Tips To Help You Choose The Best Professional Shopify Template
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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Professional Shopify Template - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When it comes to setting up your ecommerce store on Shopify, it is important to select the right Shopify template for your online ecommerce store. Read more to get some tips that will help in choosing the best professional Shopify template.

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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Professional Shopify Template

When it comes to setting up your ecommerce store on Shopify, there are many questions that will be running through

your mind as the business owner. How much money will I make form this venture? How will I market the brand and its

product in front of target customers? How will I manage logistics and inventory? But most importantly, a business

owner would have close to a hundred questions about how will their store look online. It isn’t plain vanity speaking

here – making sure you select the right Shopify template to set up your online store is an important marketing decision.

It will determine the experience your buyers will have on your website and any mistake here can severely impact your

sales and profitability. To help you make the right choices, here are some tips that we have put together about

selecting the right professional Shopify template for your online ecommerce store:


Your first search filter should be based on the functions you need from your theme/template. While standout images

and beautiful typography is impressive, it wouldn’t be able to do much when it comes to the actual functionality of your

website. While some attributes like the Shopify Responsive Checkout is a built-in feature, there are others that you

might have to pay for getting built into your website if your selected theme doesn’t provide them.

#Free vs Premium

Ah…the big question – to shell or not to shell money out of your pocket for a premium Shopify template. The answer

here depends again upon the kind of functionality you are expecting from your theme. While most templates offer the

standard features one would expect for an ecommerce website, you might need customized functions for which a

premium template will be a more suited option. However, remember that you may have to spend a sizeable sum of

dollars to buy a premium theme. Make sure you REALLY need those functions before whipping out your wallet.


Different professional Shopify templates are designed in accordance with different industries/products that they cater

to. While a stationery store will require more input about the product features, a food store will need more catchy

images and twirly typography. This is why you should choose your ecommerce store theme based on what your visitors

will expect and appreciate. Always design your business website on the basis of the preferences of your target



One good way to check out a Shopify theme in action is checking out other websites using it. Most theme developers

offer a list of URLs pointing you to websites that serve as the best live examples of the template. Use these to envision

what your own ecommerce website will look like with the theme and how you can make it even better with your own

tweaks and modifications. They will truly serve as a great source of inspiration.

Finding the best Shopify template for your business website isn’t all that hard when you keep the above tips in mind.

Have a great time setting up your website! For more information, visit