hours in a day
  • When we take the Bramhsaband we need to agree with our Gurudev on haw to do sewa and how much time one can devote to Thakorji.
the basics
The Basics
  • After waking up in the morning before placing your feet on the ground think of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Shree Gusainji, Shree Gurudev, Shree Nathji and Shree Yamunaji.
  • Then go to the Chitraji of the above and do Darshan
  • Then greet all the family members with Jai Shree Krishna
  • Go to the Toilet etc., have a bath wear clean clothes
  • Take Charanmut, do Tilak then wash hands and gets things ready for Sewa.
  • You choose the Picture etc. of Thakorji, take it to Vallabh Balkos and get permission from them to start sewa.
Have a wish that you will start with Misri Bhog Sewa
  • Find a small place in your house or in a small cupboard.
  • Place a clean cloth and place small mattress and cushion around the mattress
  • Place Thakorji on the Mattress
  • Everyday after bathing before entering or opening the Mandhir clap three times to wake Thakorji.
  • Clean Thakorji’s face and the place Thakorji on the Mattress
  • Offer Misri Bhog to Thakorji in a silver plate if possible or you can use steel or brass plate.
  • Whilst offering the Misri Bhog have Bhavna in your heart that you are offering all the Bhog at Mangala time.
  • Request Thakorji to accept the Bhog and do Dandwat.
  • Also have Bhavna to offer Jarigi to Thakorji.
After a short time, remove the plate with the Misri clean it.
  • Which ever Vagha or vastra that you have chosen, put them on Thakorji and place Gunja Mala on Thakorji.
  • Have Bhavna for Shinghar and in a clean plate offer more Misri.
  • After this in remove the plate of Misri, clean it and place more Misri in the plate and offer it to Thakorji as Raj Bhog. Have all the Bhavna in you.
  • After a short time remove the Bhog.
Rest for a short time, then offer new Bhog for Uthapan and do Dandwat.
  • After this remove the Gunja Mala and offer Shayan Bhog to Thakorji.
  • Then request to Thakorji that it is time to sleep, make the preparations, and put Thakorji to sleep and cover with Blanket.
  • Do Dandwat and close he doors.
if time permitting
If time permitting
  • Mangalacharan
  • Shree Yamunastak
  • Shree Sarvottam Stotra
  • Chatur Sloka
  • Shree Krishna Shraya
  • Do one Mala and recite “Shree Krishna Sharanam Ma Ma”
in the evening
In the evening
  • Sit with your the family and do Satsang, read one story from Choriasi Basobawan Vaishnavs Varta (84-252) and sing one or two Kirtans.
  • After this remember Thakorji, Shree Mahaprabhuji, Shree Gusainji and Shree Yamunaji.
Jai Shree Krishna

Raju Raithatha