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Boarding the BUS

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Boarding the BUS. SPE 518 Amy Marino. Boarding the Bus. Walk to the School Bus. Find the door of the Bus by trailing your hand (left) down the side of the bus. Locate the door determine if it is open or closed. If door is open and bus is being loaded using cane in your right hand.

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boarding the bus

Boarding the BUS

SPE 518

Amy Marino

boarding the bus1
Boarding the Bus

Walk to the School Bus

If door is open and bus is being loaded using cane in your right hand.

Tap with cane to determine where first step is to get on the bus.

As you step up use your left hand to find the hand rail continue using cane and hand rail to step up. You have boarded the bus.

to exit the bus
To Exit the bus:
  • Stand up step sideways into the isle and walk to the front of the bus.
  • Now with the cane in your left hand freeing your right hand to use the hand rail step down the 3 or 4 steps.
  • Now walk away from the bus with a sighted guide. To the GATES of the COUNTY FAIR.