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Random Brain Facts. Random Brain Facts. We’ve learned more about the brain in last 20 yrs than all time previous to that No two brains are identical Brain matter is mostly water (78%), fat (10%), and protein (8%) Living brain is so soft it can be cut w/ butter knife--- Think Hannibal.

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Random brain facts1
Random Brain Facts

  • We’ve learned more about the brain in last 20 yrs than all time previous to that

  • No two brains are identical

  • Brain matter is mostly water (78%), fat (10%), and protein (8%)

  • Living brain is so soft it can be cut w/ butter knife---Think Hannibal

Random brain facts2
Random Brain Facts

  • The adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds (1,300-1,400 gm)

    • Elephant brains = 6,000gm

    • Cat brains = 30 gm

  • The Brain is ~2% of body weight, but consumes ~20% of body’s energy!

  • Bigger brains are not necessarily better!

    • Einstein’s was average size

  • Random brain facts3
    Random Brain Facts

    • Human brain has over100,000,000,000 neurons

    • If all neurons were stretched end to end, it would reach to moon and back

    • Every second, brain receives 100 million messages from the senses

    • ¾ of body’s neurons are in brain

    • On the day you are born, all brain cells are in place!!

      • They’re just immature – still developing

        • Explains why we don’t have memories until 3-4 years old

    Random brain facts4
    Random Brain Facts

    • Changing brain:

    • 50,000 neurons are being formed every second during fetal brain development!!!

    • The Brain is the ultimate “use it or lose it” machine!

    • Computer/TV has huge impact on brain

      • Recommend no TV/internet 0-2 yrs

    Random brain facts5
    Random Brain Facts

    • Brain disorders cost Americans more than $600 billion a year

    • Alcohol use in teens is devastating to the pre-frontal cortex!!

    Bad brain jokes
    Bad brain jokes

    • What does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street?

      • Gives a brain wave

    • What did the hippocampus say during its retirement speech?

      • Thanks for the memories

    • What did the right hemisphere say to the left hemisphere when they couldn’t agree on anything?

      • “let’s split”

    Bad brain jokes1
    Bad brain jokes

    • When does a brain get afraid?

      • When it loses its nerve

    • Why didn’t the brain want to take a bath?

      • It didn’t want to be brainwashed

    • Why was the neuron sent to the principal’s office?

      • It had trouble controlling its impulses

    The brain
    The Brain

    • By the end of the lesson you should be able to

    • Describe the structure and function of the brain

    • State the function and location of all major lobes.

    • State the location of sensory and motor strip

    The brain1
    The Brain

    • “the most complex living structure on the universe” Society for Neuroscience

    • makes us who we are!!!

    Random brain facts

    The Brain

    Phineas gage

    Parts of the cerebrum1
    Parts of the cerebrum

    alcohol and the brain

    Interactive brain
    Interactive Brain

    • http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/health-and-human-body/human-body/brain-article/

    Random brain facts

    Motor strip

    Motor strip

    Prefrontal development video 13 min
    Prefrontal Development Video—13 Min.

    • http://vsx.onstreammedia.com/vsx/pbssaf/search/PBSPlayer?assetId=68385&ccstart=608200&pt=0&vid=pbssaf1302&entire=No

    Half a brain 5 30 min
    Half a Brain—5:30 Min

    • http://vsx.onstreammedia.com/vsx/pbssaf/search/PBSPlayer?assetId=68388&ccstart=2952580&pt=0&vid=pbssaf1302&entire=No

    Split brain 10 min
    Split Brain---10 Min.

    • http://www.psychexchange.co.uk/videos/view/20306/

    Interactive brain site
    Interactive Brain Site

    • http://www.tvo.org/TVOsites/WebObjects/TvoMicrosite.woa?mysteriesofthemind_interactivebrain