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Diagnostic Service Careers

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Diagnostic Service Careers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diagnostic Service Careers
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  1. Diagnostic Service Careers • Perform tests or evaluations that aid in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury or other physical conditions. • You can work in: doctor’s offices, labs, diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical (drug), and research or government agencies

  2. Technologist vs. Technician • Technologist – a class of expertise in a health career field, usually requiring at least 3 to 4 years of college plus work experience. • Technician – A level of proficiency usually requiring a 2-year associate’s degree or 3-4 years of on-the-job training.

  3. Laboratory careers • Medical lab Technologists (MTs)- work under supervision of a doctor called a pathologist. They study tissues, fluids, and cells of the human body to help determine the presence or cause of disease.

  4. Laboratory careers, continued • Medical Laboratory technicians –(MLTs) -Work under supervision of medical technologists or pathologists, perform many of the routine tests that do not require the advanced knowledge held by the MT.

  5. Laboratory careers, cont • Phlebotomist - A professional that collects blood and prepares it for testing. - They collect blood primarily by performing venipuncture and for collection of small quantities of blood through a fingerstick.

  6. Cardiovascular diagnostic services • EKG technician is responsible for assisting physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac or heart, and peripheral vascular or blood vessel ailments.

  7. Neurological Diagnostic Services • EEG technician-operate EEG machines, which record electrical activity of the brain • http://education-portal.com/videos/EEG_Technician_Video_Career_Options_in_EEG_Technology.html

  8. The Basics • Radiology – branch of medicine that uses radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease • Radiologic Technologists – perform diagnostic imaging examinations ordered by a physician • Radiologist – physician who reads and interprets diagnostic images from examinations performed by radiologic technologists

  9. Diagnostic Services – Radiology • Radiologic Technologist ARRT (American Registry of Radiological Technologist)- works under supervision of doctor called radiologist, use X-rays, radiation nuclear medicine, ultrasound and magnetic resonance to diagnose and treat disease. • http://www.radiology-schools.com/radiology-certification/radiology-certification.html

  10. Typical Medical Imaging Department X-ray (radiography) CT (computed tomography) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) Mammography Cath Lab (cardiovascular/interventional) US (ultrasound/sonography) NM (nuclear medicine)

  11. Educational Requirements CT ARRT Certified Radiologic Technologist MRI Mammography 2 Year Certificate 2 Year Associate’s Degree 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

  12. Specialized Radiology Technologists • Ultrasound Technologists or Sonographers- use equipment that sends high frequency sound waves into the body. As the waves bounce back from the part being examined, an image of the part is viewed on a screen. • http://video.about.com/pregnancy/Ultrasound.htm • Radiographers – take Xrays of the body

  13. Educational Requirements OB/GYN ARDMS Certified Sonographer Abdomen Vascular 2 Year AH Program + 1 Year Experience 2 Year US Program 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

  14. Accredited Ultrasound Programs in TN Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences Memphis, TN Chattanooga State Community College Chattanooga, TN Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Memphis, TN Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN Volunteer State Community College Gallatin, TN

  15. Specialized, continued. • Nuclear medicine technologist – prepare radioactive substances for administration to patients. Once administered, they use films, images on the screen, or body specimens such as blood or urine to determine how the radioactive substances pass through or localized in different parts of the body. • This information is used by doctors to detect abnormalities or diagnose disease.

  16. Educational Requirements NMTCB Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist 1 or 2 Year Certificate Program 2 Year Associate’s Degree 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

  17. Accredited Nuclear Medicine Programs in TN Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences Memphis, TN Chattanooga State Community College Chattanooga, TN Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville, TN Methodist Health University Hospital Memphis, TN South College Knoxville, TN